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Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Australian Institute Of Business
Open University Of Sri Lanka
Bishop's College Colombo
Long-distance Relationships, Home Workouts, DIY Home Hacks
  • In 2018, Jennifer became the youngest Features Editor and founding member of The Sunday Morning, a national newspaper in Sri Lanka.
  • As a feature writer covering travel experiences for Sri Lankan publications The Daily Mirror and The Sunday Morning, Jennifer has traveled around the island; she's also been to Singapore (on the Royal Caribbean Cruise) and India (Bangalore and Delhi).
  • Jennifer married young and went through a divorce ten years later; having found love again, she became interested in learning about people and relationships, two of the topics she enjoys writing about for The List.


Jennifer is a writer and editor with over 15 years of experience in Sri Lanka's print and digital media landscape. She's passionate about books, people, fitness, healthy eating, and travel. She's written for several Sri Lankan publications, including the Daily Mirror, Hi!! Magazine, Pulse Magazine, The Morning and The Sunday Morning, as well as Canada's SaltWire Network. She joined The List in 2022 as Lifestyle News Writer and enjoys writing about relationships, mental health, fitness, and style.


Jennifer has a bachelor's degree in social sciences from the Open University of Sri Lanka, and a master's in business administration from the Australian Institute of Business. She completed an introduction to digital journalism course from Reuters and a start writing fiction course from the Open University, U.K.
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