Here's How To Get Sabrina Carpenter's White Chrome Nails For Summer 2024

If there's one celebrity leading the charge with summer 2024 trends, it's Sabrina Carpenter. First, she convinced us that curtain bangs look good with any haircut. Then, she proved that a miniskirt can, in fact, be styled in a grown-up way. Now, the "Espresso" singer is back to show us that the only nail look worth coveting for the season is her white chrome manicure. 


While it goes without saying that warmer months call for lighter colors on the manicure front, Carpenter took that tradition and amplified it by jumping on the trendy chrome nail bandwagon and giving it to us with a dazzling, pearlescent finish. Fans first spotted a version of the look on the singer's hands last year when nail artist @nailsbymei posted a story showing off Carpenter's freshly painted, blue chrome nails. It seems the manicure remains one of her favorites. In 2024, she sported a similar, frosty, white version for the Met Gala.

If you love this clean, fresh look, then you can have it too. Whether you opt to do it at home or go to the salon, white chrome nails are within reach.

You can create this look by going with one polish

Unlike the many celebrity manicures we've seen that feature multiple layers of polish and even 3D charms, Carpenter's nail look is a far cry from that level of high-maintenance. In fact, it appears that her manicure is just a basic, pearlescent polish layered a few times over natural nails. On Instagram, celebrity manicurist Michelle Humphrey took credit for the stunning new look by sharing with her followers that she used Bio Sculpture Gel Polish in Donna on Carpenter's nails for her BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend 2024 performance. 


If you choose to go with this option, you'll either need to go to a salon or try to find the closest shade to Donna via another brand. Unfortunately, Bio Sculpture only sells their products to licensed manicurists or cosmetologists. Of course, if you happen to be licensed in either of those professions, then you can skip the salon and do it yourself with exact color.

Or you can achieve white chrome nails with two polishes

Because there's a decent chance you don't have the necessary certification to score Bio Sculpture's Donna, you're going to have to create this look in two (very easy) steps. First, get a white polish you love. Whether that means splurging for something like Chanel's Insomniaque or sticking to a polish more budget-friendly like OPI's As Real as It Gets, is your call. Apply the polish over your nails and let it dry. Next, you want to add the chrome.


If you know your way around chrome powder, then that's exactly what you should use. If you don't know how to use chrome powder, don't sweat it. "I typically caution against novice users attempting to use professional products without the guidance of a trained professional," manicurist Leanne Woodley tells Bustle. "For individuals with little to no prior nail experience, I recommend opting for chrome nail polish colors to streamline the process." 

Finish it up with a top coat to lock it all in, et voilà! Now you have Sabrina's white chrome nails! To complete the look, you just need a bejeweled microphone, some go-go boots, and a hot rodent boyfriend.