Sex Toys For Solo Sex: A Guide To Enhancing Your Personal Pleasure

In many societies, the topic of women and sex continues to be surrounded by taboos and stigmatization. However, even more so, the notion of women actively seeking and enjoying their own pleasure is shrouded in further layers of taboo. Societal norms often dictate that women's sexuality should be passive or solely focused on fulfilling the desires of others, denying them agency over their own pleasure. 

When "WAP" by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion graced our streaming platforms in 2020, criticisms about the song's obscenity began to emerge — as seen in the Hulu Original docuseries "RapCaviar Presents," where female rappers break down the unjust backlash they receive when embracing their own wealth and sexuality. However, asserting one's own sexuality can be a powerful and liberating experience for women.

With the growing global community of sex-positive women teaching, writing, and singing about sex, there's an interest, not to mention a demand, for a more diverse selection of intimate products to help enhance our carnal pleasures. Masturbation is an important aspect of sexual expression and self-discovery, as it allows us to explore our bodies, desires, and preferences in the safety and comfort of our own company. Furthermore, masturbation has several benefits, including diminished stress, increased sleep, and overall better mood. So, without further ado, here are our favorite sex toys for solo sex that can enhance your personal pleasure.

Clitoral stimulation

One of the most popular intimate products on the market is the classic vibrator for clitoral stimulation. However, over the years, sex toy companies have designed various new models with a range of settings, varied pulses, and different features such as USB-charged vibrators instead of battery-operated and cable ones. 

Maude's external massager, known as Vibe, is a popular product that's described as having a "flutter tip" and can last for over two hours. Available for $49, it has three speeds, is USB-charged, and is phthalate and latex-free. One important thing the manufacturer notes is not to use silicone lube with this device. All in all, this travel-size vibrator is gentle, yet powerful, and has one reviewer calling it "the most natural feeling vibrator ever."

On the other hand, clitoral suction vibrators are another level of ecstasy. These small but powerful tools provide a pulling sensation on the clitoris that can make it feel like someone's lips are doing the work. The Pebble by Bellesa is defined as making orgasms "more simple and accessible than ever before." For $89, this pleasure product comes complete with five vibration modes and five suction intensities. As one happy reviewer wrote: "After years and years of never squirting, I was suddenly a waterfall."

Vaginal penetration

Another classic sex toy is the dildo for penetration. Created as both a vibrating and a non-vibrating plaything, dildos are one the most diverse intimate tools for masturbation. They can feature a head, textured veins, and testicles. They can be curved or straight. Or, they can be plain, smooth, and not resemble a penis at all. 

Many sex toy companies are over-saturated with dildos that imitate glans, penis, and foreskin. But, for those who prefer dildos without the extra girth and rough surface, Wet For Her's non-phallic Sex Toy Five is a great option, available in the $49-55 price range. This silicone toy might be especially ideal for people with vulvodynia, endometriosis, or other conditions that may affect the vagina's opening. With this product, you can select which size you desire based on the finger-width guide. Listed at $34.95, there's also the Two Fingers Extender Purple dildo that's shaped like curved fingers, which may be just the sensation you crave.

Moreover, suction cup dildos are a great option for hands-free solo sex, especially if you have a hard surface underneath to position it. When used like this, these dildos offer the added enjoyment of thrusting for deeper penetration, elevating your overall fun and satisfaction. Add an extra layer of penetration by making your dildo vibrate with Adam & Eve's Slim Pink Pleaser Vibrator, starting at $19.95.

Toy mount

Placing a hard surface beneath you for positioning a dildo if you prefer not to lie on your back is great. But if you want to go all out, a mounting product can really hit the spot. Bellesa's Liberator Tula Toy Mount "turns your favorite sex toys into sex machines," allowing you to place the dildo in a secure position while you thrust.

The versatile mounting cushion, priced at $109, can hold a wide range of toys, like dildos and wands, letting you customize your pleasure experience. Please note that toys are not included in the purchase. The product's dimensions are 19" x 10" x 8", providing ample space for your enjoyment. The cover is made of machine-washable material, ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance. 

This unique tool is often overlooked in mainstream discussions about sex, but it offers an exciting opportunity for individuals looking to expand their exploration of sensual pleasure. "My journey to learn how to ride finally reached its conclusion," one satiated reviewer commented.

Nipple play

If you enjoy nipple play or simply want to explore what sensations your nipples are capable of having, then silicone nipple suckers are a good place to start. These flexible cones are ideal for those with sensitive nipples or people with nipple piercings, as they don't pinch the nipples but rather "suck" the areola. Lovehoney's Colorplay Color-Changing Silicone Nipple Suckers have a 4.5-star rating and are priced between $15 and $17. 

But if you want to push your boundaries and test your body, the First Time Fetish Nipple Teasers from PinkCherry offer a gentle pinch to help stimulate your top half while you focus on your bottom half. As the company itself says, this product is "gentle" and "user-friendly" for the "nipple-play beginner." Starting at $10.50-$14.95, these nipple clamps are dressed in rubber covers that can be removed the higher your "sting" threshold gets. One newbie acknowledged the product's customizable feature in their review saying, "Nice that you can adjust the clamps so that you can work up to a tighter grip."

Clitoral and vaginal dual-action

Lelo calls it "sensual harmony," and that's exactly what it aims to bring. Our next pick is a tool that is inserted to hit the vaginal G-spot while also stimulating the clitoris. Perfect for enjoying various positions during a night of self-love, we say. The INA™ 3 G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator is designed with 10 carnal buzz settings for clitoral attention and a longer arm to insert into the vagina. Its product page on Lelo also comes with a deliciously graphic animated visual of how to use the popular pleasure tool. Ranging from $125-$180 in price, this clitoral and vaginal dual-action sex toy is ideal for those who enjoy focusing on more than one area at once.

There's also the classic "Happy Rabbit" dildo-slash-vibrator for internal and clitoral penetration from Lovehoney, starting at $76.50. With 15 functions and a life-like phallic shape, the infamous Rabbit has stood the test of time, pleasuring folks since 1983.

Anal pleasure

When it comes to anal toys, it's crucial to have a base — otherwise, the toy could go wandering off up there – and ensure you have plenty of lubricants. For beginners, Bellesa's They-Ology Wearable Anal Trainer Set is a great starter pack for anal enthusiasts. They generously offer five different dilator sizes, with  2.6" x 0.54" being the smallest and 3.54" x 1.19" being the biggest. Priced at $79, Bellesa's anal sex toys for butt beginners are made from soft silicone that not only feels gentle upon insertion but also provides a good grip when penetrating. 

For those who are a little more experienced, there's the Bellesa's Petite Sensations Bubbles Vibrating Anal Plug, which does exactly what it says — provide vibrating sensations with a bubble-shaped wand. The "bubble" adds a heightened feeling as the wand gradually changes shape depending on how deep you go in and how far you pull out. Top it off with a clitoral vibrator on a build-up setting and you may just have the most intense orgasm ever. At just $49, this anal toy has proven to be quite a popular product among consumers. "I'm new to anal play so the bubbles were intimidating to me at first, but once we started using it (LOTS OF LUBE) it felt so good and natural!!" wrote a satisfied customer. 

Vaginal, anal, and clitoral triple-action

For those who want to test their limits, try Bellesa's 3some Total Ecstasy, which has three wands for anal, vaginal, and clitoral stimulation — the triple threat. Explore and embrace your sexual self by stepping outside of your comfort zone, and opening yourself to new erotic experiences. This multi-functional sex toy is an absolute must-have for solo sex, as it doesn't leave much room for another partner. The main point of this tool is for you to be in command of the three-prong wand and enjoy the pleasures that come from it, confident and comfortable in the safety of your own company. 

At $129, this three-in-one instrument takes sex toys to a whole new level and sets the tone for solo sex. The vibration settings exude from the vaginal and clitoral arms, while the anal teaser sits still. Waterproof and rechargeable, this device can run for one hour and even comes with a remote control so you don't have to remove it to adjust the settings. While this product ticks a lot of boxes, a reviewer had one pro and one con to advise potential buyers. "This is getting me through quarantine a very happy woman. The buzz is definitely not quiet, you'll want some sound privacy." Noted!

Vaginal G-spot pleasure

Sometimes, you just want something curved that penetrates differently from a linear dildo. Enter (pun intended) the Lovehoney's G-Thriller G-Spot Vibrator (priced at $49.99), featuring nine vibration settings and an impressive run time of 150 minutes. The G-spot, also known as the Gräfenberg spot, is an erogenous zone located inside the vagina on the anterior (front) wall. When stimulated, it can produce intense sexual pleasure and potentially lead to orgasm. However, clitoral and G-spot orgasms are not to be confused as the same thing — a clitoral climax is the outcome of thousands of nerve endings, according to the National Women's Health NetworkMoreover, according to a 2017 study, approximately 18% of women are capable of reaching orgasm by penetration alone. If you're one of the lucky 18%, then this toy might hit the spot for you. Or, even if you can't orgasm from G-spot play, penetration can still be an enjoyable and satiating experience to give yourself without the help of anyone else.

For extra curves, Lovehoney's Luxury Silicone G-Spot Vibrator is bent at a slightly acute angle, making it the ideal G-spot pleaser. Priced at $53.99 and featuring a run time of 80 minutes, this winding sex toy may look intimidating, but many users find it flexible and easy to use. "Wasn't sure about the shape to start with but the curve helps make sure it fits in all the right places," a reviewer wrote.

Ben Wa balls

Lelo says "train your body for multiple orgasms," and that's where Ben Wa balls or beads come in. The balls cause your muscles to contract, which not only ignites a pleasant sensation but also acts as a Kegel exercise. The Kegel muscles, also known as pelvic floor muscles, are a group of muscles located at the bottom of the pelvis. These muscles support the pelvic organs, including the bladder, uterus, and rectum. They play a crucial role in various bodily functions, such as controlling urination, bowel movements, and sexual responses.

In terms of sexual pleasure, Weighted Vaginal Beads by Lelo help to heighten your pleasure responses by elevating your sexual senses. They even claim to induce prolonged orgasms. Ben Wa balls have a long and intriguing history dating back centuries. These small, weighted balls are designed for vaginal insertion and have been used for various purposes throughout different cultures and time periods, though the origins are believed to trace back to ancient Japan and Burma.

For $89, Lelo offers silky-soft silicone Ben Wa balls for people of all levels and tolerances with their classic, mini, or plus-size beads. Users can also insert the beads during various physical activities, including exercise. 

Wand massagers

If you remember that scene in "Sex and the City" when Samantha Jones returns a neck massager thinking it's a vibrator, you can't blame her. The classic vibrating wand looks just like Jones' muscle relaxer. The Doxy Classic Wand from Bellesa is perfect for beginners who want to dabble with multiple clitoral pulse settings. Sold for $159, this 3-meter-long machine comes with a 12-foot cable and a soft cushioned top for contact with the vulva area. 

Advertised as both a clitoral and perineal pleasure stimulator, many customers are describing this wand massager as "addictive," while others praise its non-wireless feature. "This is my favorite toy ... I prefer having something to plug in so I don't have to worry about charging or changing batteries — I've had many a toy die, leaving me unsatisfied," they wrote.

Alternatively, there's Bellesa's Wanda™ Wand vulva massager with 10 "mind-blowing" settings. The company boasts its super quiet noise levels and waterproof capabilities perfect for the shower or bath. At $109, this wireless wand takes one hour to charge, but also only runs for one hour. 

Vibrators that can double for solo and partnered sex

Save money by investing in an intimate product that you can utilize both in solo and partnered sex. One of our favorites is Lovehoney's Rock On Rechargeable Silicone Clitoral Pebble Vibrator. For solo sex, hold the pebble flat on the vulva region and rub, or press the vibrator's soft tip directly against the clitoris' tip for an ardent orgasm. With three levels of intensity and eight different vibration rhythms, and priced at $53.00, this travel-size vibrator is certainly sure to please.

The various settings and convenient shape make it ideal for personal intimacy while also being a fun toy for partner sex. The pebble vibrator can sit between you and a partner, stimulating both clitorises simultaneously. 

Furthermore, the Satisfyer Mighty One from Bellesa is a favorite among reviewers for doubling as both a clitoral vibrator using the ring as a handle for solo sex and a cock ring for partnered sex — not to mention it comes with a smartphone app for controlling its functions. "My partner is quite girthy and it adjusts to him quite comfortably, he likes the way it fits him and how it feels. And I love the powerful vibration as well as the app. It is also quite comfy to use on my own on my clit grabbing it by the loop," one satisfied customer wrote.