What Is Progressed Astrology And How Can You Use It For Personal Growth?

If you're like us, you probably take at least some stock in astrology. It doesn't matter whether you swear by every horoscope or simply find comfort in the idea of a pre-determined fate. Being in touch with our astrological signs can be a significant source of inspiration in daily life.

One of the best ways to incorporate astrology into your personal life is by having a progression chart. This is a unique type of astrological chart that progresses at specific points throughout your life, utilizing a system that calculates a year of life with a year on the ephemeris table. Progressed astrology utilizes this type of chart to slowly but surely track your spiritual development, and after testing it out ourselves, we can say that you should absolutely start using this in your daily life.

So, what do you need to create a progressed astrology chart? Your birth date, time, city, as well as the day you want to start receiving progressions. By using a calculator like the one on Astro Seek, you can receive your secondary progression chart, as well as what your astrological sign believes is in store for your personal growth.

How to read your progressed astrological chart

As with most astrological charts, an inexperienced eye might find a progression one confusing to interpret. If you don't like the circle chart but prefer something more traditional, Astro Seek and other calculators provide interpretations that can be easier to read. These charts include the progressed planets involved in your astrological sign, the different aspect angles these planets make, and their orb degree. Given how unique each alignment can be, it's no wonder that the progressed chart can end up being so specific at times.

In order to read your chart as straightforwardly as possible, look at where the progressed moon is located. This first reading should focus on your current emotional state, while the next, demonstrated by the relationship between the moon and the sun, might signal a new life shift. The position of your rising sign can also give an idea of how your personality and spiritual self has evolved.

Utilizing your readings in your daily life

The chart results are predictions of the user's mental state and personal growth — maybe they're accurate to your current situation, but there's a chance they might not be. While we can't say for certain whether this is the case, we do recommend keeping an open mind because what these predictions have to say could benefit you further down the road.

For example, if one's progressed moon is in the 11th house, the reading might suggest that one might be feeling lost and lonely in a changing world. Even if that's not necessarily the case right now, it may be useful to actively seek out new companions beyond one's current friends or family. If a reading cautions against excess investments, perhaps it's time to reevaluate your finances and cut down on certain expenses. Maybe the advice that these readings give you can be valuable to remember in the long run. Whether or not you wholeheartedly believe in astrology, there's no denying that progressed astrological charts can provide great advice for personal growth.