Fisherman Sandals Are Officially Outdated - The Summer 2024 Trends We're Looking To Instead

As we ease into summer, it's time to update our sandal collection. The past few years, it seems the big theme has been keeping things shamelessly ugly, yet comfy. The strappy fisherman sandal was named the shoe of summer 2023, likely as the result of the rise of the trendy Eclectic Grandpa aesthetic. But, for 2024, it seems we're moving away from dressing like our older relatives and instead reverting to our younger selves by paying homage to Y2K fashion trends. Millennials, let's just say you definitely shouldn't have ditched those jelly shoes. Or those platform Rocket Dog flip-flops, for that matter.


What we're seeing for this summer is a proper motley assortment, meaning that there's something for everyone. Not only do we still have Y2K shining bright, but even a few of last year's summer trends are hanging around. Remember the mesh flats that were on everyone's radar in summer 2023? Well, they're still here and, honestly, we're here for it.

So before you hop online or hit up your favorite shoe store IRL, it may be worth checking in on this year's summer 2024 sandal trends. Because there's no sense in spending money on something that doesn't impress a room full of strangers.

Slingback flat sandals

What's so fantastic about a slingback flat sandal is that it can't be contained. Jeans, mini or long skirts, shorts, and even the major comeback of capris are all perfect complements to this subtle, but ultra cool shoe. They go with everything, day or night, no matter their color or pattern, because their style has it all.  


"While I still love a cool Fisherman sandal, I'm storing my styles from last year (for now) and reaching for sleek slingback flats instead," shopping updates editor Jennifer Camp Forbes tells WhoWhatWear. "These feel more elevated and streamlined this season. Plus, they are more versatile since they can be worn with a range of looks from everyday to more formal occasions."

Jelly sandals

If you're a person of a certain age, there's a good chance that your heart skipped at a beat at the very mention of jelly sandals. "Millennials' favorite sandals from childhood have made their way back into the scene but in a grown-up, cool-girl way," fashion stylist Audree Kate López tells Byrdie. "You can find the classic jelly sandal flats or go for something similar to the new Amina Muaddi jelly heels. [Whatever you choose,] jelly sandals are perfect for vacation, a park picnic, or pool day. The material is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about getting them a little dirty or even wet."


As much as jelly sandals work during the day with skirts and dresses of all lengths, as well as shorts, trying to make them transition for a night out can be tricky. Unless, of course, you score some of these bad boys in black or metallic. If you do, you'll hit the mark perfectly. 

Kitten heels

For the record, the kitten heel never really goes completely out of style. It just has its moments and, for that reason alone, we love it. "2024 is the year of the kitten heel," publicist Kendra Hettig tells Hello Magazine. "Seen on the SS24 runways of Prada, Valentino and more, the kitten heel is sure to be next year's it shoe."


The kitten heel can easily be dressed up or down. Jeans? Absolutely. Sequin dress to the Met? Totally. It's as versatile as a shoe can come, making it an essential asset for people whose lives are a beautiful rollercoaster of both social and professional events. 

Mesh sandals

Let's be honest: as far as sandals go, mesh can be a hard sell. But once Jennifer Lawrence was spotted in mesh flats last year, the rest of the world jumped on the bandwagon — only to realize that bandwagon was sweaty, but isn't that a small price to pay for fashion? "[Mesh flats] are simple in the best way possible — they're like wearing a pair of socks," VP of Womenswear Buying for SSENSE Brigitte Chartrand tells Marie Claire.


Here's the thing with mesh sandals: they may not be the most breathable sandal on the market, but they look good with everything from jeans to skirts. Which also means they're great for daytime to nighttime wear, making office attire to party attire easy peasy. Just make sure you've got a great summer pedicure on your toes to go with it.

Platform sandals

Did Y2K just call and demand their platform sandals back? Too bad, because Gen Z has hauled them out of the dusty closet and won't be letting them go. "Spotted at Peter Do, Gucci, Simone Rocha, and more, platforms were everywhere this spring," fashion designer Lucy Aylen tells Byrdie. "This style marries fashion and stability, offering lift without the strain of a higher heel — a must-have for all summer vacations."


Not only will they take every holiday and vacation up several notches — literally and metaphorically — but they go with everything. Casual or dressed to the nines, depending on the style of your platform sandals, they'll deliver every time. Grab a pair in black and air with a sleeveless LBD for an effortless look that works for lunch and a night out on the town.