Here Are The Perfect Shoes To Wear With Trendy Flared Jeans

They're back! It's officially time to dig in the back of your wardrobe and bring out those flared jeans you thought may never see the light of day again. As denim stylist Sam Remer revealed to Woman & Home on what to expect from denim in 2023, "Denim will be voluminous across the board. For lots of reasons, oversized denim is a key trend, serving up baggy puddle hemlines that billow over your shoes." And oh, isn't that true. Loose denim is literally everywhere right now.


But, we totally get it. This trend can be somewhat scary to pick back up when we've all been so used to rocking it in our skinny jeans for so many years (guilty as charged). One of the most daunting parts of all though is just working out what kind of shoe is supposed to go with a flared pant. Well never fear, because has you covered, as we're sharing some of our very favorite footwear that will take all the guesswork out of the flared jeans revival you never knew you needed.

Pointed heels are practical and dressy with flared jeans

Especially if you're on the more petite side and looking to pull off flared jeans, a good pair of heels will be your best friend. Not only will heels lengthen the look of your legs by giving you a little bit more height and a bit of lift, but they'll also give you that extra bit of room between the bottom of your pants and the floor — which will keep them looking their best for longer.


That's not the only benefit of wearing a heel with your flare, though. They can also help you dress up your jeans. Heels instantly elevate an outfit to a slightly dressier status over something more casual like ballerina flats or sandals, which will mean you can throw on your jeans with them and head almost anywhere. They're also a great choice because there are so many different options of heels, so depending on what you're pairing your jeans with, you can go bare or bold to complete your look. Opting for a pointed heel will also give you that extra oomph, as it could be your pop of color popping out from under your flares.

Stay comfy in sneakers

Ready to bring that athluxury trend into your wardrobe? Then sneakers are the way to go with your flared jeans. We'll state the obvious with this one — sneakers are super comfortable, so they're going to allow you to do whatever you need to during the day without worrying about your feet hurting or your shoe flying off. Second, more and more people are wearing sneakers these days, which has put the classic shoe right back on the fashion map. That means not only are you going to have all the comfort you need, but you'll be looking super stylish at the same time too.


"Classic soccer silhouettes are back in style, a trend we began to see pick up midyear as sales of Adidas Sambas shot up on StockX," director of sneakers and collectibles at StockX, Drew Haines, explained to Who What Wear of the sporty renaissance. If this vintage pick is up your alley, then you're in luck, as Adidas Sambas look great with any aesthetic, including flared jeans.

Pair flared jeans with platforms

We know, we know. We're getting a bit '70s on you now, but hear us out. Whether we like it or not, platforms are coming back with a vengeance, and styling them with another throwback staple, the flared jean, is one of the ultimate ways to be oh-so-on-trend right now. After all, all that's old is officially new again! "Right now, it's platform everything. The higher, the chunkier, the better," celebrity stylist Nicole Chavez explained to CNN


There is a little method in this madness too, though. Of course, flared jeans usually have a little more length than other styles of (hopefully sustainable) denim, like the standard skinny, so by adding a little extra height, those jean bottoms with stay clean and tidy. Not to mention that most of the time (but not always), platforms tend to be that little bit more comfortable over stilettos.

Say it with sandals

Of course, sandals are a summer staple, and seeing as flared jeans are back just in time for summer, that means these two are a total winning combination. The exposed toe will open up your whole look a little more, seeing as flared jeans tend to have a little more length to them and can often cover most of your foot. Neutral-colored sandals like browns or nudes are ideal for more casual days, or if you want to have a little more fun, why not go for something a bit bolder like neon or metallic?


If you do opt for flat shoes with flares though, just make sure you're giving them a try before you head out, unless you don't mind the frayed look. Properly tailored jeans will go perfectly with sandals, but any that are a little too long for you could end up dragging on the floor.

Bring out your inner cowboy with boots

We know boots may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of footwear to go with flared jeans, but western wear is (still) having a bit of a moment. The cowboy-inspired look has actually been around for a little while now, and it looks like it's not going away anytime soon. According to Business Of Fashion, in 2023, U.S. and U.K. retailers implemented a massive 240% percent increase in styles of cowboy boots and denim shirts compared to the same period in 2022. Yee-haw!


There are a few options you can play with here. You can't beat the classic brown boots with blue jeans, but if you want to hop on the Barbie obsession we're totally hooked on right now, why not go bold and snag a pink pair? When going for this look, you'll want to make sure you have the right length boot with the appropriate flare. That'll stop things from looking too bulky.