Chai Blonde Is The Caramelized Hair Color Trend For Winter 2024

Picture the perfect chai latte. The brewed black tea with spices gives the drink a rich flavor while foamed milk adds a creamy finish. Now transfer this magic to your hair color and you'll get a sense of chai blonde, the chic hair trend of winter 2024. What we love about the glowing pigments of chai blonde is that there's a space to be low maintenance. You can grow out your roots, because darker undertones in the hair is a welcome part of the style. Wear it short, long, or medium length. It doesn't matter, because you can still maximize the charming echos of the warming winter drink. 

Leland Joel Olson, stylist and color guru for Kevin Murphy, told Glamour about the chai blonde trend and why it's a perfect choice for tresses in the winter. "In the summer we tend to get more sun exposure at the beach, causing our blondes to lighten more, becoming brighter and drier," Olson explained. "[Chai color] will give life back into your sun bleach tresses." This hair inspiration certainly fits in nicely with the trendiest hair colors for winter 2024, because the darker shades suit the season. Whether you get your chai blonde color from a wig or a trip to the salon, the shade enhances all hair types because it's so workable. 

Laverne Cox gives life to the chai blonde rage

Laverne Cox is the queen of chai blonde hair. Her preference, when rocking this look, is to wear her hair long in luxurious waves in order to show off the lighter blonde tips. Cox has opened up about her love for wigs and extensions, showing that there are several ways to play with hair trends without damaging natural hair. "I wear wigs all the time," she told Allure in December 2019. So it's totally doable to get the full-bodied hair color of chai blonde with a wig.   

Chai blonde pixie cuts for the win

For those who prefer wearing their hair short, the chai blonde color is still completely achievable on a pixie cut. Since there isn't much length to showcase the transition from dark roots to lighter tips, the overall effect appears less ombre and more like a light bronde from afar. Nevertheless, the blending of dark roots to honey-toned tips still looks sensational on super short pixie cuts, which are also trending in 2024. 

The ultra-chill chai blonde hair

While we see style icons like Laverne Cox rocking chai blonde hair in a highly stylized way, the winter tone works equally well on undone hair. Let the darker tones stand out by parting your hair in the middle, allowing the honey tips to flow long in tousled strands. It's undemanding in attention while still serving major it-girl vibes. 

Chai blonde is a home run on naturally dark hair

Those with naturally darker strands can still slay with chai blonde. Yes, it will involve dying it, but there are ways to care for processed hair in order to keep it healthy. "It's best to do a strengthening treatment, like the Mizani Moisture Fusion Intense Moisturizing Mask or a protein treatment at least four to six weeks before color service," professional colorist and Redken x Mizani Brand Ambassador Rachel Redd told InStyle. "Additionally, make sure you trim split or dead ends. You only want to color healthy, strong strands." Knowing that added care is required for all hair types after lightening it can help with long-term upkeep. 

Sport the chai blonde trend on shoulder length hair

Hair that's shoulder length or slightly longer is timeless for a reason. Not only is it easy to style, it's also universally flattering. So why not take that solid foundation of length and add the chai blonde touch? With its heritage in spices like cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom, the warm color makes this medium-length style even more elegant. 

Strike the perfect balance between blonde and brunette with chai blonde

Chai blonde is the easiest way to incorporate light tones into your winter coiffure. The caramel blonde hue of this trend allows you to easily work a penchant for lighter hair colors into the traditionally more somber palette that winter brings. Style you winter look with dark jackets and trendy shades to perfect this stress-free color choice. You'll be glowing all winter long.