The Baby Tee Trend Is The Timeless Look You'll See Everywhere Summer 2024

Remember those tiny, midriff-baring tee-shirts from the 2000s that looked like they were made for toddlers? Well, they're back. Although for some fashionistas, they never really went away.

Fun, figure-hugging, and usually sporting some cheeky phrasing — think Britney Spears in the iconic "DUMP HIM" baby tee from 2002 — baby tees have been spotted on the newest generation of celebrity royalty, including Olivia Rodrigo and Dua Lipa. Baby tees are so in that even Jemima Kirke, who played Jessa on "Girls," designs and sells baby tees out of her place in Red Hook, Brooklyn just for fun.


But why the current and ever-persisting obsession with Y2K fashion trends? "Y2K won't die, in my opinion," Vogue Runway writer José Criales-Unzueta tells Vogue Business. "It will eventually hop off the trend cycle and likely jump back on at some point, and some people will continue to dress like so in the same way there's folks who are obsessed with dressing like they're in the '70s or '90s. It's simply become another tool in the sartorial box." If you want to join the obsession via baby tees, there's no better time than the summer to do so.

Baby tee and baggy jeans

It's looking like skinny jeans aren't coming back (at least not any time soon), so love 'em or hate 'em, the loose-fitting Y2K baggy jean is here to stay. It's also one of the comfiest ways to wear a baby tee.


For the summer, pick a baby tee in a fun color like a washed yellow orange and layer it over a baggy "dirty denim" jean, like the kind Acne Studios launched in fall 2023. The contrast between the relaxed pant and fitted tee creates an effortless and comfortable silhouette that's easily wearable all season. 

Embrace y2k vibes with a slogan tee

Nothing screams Y2k like the slogan tee, so it doesn't surprise us to see stores carrying pieces that make a statement.

If you're at the beach and feeling like maybe you got a bit too much sun on your chest and shoulders, then a baby tee makes the perfect cover up. It protects you from further sun exposure while adding a little something extra to your beach look — especially if your tee is rocking some sassy statement. 


Baby tees and prairie skirts

As much as mini skirts are great for the summer, what's even better is a long, flowing skirt. The billowy look embraces the cottagecore aesthetic we've seen everywhere in 2024. Plus, it's extra-long length is super comfortable. If you're feeling daring, it gives you an opportunity to experiment with not wearing underwear. Long skirts also look fantastic with baby tees, because you have a clash of energy between the two pieces: salty and sweet. 


Bring on the boxers

Why, yes, we're still rocking the pantless trend this summer, and a cool, low-key way to do that is by wearing men's boxers. Combining a baby tee with boxers isn't just one of the most comfortable outfits you can wear — it's practically pjs, after all — but you're nailing two trends at once, making you the fashion icon of the block. Pick a pair in a bright colorful pattern, like checkers or gingham, to add to the playfulness of the outfit. Minnie Mouse ears are optional. 


A baby tee and joggers is effortless athleisure

Whether it's the rise of Y2K fashion or how Covid-19 lockdowns made us realize life is way too short to wear uncomfortable clothes, the fact is cozy-wear is everywhere. Once upon a time you'd only see joggers and sweat pants on people who were running or sweating it out at the gym, but those days are over. Now these types of clothes are worn everywhere, and with a baby tee it's a look that serves in so many ways. Opt for a pair of joggers with a slightly high waist cut and a baby tee that's super cropped to show off a sliver of skin without committing to full midriff.