Summer's Hottest Jewelry Trends Channel Sleek '90s Redux

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'90s trends have taken over everything we wear these days, including our jewelry. '90s jewelry trends were a lot like the other fashion and beauty trends of the era — less put-together, more streamlined, and ripe for layering and juxtaposition. Whether you love piling on jewelry or prefer to keep things simple, there's surely a vintage-inspired jewelry trend that's ready for you to put a modern twist on it this season. 


Summertime is one of our favorite seasons for styling, but it also presents its unique struggles, like sweat, greasy sunscreen, and plenty of temperature changes. As a result, we want to accessorize our summer ensembles with jewelry that's light, simple, and conducive to styling in different ways. Many of the jewelry pieces that are a part of today's '90s reboot fit these needs to a tee, so we'll surely be sporting them for the rest of the summer and beyond. No matter what your style is when it comes to jewelry, there's a chic, sleek, and retro-inspired piece that you need in your jewelry box.

Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings have basically always been a classic go-to earring option — they come in tons of shapes and sizes and are the perfect neutral pick. Still, these days, they seem to be every fashionista's go-to when it comes to anything from everyday wear to dressing up for a special occasion. How does the all-powerful hoop earring work for so many different looks? It's all about just how many different styles of hoops there are. A tiny gold hoop for day-to-day is much more on-trend than a simple stud. And, bigger, more intricate hoops lined with pearls or adorned with carvings are the perfect dressy options. 


If you're intimidated by scoring the perfect pair of hoops when there are so many cool options on the market, you can actually get a set of 36 pairs of hoops for under $20 on Amazon, so there's really no reason to limit yourself. Sport a different style of hoop for every occasion, and you'll look on-trend in even your most pared-down outfits. 


Chokers are very much "in" at the moment, and they're actually a lot more versatile than you might think. Chokers have broken out of their original edgy, attention-grabbing box, and there are more varied options than ever. Sure, if you like the idea of a thick, black ribbon tied around the middle of your neck, that's always a possibility for a bit of a statement. But, chokers can also be lighter, airier, and more neutral. When adjustable, chokers can be given a bit of extra length to lay right around the base of your neck, which works with different necklines and adds a different type of detail.


And, what's the fun in just one? Chokers are ideal for helping you become a necklace layering pro, as they allow for a layered look no matter what kind of necklace you stack them with. Plus, while there are plenty of ways to do chokers that aren't all about edginess, they're also essential for rocking the emo look in 2023 in case you're hopping on the trend. 

Rope necklaces

Rope necklaces are one of today's '90s-inspired jewelry trends that looks like it's plucked right out of the past. We're welcoming this particular trend renaissance since it gives us a bit of boldness and more options for adding texture and unique detail to our ensembles. Rope necklaces — aka cord necklaces — are one of our favorite, on-trend ways to work bold jewelry into your wardrobe for an instant outfit upgrade this season. Made of anything from leather to ribbon, and of course, actual rope, rope necklaces put extra emphasis on a necklace's chain, which in this case, isn't an actual chain, and allow you to put a statement-making pendant on display. 


Fully embrace the go-to jewelry pieces of our favorite '90s fashionistas with an undeniably vintage piece like this heart pendant necklace, or you can even grab a neutral cord like this one that will let you swap out different pendants while still getting the look. 


Summer means it's officially anklet season, and this year we're going all out, as this particular jewelry piece gives us the major '90s flashbacks we're loving lately. Anklets are a subtle, sweet addition to your footwear that a lot of us don't consider. While they will never make a big impact, they are sure to make any ensemble feel just a bit more styled — like having your nails done or putting a bit of lipstick on. They're also great additions to swimwear since you're likely to be taking your shoes and most of your jewelry off when your toes are in the sand or you're dipping your feet into the pool.


You can use your anklet to lean into yet another resurrected '90s trend — name and initial jewelry — with a cute letter ankle bracelet like this one. Try something bold, colorful, and stackable like these options or something subtle and dainty like this one

Bangle bracelets

Ankle bracelets are one of the best jewelry pieces for the summertime, but when it comes to bracelets for our wrists, the bangle is leading the charge. Bangles are chic, easy to wear, and they're stackable — a detail that makes '90s jewelry pieces especially wearable. Even if you're not typically a bracelet fan, a simple bangle can pull any look together and coordinate with the rest of your jewelry. 


Plus, there's no one right way to wear a bangle, and there are plenty of options out there with varying degrees of detail and different styles. Simple, stackable gold or silver bangles like this set are a great, easy place to start. For a sleeker look, opt for a cool, architectural-looking cuff like this one, or make a fashion statement with something a bit bolder like these cool, colorful bracelets. Stacking your bangles with other bracelets and rings can help you to curate the perfect look.