Sophie Dunne

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Los Angeles, CA
Carlow College, Ireland
Feminism, Women's History, LGBTQ+ Identities
  • Sophie is an editor at The List and is especially interested in covering historical royals, women in politics, and LGBTQ+ pop culture.
  • She is the co-founder and co-host of a Top 100 Global Podcast called "she. | shifting her experience," where she interviews folks representing the LGBTQ+ community, feminist activists, trans athletes, sex educators, sex workers, and more.
  • In her spare time, Sophie enjoys researching forgotten women in history who made impactful contributions to society, particularly focusing on women in ancient and medieval Ireland.


Sophie has years of experience editing and writing on various topics with bylines at Women's Health, WebMD, BetterHelp, Grunge, The List,, and more. Over the course of four years, she traveled to over 70 countries while working as a cabin crew member for Emirates and writing as a freelancer. After retiring from the skies, Sophie worked as a managing editor at an SEO writing agency for several years.


Sophie has a B.A. (Hons) in humanities from Carlow College in her home country, Ireland. As part of her degree, she studied English, history, theology, philosophy, ethics, feminist political thought, sexual politics, and psychology. These wide-ranging topics qualify her to report on a vast scale of subjects.

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