Your Natal Moon And Saturn Placements Can Tell The Story Of Your Relationship To Money

While astrology can inform all parts of ourselves, there are specific things to look for if we have questions about money. Our natal moon and Saturn placements offer insight into our relationships with finances, spending, and saving. They can also shed some light on stressors and anxieties we have about money. This information comes from filling in our birth chart, which is compiled by the day, exact time, and location of our birth. It is possible to read our own birth charts, but it might be easier to consult a professional or take advantage of the many online tools to make this potentially complicated process a little easier. We'll find our sun, moon, and rising signs, but there's even more to know from a thorough deep-dive. A birth chart also shows where each planet was at the time of our arrival, and these rule different parts of our lives. While there's so much to get into, the one planet on our radar here is Saturn because of its power over finances. That, combined with our natal moon, can give us a lot of insight into our habits and predilections about money. 

Why is our natal moon placement so important? The moon, at least in terms of astrology, is a deeply emotional sign. Plus, the moon moves every 2.5 days, so this is why birth charts are so unique for everyone. Our moon sign is all about intuition, the way we care for ourselves, our memories, and emotions, while Saturn is about power and control. These attributes have a lot to do with money.

What your natal moon means

Astrologer Aliza Kelly told SheKnows why the moon is financially important. "The Moon reflects your emotional inner world and what you need to feel secure," Kelly said. "So it's going to give us information about what satiates you and make you feel fulfilled."

For example, an Aries Moon is famously impulsive and reacts quickly and emotionally, so it's a safe guess that they'll be a more impulsive spender. A Taurus Moon has a penchant for luxurious, material goods, so this would likely be a financial priority. A Gemini Moon is a bit more of a wild card; its priority is communication about complex emotions, so the financial manifestation of this depends on each person. A Cancer Moon is highly empathic, and focuses on kindness, so money moves here might relate to caring for other people. Leo Moons are famous for their generosity, and might be prone to indulging those they love. Virgo and Capricorn Moons are calm and contemplative, so impulsive spending is less likely here. Libra Moons are overly indulgent of others and don't take care of themselves, so a little financial self-care might be critical here. Scorpio Moons are famous for brooding, so we can guess there's going to be some financial rumination happening. A Sagittarius Moon is impulsive but also abundant, so there's a lot of financial comings and goings. Aquarius Moons rely on logic and emotion, so that duality will play out financially. A Pisces Moon loves escapism, so this could manifest money-wise. 

Saturn's role in money

Saturn is a planet all about power, control, and restriction. It's about personal responsibility and making us stronger. Unlike the moon, Saturn moves through the signs slowly, making a full rotation every thirty years, so it's probable that we'll experience different periods of reinvention. Because Saturn leans heavily into personal responsibility, it can play an interesting role in our finances. As astrologer Aliza Kelly told SheKnows, Saturn will inform us if we're not getting what we need. "If you have that feeling of, 'I'm just not feeling satisfied, I feel like I need more,' then Saturn can give you clues as to why you're having that experience," Kelly said. 

To understand Saturn's role in our financial lives, it's helpful to think of the planet as a tough-love teacher. Saturn urges us to be frugal and fiscally responsible. Thoughtless or emotional spending does not go down well here, particularly in regards to where Saturn falls in our sun sign. Saturn in Aries and Cancer urges patience and delayed gratification. Saturn in Taurus urges a solid foundation upon which to build your life. Saturn in Gemini and Leo encourages self-esteem at work. Saturn in Virgo struggles with perfectionism in projects and work. Saturn in Libra pushes decisiveness in the face of indecision. Saturn in Scorpio takes advantage of the shrewdness known in that sign. Saturn in Sagittarius and Aquarius tends to pursue higher education, while Saturn in Capricorn prompts self-discipline and leadership. Meanwhile, Saturn in Pisces pushes hard work, thus urging a better financial footing.