2024 Super Bowl: The Best & Worst Celebrity Looks

You may not think of the Super Bowl as a fashion event, but for the celeb-loving folks among us, it's as big as The Oscars or Met Gala. Even though there isn't an official red carpet, a glimpse of celebs in the VIP box can be a real feast for the eyes. This year's game at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas proved that the stars know how to show their team spirit through their sartorial choices, with celebs repping the red, one of the hottest winter 2024 color trends, in support of the the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. 

However, while there were many looks that had us cheering, others had us ready to blow the whistle and call a penalty. Some even had us questioning if the celebs were forced to be there against the will. But in any case, if you missed out on last night's event, we're rounding up the ones that stood out the most. Here are the best and worst dressed celebs from Super Bowl LVIII. 

Travis Kelce stunned in a black suit

We love a supportive boyfriend! Travis Kelce arrived at Allegiant Stadium clad in a full-length black sparkling suit, proving that he meant business! The Kansas City Chiefs Tight End looked like a movie star with the shimmery reflective suit, black shades, and silver chain reflecting against the stadium lights. Several fans clocked that the black color palette was likely an Easter Egg reference to Taylor Swift's upcoming album, "reputation (Taylor's Version)."  

Lady Gaga reminded us she's still a fashion icon

Mother Monster dazzled fans with a bedazzled black and red varsity jacket over a red jersey to show her support for the San Francisco 49ers. In true Gaga fashion, she wore fishnets and tall black boots with a gigantic stiletto heel, and bejeweled eye makeup to match. The look was just the right mix of theatrical and fun, without being too distracting. She completed the ensemble by wearing her signature blonde hair up, giving it a relaxed, casual vibe. 

Jason Kelce was dressed like a Kansas City Super Mario Brother

Okay, we have to admit that we all laughed when we saw the photos of Jason Kelce rolling up to Las Vegas in his "The Hangover" outfit. But his gameday outfit had us ready to go asking our parents to break out our old Nintendo games. Sporting a red tee shirt under vibrant yellow-and-red checked overalls, the Eagles football player looked like he stepped out of a Super Mario brothers game. And while we're not trying to hamper on anyone's fun, the truth is, it's impossible to not call this for what it is: attention-seeking. 

Justin Bieber's lazy getup made it clear he's enjoying vacation

Ahead of the big game, rumors swirled that Justin Bieber was going to make a surprise appearance during Usher's halftime show. However, when those predictions didn't pan out to be true, it left many to wonder: Where in the world was Justin? Well, the star reminded us that he was indeed there and clearly had no intentions of going on that stage based on his outfit. The "Peaches" hitmaker was spotted wearing a loose-fitting, brown-colored button down that was totally open with his chest exposed. He topped it off with a black baseball cap titled backwards, which added to the 'vacation-mode' vibe of it all. 

H.E.R.'s vinyl suit was a showstopper

Fans weren't expecting to see Grammy-winning R&B singer Gabrielle Wilson — better known as H.E.R. — on this year's Super Bowl stage, but when she arrived, boy did she make an entrance. Clad in a full-length, black and white vinyl catsuit, the Bay Area native commanded the stage like a rock legend, shredding on her Fender guitar. The shades she wore with the look only added to the rock star effect. 

Elon Musk proved money can't buy you style

There's quiet luxury and then there's carelessness, and that's exactly what Elon Musk's outfit gave. The X and Tesla CEO showed up to the event in a tight-fitting tee shirt that made him look as if he rolled out of bed and stumbled straight to the game. Even though this wasn't a red carpet event, we expected more from one of the wealthiest celebs in the world

Blake Lively's red tracksuit gave us mixed feelings

While we're here for the Y2k fashion renaissance, Blake Lively's matching Adidas tracksuit didn't quite work as well. 

Although her hair looked gorgeous in cascading mermaid waves, the oversized jacket and pants, paired with the extra-large gold bangles made the outfit seem more like she was cosplaying as a Spice Girl or a high school gym teacher than serving us an iconic look. Some fans on Twitter even compared the outfit to "Sue Sylvester" from "Glee." The fact that the rest of the squad was in all-black also made her look like she missed an important text before arriving. Whoops. 

Taylor Swift's black corset ensemble was understated and cute

Fresh off multiple shows in Tokyo, Taylor Swift arrived at Allegiant stadium serving an all-black jeans and corset ensemble that fans immediately clocked as an Easter Egg for a future "reputation: Taylor's version" announcement. She kept things casual, yet cute with relaxed fit, ripped jeans that had bejeweled details, and a gorgeous fitted corset that fit her well. When combined with her ponytail and signature red lip, the look was refreshingly modern and trendy without commanding too much attention.

What we love most about it is the subtle nod to her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. Swift carried both a bag and necklace sporting his jersey number, 87. 

Janelle Monae looked like a boss in red leather

One thing about Janelle Monae, she will come to slay! The multi-hyphenate showed out in a red, asymmetrical zipper leather jacket and matching gloves that seemed fitting for the sporty occasion. Their matching shades and red lip made for the ultimate coordinated look; while the teeny Chanel belt bag had us feeling ready to embrace the ultra-tiny micro bag again. 

Reba's National Anthem outfit had us ready to enter our country era

We'll admit that we raised some eyebrows when we saw Reba McEntire's gigantic furry blue coat. However, once she revealed her iconic, country outfit underneath, you can bet we were up on our feet. The legendary country singer sported a linen, sand colored blazer over a black top and flared pants, complete with a bejeweled western print design and gigantic belt buckle.  As expected, the "Fancy" singer wore her signature gorgeous red hair flipped out.