22 Ways To Style A Trendy Corset (Because The Style Isn't Going Anywhere)

Corsets can be traced all the way back to 1600 BC, and while they may seem like a medieval torture device to some, this fashion staple is in the limelight yet again. Corsets go in and out of style pretty regularly, and for now, they seem to be sticking around. It seems that some of our fascination with corsets may be the royal connotations of such a clothing accessory, and its inclusion in such period dramas as "Bridgerton."

There are many things we find appealing about corsets, the main being the silhouette it gives the wearer. For some of us, it's our only chance at an hourglass figure. For others, it's a powerful piece that helps improve posture. Whatever reason you find yourself attracted to corset style, there are all sorts of ways to wear them. Corsets once seemed only for those attending Renaissance faires, but now they are a go-to addition to any night-on-the-town outfit. If you're ready to lace up, zip up, or hook up a corset, we've got some styling ideas that are sure to inspire your next favorite look.

Earthy tones

We love this earthy look because it feels like a Rennaisance piece, but has an edgy vibe to it. Pairing the neutral-colored corset top with a red leather skirt and near-matching boots brings more life to the top. One thing we really dig about this outfit is that all you'd have to do is throw on a blazer and it would be a powerful business look to wear to your next presentation. The leopard print purse also pulls out the color of the corset top, so it's not completely lost in the deep reds of the rest of the outfit. Because the top leaves an empty canvas on most of the chest area, a nice piece of jewelry, not too statment-y, fills in the spot perfectly.

Purple passion

Corset tops aren't all about sucking in your waist or boosting your breasts — a cute crop-top corset like this one is fun in a more modest way. What really stands out about this outfit is the combination of purple hues. Each piece has its own shade, from the hat to the skirt, but it works amazingly together. This combo also proves that miniskirts, cropped corsets, and caps look fantastic together for some shopping or hanging out with your friends. Toss on some strappy purple sandals to finish the look off, and don't worry about them matching the other shades. No need for a necklace, but we think this outfit would look great with a large statement necklace in a purple hue.

Fun in florals

While thinking of royalty may elicit images of rich shades of color, like royal purples and solid tones, you don't have to pick those looks when shopping for the perfect corset for your lifestyle. If you like fun and flirty styles, a floral corset is something you may want to add to your wardrobe. A cute piece like this can be worn for a laid-back look with jeans, or pair it with a cute, flowy skirt for that first date and a pearl necklace. We also think this particular top would look fun with some short shorts and a pair of cowboy boots!

Sleek black

We all know that black goes with everything, including black, and we're here for this all-black look. In color psychology, black is a protective color, and in the fashion world, it's known to be slimming. If you want an outfit that gives you the power vibes of red and makes you feel as royal as purple, but you want to avoid the brightness — go for black. From the black and sheer corset top to the sleek and shiny leggings, this look screams confidence. The addition of those stiletto boots tells us this woman is in charge and ready to kick butt. Stick with nearly invisible accessories and let the outfit speak for itself.


If you want a look that's runway-ready and makes you feel like you just stepped out of a futuristic sci-fi movie, we suggest a look like this one. The white-on-white look is almost angelic — in fact, if you added some angel wings to this outfit it would make a fantastic Halloween costume. Even so, we also think this look is perfect for a rave or an outdoor music festival. The corset itself adds a little modesty to a dress that definitely shows a lot of skin. The deconstructed sweater is a fashion item that offers a nod to the grunge era, and we can't get over those fun tulle arm warmers.

Pretty pastels

Pair light-colored and floral-designed corsets with pastels that bring out the details in those tops. This look has a romantic vibe to it that feels like an outfit for Valentine's Day. While this lovely lady paired her corset with a mini skirt and some strappy sandals, we think this top would also look magnificent with a flowy skirt in pink or mauve. When it comes to accessories with your corset, a look like this makes the top itself the focal point, so the necklace should be more understated. If your shoes don't match the outfit, match the purse instead.

Goth vibes

There will always be a place for the goth look, and some of us will lean into black garb with skulls our entire lives. If you're looking for something a little spooky and fun to wear, we recommend a goth corset like this one. To add a pop of color, the red mini looks striking with the outfit. Of course, platform shoes are a must, and the summery feel of this combo requires sandals. We feel like the skulls on the corset here are accessory enough, but if you want to add something more, go for some chunky bracelets (black, of course), a spooky necklace, and perhaps some skull rings.

Creative patterns

Don't be afraid of busy patterns when it comes to your corset tops. While busy tops may not work for some, corsets cover far less than a normal shirt. If you want to take down the boldness of the pattern, pair your corset with a white button-up shirt. In fact, we think this corset with a white top would look great with dress pants for a day at the office. Swap the dress pants for jeans and you have a stylish outfit for a day on the town. With shorts. in either dressy white or denim, this top is also beach ready.

Matching sets

Even if you're not a big fan of outfits that match, finding a corset top with a matching skirt or leggings gives you an easy outfit. The right accessories can make this outfit office ready, perfect for a night on the town, or excellent for date night. A blazer matching the pattern colors will make them pop, and make this a great combination for interviews (just button your blazer to hide your midriff). Add a statement necklace and a fancy pair of heels for a girls' night out or your next date. Then again, you can go super casual with this look with a pair of tennis shoes — perfect for a sunny day walking around town.

Bold Markings

Bold colors and patterns are sure to make you stand out. If you want to be noticed, pick a corset top like this one. We love the floral mixed with the black and white pattern, and the sleeves on this top give it a more whimsical look. We think this outfit is perfect for summer, but could easily take you from spring to autumn. While this classy lady paired the top with some leggings in a matching hue, we think this corset would look just as stylish with black pants or even blue jeans. Up the heat on the outfit with some knee-high black boots. Stay minimal with the accessories, as this top speaks for itself.

Bright shades

If you love bright colors, we think you would love an outfit like this one. Pink and purple have always been a fun combination, and this sporty collection makes us want to tour some interesting places. The purple corset is delightful and really stands out with the bright pink sporty-looking suit. Paired with black walking shoes, we know this woman is on a mission, and it's not just for posing in this lively outfit. There's not much room for accessories with this look, but a simple necklace looks nice. Make your purse stand out if you're wearing this outfit out, by picking something in a different shade than the rest of the look.

Denim on denim

Denim on denim is in style again, and we love it. Whether you want denim in the same colors or you're willing to mix and match, a denim corset is a must-have piece in your wardrobe. You don't even have to wear it with denim — we think this corset would look just as incredible with a skirt of your choice, whether you go with a solid shade or something patterned. Of course, if you wear your denim corset with denim bottoms, you don't have to stop at jeans. Whether you opt for a mini or maxi skirt, this outfit is divine. Add a chunky necklace and some fun shoes.

Fabulous and chic

If you want to look like you just stepped out of a romance novel, this is the look for you. You can take your lingerie corsets and turn them into fabulous daytime wear. This rhinestone-accented corset is gorgeous and looks absolutely chic with a white suit. While the woman pictured above is accessorized with some chunky rhinestone earrings, we think this would look good with smaller earrings and a rhinestone necklace as well. We can only guess what shoes she's wearing with this, but a pair of black booties or platform sandals would add an understated dominatrix vibe, while a pair of white pumps would make this look even classier than it already does.

Black and white

Whether you're heading to a fancy event or you simply want a classic look, we suggest pairing white and black. This look works well with a corset because a simple white or black corset looks classy on its own. We like that this Instagramer added white knee-high boots to the mix. If you're not as much a fan of white, you could wear a black corset with black boots and a white skirt; no matter which way you go, this look is simple and alluring. The white earrings pull things together, and the cute small black purse is just enough to discreetly bring your phone along.

Summer love

If you long to be pretty in pink, grab a pink corset and go for it. Everything about this outfit is classic, dainty, and pretty, from the chain strap pink purse to the clunky pink heels that make us feel like we stepped back in time. The high-waisted pink dress pants give this gal a look that's nothing less than vintage film star. If you want to stand out in a crowd, create a look that mirrors this one the next time you're heading out to a party or casual get-together (you probably wouldn't want to show off this much skin at a business function).

Edgy grunge

For some of us, grunge never went out of style. For others, this look is coming back and you can adopt it with the right wardrobe pieces — and even pair it with a cool corset. These baggy khaki green pants and military boots add an edgy style to this look. If there's a chill in the air, feel free to toss on a flannel shirt and you'll be good to go. This look would be just as edgy with cargo pants — also currently in style. If you want to accessorize beyond a clutch to hold your money and phone, we suggest a chunky black bracelet.


There's something Victorian, whimsical, and classic about a waist cincher corset, and the color of this one gives it even more of those vibes. The whimsy is multiplied here with the pairing of a simple vintage slip dress. Not much more is needed to pull off a look like this, though we think this Instagramer has it right wearing some red lipstick, making us think of movie stars of the '50s. What would really set this outfit off would be a pair of booties or strappy sandals in the same color as the corset. Accessorize with simple jewelry pieces like some pearl earrings, bangle bracelets, and perhaps a simple chain necklace.


You can dive even more into the vintage rabbit hole, and perhaps feel like a princess in a German fairytale, in a delightful corset like the one pictured. We think it pairs nicely with the white button-up shirt and would look good with a myriad of options on the bottom. If you want something more casual, pair this look with jeans. If you want something you can wear to the office, it would look great with black tailored dress pants. For a whimsical take, pull out that flowy skirt again — white would offer an angelic and innocent look, while a matching green would give you more of a fairy vibe, and black would bring out the accent stitching in this particular corset.

Suit style

Take your corset game up a notch by pairing it with the perfect suit pieces. You don't have to have a matching suit jacket and pants, and we like the fun blend of these black and white pants with the black blazer and white corset. The model keeps things simple with the addition of a black belt and chunky chain necklace. If it weren't for that plunging center, we'd say this was a great combination for the office, but you could make it that way by picking a different corset top that's a little less risque. A pocket watch would give this look some vintage feel as well.

Office appropriate

This is more like what we imagine is safe for most offices. If you want to take your corset to work with you, pairing it with a nice button-up shirt is the way to go. The white accents on the blue corset really stand out next to the white shirt underneath. While we can't be sure of what this model paired the tops with, we think this look would be well-suited with a pair of navy or black dress pants, tailored or baggy. The corset itself feels like an accessory here, and a necklace would take away from the business-like look. Instead, find some nice earrings to add something to the mix.

Victorian accents

You'll surely feel like royalty in a look like this one. We love the fringe ruffle along the top of this Victorian-inspired corset. The high-rise tailored dress pants add to the classic feel of the outfit, and the unbuttoned white top underneath is both sexy and charming. Bold accessories are a must if you want to look like vintage royalty, and we love this Instagrammer's choice of dangly butterfly earrings nearly half the size of her head. The dainty floral choker is nearly invisible to those striking earrings, but we love it too. Pair a dangling necklace to match those earrings, for a cohesive, ornate look.

Japanese street style

Japanese street style isn't a new look, but it's one we love. It's fun, and it doesn't matter what age you are, it looks cute. This may not be your everyday go-to outfit, but it's perfect for when you just want to let loose and have a little whimsical, childlike fun. This look is all about the layers, which, in this particular photo, include a tube top-style corset over a hoodie. The mini skirt is full-on Lolita style, especially combined with the waist harness. Embrace your inner child with an outfit like this, and don't forget to add those thigh-high fishnets!