Jupiter's Place In Your Birth Chart Can Unlock Abundance In Your Life

There's a captivating dance in astrology between the stars, the zodiac signs, and the houses. Their precise relationships with each other create the unique blueprint of your natal chart. What shows up in your astrology can reveal your potential, even if it might not predict a definitive, specific outcome. If you think of astrology as guidance to better understand your psychological patterns, as opposed to a Bible, you'll get the most benefit from it.

The planet Jupiter expands everything it touches, and alongside Venus in second place, is the planet most associated with wealth and abundance. Jupiter, which is frequently referred to as "the greater benefic," is also the most expansive and lucky good guy of all the planets. Also, keep Venus' role in accumulating wealth in mind — its placement can help you understand your spending habits.

Many of us visit astrologers with two fundamental questions: When's the relationship coming and what's my money story? In simple terms, knowing what houses are "wealth houses" and figuring out which house your Jupiter falls in will help you understand your money story and unlock abundance. A really great astrologer has at least five years or more of intense training to understand and interpret astrology's complexity. We recommend a personal reading to get hyper-specific about your life.

What are the wealth houses in astrology?

As we look at Western astrology, the primary wealth houses are the second and eighth, but the 10th and 11th are also especially relevant. The second house is all about earned money — what we personally earn from jobs and gigs; along with money's close cousin, value, and how we value ourselves through our daily habits. 

The eighth house, which primarily represents a space of deep transformation, sexuality, and life and death issues, is also wealth related. Here, abundance comes from the money we receive from others. This often comes in the form of inheritance, tax money, funds from a spouse, or investments that deliver.

The 10th house is about your career and represents status, reputation, visibility, and any recognition we may get, potentially including fame. If career is at the top of mind, you might also want to see how your north node placement can help you forge a fabulous career. Although the 11th house is mostly concerned with friends and groups, that does include the connections you make that can help your career.

Jupiter's place in your birth chart

We recommend getting a free chart that uses the whole or equal sign house systems because that makes it easier for beginners to see where their planets fall. If you know your exact birth time, run your chart and then see where Jupiter is. Broadly speaking, a Jupiter placement in your second or eighth house might be especially welcome news because there's a good chance your job is extremely well-paying or that you'll receive an inheritance, gifts, or that you'll "marry well."

If Jupiter's in your 10th house, this bodes well for a significant, meaningful, or possibly famous career, and consequently, great wealth. Steve Jobs, Angelina Jolie, Chris Evans, and Lady Gaga all have a Jupiter placement in their 10th houses. Placements in the 11th house can have a humanitarian or innovative vibe. When Jupiter is there, it signals good luck through groups, friends, and connections, which can lead to job opportunities. Well-known folks with Jupiter in the 11th house are Elvis Presley, Prince, Adele, and Zendaya.

As with any chart, planets can be "debilitated," which means they come pre-loaded with some challenges or, seen another way, soul lessons. If you can view all your planetary placements as helpful, you'll get the most out of their energies, possibly even unlocking abundance.