We're Making Birkenstock Sandals Chic This Summer (Against All Odds)

Good news! Your favorite summertime comfort sandal, Birkenstocks, is making a chic comeback. The sandal has long been assumed only fit for the most casual of outfits and errands but we think these effortless shoes deserve their chance to be in the fashion spotlight. Birkenstocks have been around since 1774 (talk about a timeless shoe), and focus on providing supportive, simple, and easy-to-wear sandals. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner have already taken on the trend, meaning the sandals' popularity is pretty solid.

Birkenstocks may have gotten a bad reputation in the past as being an untrendy dad shoe but we are here to reclaim it as one of the shoes of the summer. There are many different shoes ranging from wedges to mules. And, each one can be styled uniquely. Birkenstock lets you ditch the high heels this summer for a comfortable sandal without worrying about staying stylish and on-trend.

Wear all black for a sleek vibe

It's hard to go wrong with an all-black monochrome outfit, the Black Arizona Leather Birkenstocks are the perfect addition to this. Monochromatic looks create winning outfits on your laziest days and are a great style hack if you are unsure how to pair the sandal. The sleek leather of the shoe tied in with the rest of your all-black outfit creates a cool and mysterious vibe. When paired with higher-end pieces and accessories the humble Birkenstock looks luxurious and appropriate for the office or cocktail hour.

Feminize Birkenstocks with a slip skirt

An elegant summer slip skirt can elevate any outfit and pairs surprisingly well with the Boston Soft Foot clog. The clog helps to bring a level of casualness to the outfit while the slip skirt helps prevent the outfit from feeling frumpy. When combined these pieces give you a chic, yet comfortable look. Lean into the femininity of the slip skirt by adding a hair bow and some delicate necklaces and bracelets. This outfit is great for cooler summer days, a more casual brunch, or a visit to a museum.

Pair elevated basics for a quiet luxury aesthetic

Quiet luxury has been everywhere this summer, pioneered by Birkenstock wearer Kendall Jenner. The traditional Arizona Suede Leather Birkenstock is a great shoe for this trend. They are simple yet durable and easy to pair with other elevated basics. It's linen season and we are obsessed with how well it pairs with sandals. A well-tailored button-up and linen pants give you a structured, classy look. Add some tasteful gold jewelry and you have an easy outfit perfect for your next work event or vacation dinner. Make sure your pants are fit to showcase the Birkenstock and give your whole outfit a more tailored look.

Play with proportions

The Birkenstock Milano Chunky platform sandal brings a modern edge to the traditional Birkenstock. The taller platform is the perfect opportunity to play with proportions in your outfit. Cargo pants aren't going away and are a fun style to add more volume to your bottom half. Adding in a more fitted top and a chunky bag gives a cool urban look to your outfit that works great for a city day. As a bonus, the platform Birkenstocks look high fashion while still providing that comfort we already know.

Say hello to summer with a sundress

A sundress and sandals are a classic summer outfit for a reason. This comfortable yet sweet style is versatile for any event you have to attend this season. It's an easy outfit to style and allows a lot of room for creativity with accessories. The Franca Soft Foot Bed Birkenstock is a timeless sandal that goes well with a flowy sundress. Make sure your sundress cuts off before your ankles to show off the sandals and don't be afraid to try some bolder accessories. Socks with sandals are totally a thing and can bring a modern twist to the sundress. This styling tip paired with a fun baseball hat can help give a more sporty look while still looking stylish.