The 2023 Tie Trend Is Here To Elevate Your Street Style

À la Britney Spears and Madonna around the time of the iconic "Me Against The Music" era, ties aren't just for men anymore. As we continue to embrace the idea of genderless dressing, one of the biggest trends to re-emerge from this shift is women/femme folks in ties. Though the tie has long been associated with menswear and professional dressing, that's not really the case anymore. It is 2023 after all! 

It seems like more people than ever before are embracing an androgynous approach to fashion, grabbing a tie to accessorize their favorite looks. But because so many of us are probably pretty new to the concept (not including those times in the early 2000s when we wrapped one around our necks while rocking out to "Sk8er Boi," of course) it can be hard to know exactly how to style a tie. That's why is here to help. We've compiled 10 of our favorite looks involving the accessory, helping you discover how to make a tie work for you and bringing new life to some tie-rd (sorry) looks at the same time.

Mix traditional menswear with womenswear

We're ditching the labels when it comes to dressing here, but one of the most stylish ways to really make a splash with a tie is to pair it with something traditionally feminine, really creating a juxtaposition of clothing. A suit and tie under a satin dress screams high fashion, while the chunky black boots will have you ready for whatever the weather may throw at you. But you don't have to opt for thigh-high boots if that's not your style. To make this look work for all seasons, you could pair it with flats or even heels, depending on what the day may bring.

Grab a waistcoat

Another thing that's no longer confined to menswear? The waistcoat. Yep, it's time to fully embrace genderless dressing, and pairing a tie with a shirt, waistcoat, and blazer is a great way to prove that truly anyone can be a sharp dresser. We love the way artist Alice Roca fully embraced that, going with a green monochromatic theme to anchor her look. Roca opted for a fun polka dot green tie, matching it to her jacket and bringing the look together. She also kept the rest of her outfit black, which we'd recommend for those trying out the accessory for the first time in order to feel effortlessly chic.

Tuck in that tie

As ties are traditionally worn on the outside of the shirt, this trend turns the convention on its head. Why not tuck the silky material inside your top to give it a little edge? Pairing a white shirt with a mini skirt (because there are grown-up ways to wear a mini skirt, too) will also provide a fun juxtaposition to your outfit, as it's all about corporate on the top, but fun on the bottom. This will keep your outfit from looking like you're stepping into a stuffy boardroom meeting.

Glam it up

Who said ties were only for the corporate world? Because believe us, that's just not true. This sparkly yet sassy look makes that oh-so-obvious, as Instagram influencer @itsrinalu wore a simple, traditional black tie over a not-so-traditional baggy sequin shirt and leather pants. Seriously, if this doesn't prove you can glam up a tie and even potentially rock it in a club, then we don't know what does.

Play with shades

There's little fashion out there more fun than a colored pantsuit, and a great way to put a twist on that is by pairing your look with a tie in a slightly different shade. This red two-piece is fire hot, and the slightly darker maroon tie with matching boots serves up a gorgeous monochromatic look with a slight twist. For those who don't want to go too out there with the tie trend, a white shirt will help anchor your look without adding too much contrast. But if contrast is what you're after, why not add even more color if you're not afraid to go bold?

Tie and leather

It's time to break out a tie with your very best leather-look pieces. Because the accessory hasn't traditionally been paired with leather-look goods in the past, this outfit brings it into the modern day with a bang. We love juxtaposing the traditional white shirt and black tie along with the super sexy matching miniskirt and jacket combo. Ties have certainly come a very long way from the boardroom.

Replace your statement necklace with a tie

Proving that wearing a tie is easier than you might think, you really can put it over an everyday outfit and make it look effortlessly chic. Forget needing a shirt with a collar, you can rock this accessory over something as simple as a black crop top and stone pants. In this case, just think of it as a replacement for a statement necklace, and you're good to go!

Bring in the rhinestones

Two things you may not think go together? A tie and rhinestones. The unlikeliness of this pairing is what makes this such a stunning and bold look. Getting a tie with a little extra sparkle (or even jazzing it up yourself at home with a glue gun) is a super fun way to upgrade the traditional tie to bring some fun to your street style. To really let the sparkle do its thing, we'd suggest wearing a darker color tie, as that will make it a lot easier to style. A black rhinestone number could dress up an all-black ensemble for the evening, but if you just want to add a little more shimmer to your everyday, pair it with a simple top and blue jeans.

Match your tie to your corset

There's no womenswear/menswear combination more on the nose than a necktie matched with a corset. For this bold look (because corsets aren't going anywhere), we'd recommend keeping your colors a little more muted to let the textures and silhouette do all the talking; an oversized white shirt is ideal for this. Positioning a corset over the oversized shirt gives the look a little more structure, while black pants and boots really tie the two together.

Tie and tights

Adding tights to a shorter look will instantly make your leggy look a little more office appropriate, which is why they're perfect to rock with a tie. This gorgeous look makes use of a longer, cute, and colorful waistcoat dress with a puffed-sleeved shirt underneath and a navy tie; the perfect marriage of old and new. It's also a great way to inject some color into your wardrobe while staying versatile, because this look is ideal for going from the office to after-work happy hour.