16 Chic Quotes About Fashion That Will Inspire Your Personal Style

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Feel like you have nothing to wear? These 16 quotes on fashion and personal style will change your mind.

Ever hear the phrase, "Routine is the killer of creativity?" Well, it's kind of true. When actions become part of our daily routines, we tend to go through the motions instead of actually paying attention to what we're doing–which is fine when the "routine" includes things like brushing our teeth, feeding the cat, or locking the door. The one place routine shouldn't kill creativity? The closet.

Getting dressed in the morning usually mimics one of three scenarios:

1. Grabbing whatever's clean and vaguely matches in the interest of time. This includes late sleepers, constant "Snooze-ers," mothers, students, and busy women in general (OK, maybe that's all of us). If this scenario describes you, chances are you view getting dressed and "just another thing to do" and aren't getting any joy out of the process.

2. Taking too much time deciding what to wear because it feels like nothing fits and nothing looks good. Oftentimes, ladies who L-O-V-E fashion will fall into this trap: by placing a ton of importance on what you wear and how you look, it actually makes the process of getting ready more stressful. More often than not, you spend way too long agonizing over what to wear, only to throw on Look #1 with a shrug before you head out the door.

3. Having fun deciding how to show the world who you are today. It's a rare woman who feels like this while getting dressed every single morning–but if you're that rare woman, cheers to you!

Anyone out there in Camp 3? If you're not, don't worry–we're here to help. It all starts with the belief that every outfit is an opportunity to express your individuality and make a statement, and these 16 quotes about personal style will help get you there.

"Life is a party, dress like it."

"Style, because your personality isn't the first thing people see."

"Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it."

"If you like it, wear it."

"Always dress like it's the best day of your life."

"If you can't be better than your competition, just dress better."

"Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds."

"With good basics you'll have endless options."

"Fashion is art and you are the canvas."

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."

"I've always thought of accessories as the exclamation point to a woman's outfit."

"More is more and less is a bore."

"Here's to chasing your dreams in the cutest pair of heels you own."

"A woman with good shoes is never ugly."

"The joy of dressing is an art."

"Style is a deeply personal expression of who you are, and every time you dress, you are asserting a part of yourself."

Inspired by the wise words of Coco Chanel, Rachel Zoe, and Michael Kors? Good. Now that you're in the right frame of mind, tackle your closet with determination, joy, and purpose.

And hey, if your wardrobe is still not inspiring you, you have our permission to go on a shopping spree. It's all in the name of self-expression and self-confidence.

We promise that the next outfit you create will be so much more than an outfit–it will be an outward expression of who you are, what you love, and how you're feeling. And the best part about personal style is that who you are, what you love, and how you're feeling can–and should–change on a daily basis; meaning fashion is a never-end journey of self-discovery.

Try getting stuck in a routine with that kind of attitude.

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