Megan Moore

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Detroit, Michigan
Wayne State University
Skincare Trends, Old Hollywood, The Royal Family
  • Obsessed with deep dives into the entertainment world, Megan's YouTube scripts for celebrity channels have garnered millions of views.
  • She has listened to nearly every podcast available about the Royal Family, Harry and Meghan, or historical events tied to the Royal Family.
  • As a selected contributor for Detroit Mom, she regularly writes about motherhood and life in general for busy yet in-the-know parents.


Megan has worked as a professional writer for nearly five years, beginning with crafting a heartfelt article for Scary Mommy on a whim. Since then, she has found her niche, regularly writing for lifestyle and culture publications such as Ned Hardy and Love & Lavender. Previously, Megan has also delved into scriptwriting for YouTube productions, including Insider Hotspot and Be Amazed. A history fanatic, she regularly dives deep into topics and relishes bringing to light long-forgotten information. She has written eight historical true crime books under a pseudonym in line with this passion. If it concerns beauty trends, pop culture (especially The Royals), or wellness, chances are Megan has watched, listened to, read, or tried it, providing ample experience to draw from when writing for The List.


Megan has a bachelor's degree from Wayne State University in education with a focus on history.

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