Every Tip To Become A Necklace Layering Pro (Because What's The Fun In Just One?)

At one point or another, we've all seen an ensemble or two that's been perfectly accessorized with layered necklaces. And, while we know a good layered necklace look when we see it, that doesn't mean that we know how to create one ourselves. How many necklaces should you stack? Which lengths should you choose? How much is too much? Of course, in fashion, there are seldom hard and fast rules making layering necklaces a great way to express your style. 


In an interview with Marie Claire, stylist and co-founder of fashion media company, The Style That Binds Us, Alison Bruhn, gave a few tips for starting out, saying, "It's especially nice if the pieces tell a story, with at least one necklace in the group having special meaning for you." She added, "You don't want the grouping to look 'forced' or rigid. Spice your pairings up by mixing chains, pendant necklaces, and colorful beads." 

This advice certainly presents a great jumping-off point, but when it comes to the wide world of necklace layering, there isn't just one way to get the look. Instead, there are different approaches to this jewelry style that will work for different people and different ensembles. If you're ready to leave singular necklace styling behind you and embrace the detail and complexity of layered necklaces, there are plenty of ways to jump in.


Simple chains

The easiest and most accessible way to layer necklaces is to opt for similar pieces in just slightly different lengths. This will give the layered effect we're all after without requiring you to put too much thought into how they'll all look together in the end. The best bet is to grab some simple chains to pair with each other. Don't be afraid of choosing chains of different styles or thicknesses. Stick to two to four chains that don't differ too much in length together for a simple look, and finish the look off by pairing your stack of chains with earrings in the same metal finish. 


This makes for a perfect layered necklace look for every day that you can grab over and over again to accessorize almost any casual outfit. You may even want to invest in a multi-strand necklace clasp to keep your stack of simple chains together at all times without the risk of tangling. Plus, you can get one from Amazon for only $12. 

Statement stacks

The statement necklace is making a comeback these days. Creating a statement stack is the perfect way to go big or go home with layered necklaces. If you've got a 'fit that could benefit from a strong jewelry statement, create a brand new piece of art with the way you piece your necklaces together. Use colors and textures to create a unique and interesting piece with tons of detail.


Use the simple and classic chain-link necklace that's trending as of late and add a beaded chain to balance out your bigger, more eye-catching pieces. Most of all, if you go this route, be sure to heed the advice that Alison Bruhn shared with Marie Claire. "Layering isn't a 'science,' rather it is a way to have fun and be creative," Bruhn explained. "The point of layering necklaces is to create interesting unique looks, so relax and enjoy the process. Don't let this be a stressor, there is no right or wrong combination." 

Mixed metals

Mixing metals with your jewelry has gotten a bad rap. Many have felt that they had to choose gold or silver to go with any outfit and nothing in between. These days, though, the trends have changed, and not only is mixing your metals no longer a fashion faux pas, but it's actually a welcome accessory statement. Since layering necklaces is all about mixing, this is a great way to incorporate multiple metals all at once. 


One trick to mixing metals in a way that looks fashion-forward and deliberate is to incorporate multiple metals in the same jewelry type. Stacking necklaces does this job well. "I personally love mixing metals and thickness to create a look that feels new and fresh," jewelry designer and Omnis Studios founder, Alyssa Sutter, told Byrdie.  "I am currently wearing a thick sterling silver puffed mariner chain with a thinner ball chain that has colorful mushroom charms on it...The way the chains lay together makes it look like it could be one big statement necklace." 

Widely differing lengths

Generally, when going for the layered necklace look, choosing pieces of jewelry in similar lengths is a great way to make the statement in an obvious and tied-together way. Yet, layering a shorter necklace with a longer necklace can be cool and unexpected in its own right. To make sure that your short and long necklace combination works without looking dated or mismatched, you should pay close attention to which necklaces fall where.


In an interview with InStyle, the founder of Oradina Jewelry, Rachel Gindi, advised, "When layering three necklaces, you want the attention to go to the top necklace and the bottom necklace." If you choose to have a chain or two in the middle, she recommends making sure that those ones are more on the simple side. "If you choose to include only one pendant, go for the bottom. I personally love doubling instead of tripling because I like to give people the chance to focus on each piece individually," she explained.

Layering necklaces of different lengths is also a great way to incorporate pieces that can benefit from the edge and modernity of a layered look. For example, this is a great styling choice for when you want to wear pearls in a modern way, or when you're looking to sport an ultra-feminine, detailed choker that doesn't look quite right on its own.


Layered chokers

Speaking of chokers, short necklaces have to be one of the most popular necklace styles that have withstood quite a few trend cycles. Stacking chokers is a great way to style your choker to make it look more modern and fresh. Surprisingly, layering chokers is easier than other necklace stacking. Many chokers are adjustable and, therefore, can either sit up on your neck or down at the base of it like a short necklace. This way, you can get multiple chokers and adjust them all accordingly to create the perfectly placed stack.


This stack of chokers shows that four chokers can be styled together in slightly different lengths and add some interesting and unique detail to the top of any neckline. The string tied around the neck also provides some extra interest by adding another choker to the stack while still drawing the eye downward. You can make this detail a part of your own choker stack by simply leaving the end of a string loose to add a bit of extra visual complexity.