The Coquette Beauty Trend Is The Unapologetically Feminine Look We've Been Waiting For

The coquette aesthetic is all about embracing uninhibited femininity. Think bows, ribbons, pink pillows, and steaming tea while Lana Del Rey softly plays in the background. It's girly vibes to the max. Delicate, pastel floral prints are vital. Rosy blush and bows in your hair is part of the vibe. Vintage trends guide the look, alongside the popular balletcore vibe. Thinking along the lines of femininity, corsets and bustiers as outerwear are major in the coquette aesthetic, as we embrace elements of lingerie in our day-to-day looks. Pearls are another vital part of the coquette aesthetic, and the trend allows you to style them in ways that don't look stuffy.

What we love about the coquette trend is how unapologetically feminine it is. The hyper-girly look creates a fun, flirty diversion from other trends that are emerging right now, like the indie sleaze aesthetic, proving that there's a look for everyone.

How to get the coquette makeup trend right

The central idea to nailing the coquette makeup trend is dreamy and ethereal. It's all about pink and it's all about blush. In order to get the coquette makeup look right, go for soft, muted, and pastel tones. MAC Cosmetics national artist Michelle Clark told InStyle that the coquette makeup look was "über-feminine, a touch romantic, flirtatiously playful, and nostalgic." Select a pink-toned blush that works with your skin tone and use that along your cheeks and eyelids. Use a heavier application of the blush in the crease of the eyes. "It centers the makeup, as it wraps the upper cheekbone and goes onto the lid and through the crease," Clark explained. 

A pro tip is to use pink lipstick as your monochromatic base. "Customize a cheek, eye, lip color using by mixing the lip color into a dab of foundation to create a soft, pink blush," Clark added. "Then, wrap that onto the eyes as well — and add that lip color to lips and blend it with lip liner." This helps to create a seamless tone of pink on the face.

For the rest of the look, keep things dewy and fresh. A light, hydrating foundation works well as a base. Avoid going too heavy with setting powders. Highlighter is a plus for this look too. For eyes, a very scant liquid wing works well for liner and for mascara, opt for fluffy, long lashes.

The coquette trend is all about bows in the hair

There's one word for you: bows. If you want to nail the coquette hair trend, invest in bows. The quintessential look is soft curls with hair pulled half up and tied back with a bow. Or pull the hair back in two separate sections away from the face and secure with bows. If your hair is too thick to be held in place solely by decorative bows, secure the pieces of hair with bobby pins and secure the bows in place afterward. Don't be shy to use bows that feature long ribbons that hang down amongst the hair.

Pearl bobby pins and clips are also a favorite part of the coquette trend. Even "girly" pigtails are making a comeback. The foundational element of the coquette hair trend is romantic. Think of a dreamy English garden picnic and take it from there.

Coquette nails are all about ballet pink colors and bow accessories

To nail the coquette nail trend, think pink and feminine. Opt for nails that are oval shaped and if you love long nails, now's your time to shine. Pearl tones and seashell colors are perfect for this look; let anything pastel and dreamy be your guide. If you like nail art and nail gems, this is the perfect time to experiment with anything feminine and flirty. Bows, hearts, pearl drops, and flowers are all welcome here. If ornate, three-dimensional nail art isn't functional for you, you can still achieve the coquette trend through a pastel French manicure. Or, right on trend, the floral milk bath nails are a perfect way to tap into this look.

The coquette shoe trend is ballet slippers and Mary Janes

The coquette shoe trend leans heavily toward balletcore. We're seeing TikTokers sharing their coquette shoe unboxings, revealing ballet-style slippers with small bows, dainty heels, and girly tones. Ballet flats have everything that the coquette experience embodies: romance and femininity. The look works well with sheer or black tights, depending on the season. Ballet flats aren't the only footwear accessible in this trend. Heels with bows and ribbons that tie around the ankles are a perfect choice. Mary Jane shoes with ruffled socks also perfectly tap into this aesthetic.

Coquette outfits are all about lace and satin

Channeling the coquette look in your wardrobe is all about sourcing looks that lean into dainty, feminine prints and looks. Lace camisoles are a must, and slip dresses are perfect for this look. Delicate floral print dresses are also ideal. Vintage and thrift shopping is an excellent way to find pieces for this look

But what we love about the resurgence of the coquette look is its inclusivity. Some images on Pinterest can be reductive when it comes to body image, and show the aesthetic in relation to thinspo. However, in the world of TikTok, creators are pushing past this error and celebrating the beauty of the coquette on all shapes. The look plays on core traits of femininity in a way that's both empowering and playful. Women get to lean into these romanticized elements on their terms, without the submissive traits that hark back to darker links to the coquette, like the problematic concept of the Lolita-aesthetic. This new reshaping of the coquette is both playful and grownup, and we're leaning into both the irony and the bows and having fun with it.