Tips For Capturing The Statement-Making 'Tendy' Hair Trend

The nineties and early aughts are dictating a lot of current trends, proving that nearly everything makes a comeback at some point. When it comes to hair, the tendril look is back in a big way, with face-framing pieces adding a whimsical touch to updos, ponytails, and French twists. For those who don't want to commit to longer or bolder pieces of hair framing their faces, the "tendy" hair trend offers a subtler way of doing it. The "tendy" trend is simply a smaller tendril, with one tiny wisp of hair framing the face, usually falling anywhere between the cheek bone and the chin, though there are some looks where the tendy is much longer. 


The "tendy" hair isn't the only early '00s trend to make a comeback. The hair pouf is back in a sleeker and more modernized take. Big, bouffant curve bangs are also major right now, offering a much fuller version of a face-framing look compared to the itsy-bitsy "tendy" trend. There are several options to choose from, but the "tendy" look is worth a try. 

Use a flex finish cream for the sleek tendy

While there are several ways of styling your "tendy" piece, using it to highlight a slicked-back style is one of the most glamorous. For this look, you're going for a snatched bun with one small tendril of hair delicately styled on the edge of the face. "Before beginning, ensure your hair is fully detangled," stylist Tyler Moore of Live True London told Refinery29. Moore suggests spraying roots with a natural hold hairspray and combing hair back slick with a boar bristle brush. Keep a small piece of hair out at the front of your hairline for the tendy. Secure hair into a ponytail. "When the hair is nice and tight, twist and wrap your ponytail before securing all the hair in place with another hair tie," Moore explained. "This will ensure the bun is tight." 


To ensure that your tendy is equally snatched and styled, use a tiny amount of product, like the Oribe Airstyle Flexible Finish Cream, and twist your tendy in the direction that you want the curl to bend. 

Work it into a side swept look

A curly tendril adds an immediate soft finish to tight updo, as seen on Lori Harvey's 2022 Met Gala look. Swept dramatically to one side of her face, Harvey worked a large, solo tendril in the front, complimented by dramatic, dangling diamond earrings.


To style your own, leave some extra hair on the front of your face after styling your updo in the back. If your layer is too long, flip it to the over side of your head, creating a dramatic, side swept part. Use a curling iron to create a ribbon-like shape with your hair, securing with a spritz of hair spray. To hold the shape, twist in a small amount of styling cream, such as PATTERN by Tracee Ellis Ross Styling Cream for Curly & Coily Hair from Sephora. "The softer pieces feel a lot more romantic and sleek to me," celebrity hairstylist Evanie Frausto told InStyle

Use it to elevate a lazy hair day look

The tendy doesn't only apply for formal, red carpet looks with perfectly curled hair. Model Ashley Graham shared how a tendy looks in a gorgeous, casual updo. "It kind of brings a different energy, like you kind of pulled your hair together in a really soft, quick way," Evanie Frausto told InStyle. For chill days when you're running errands or grabbing lunch, pull your hair up with your fingers, allowing a few pieces to stay a little unkempt. Secure the messy bun with a claw clip or bobby pins, keeping one piece of hair loose at the front. Twist that hair with a little bit of styling cream, or use a curling wand to create a loose, crescent shape that bends in toward the face. A little bend in the hair is perfect.


What we love about the basic tendy is that it takes a simple hair style and makes it fab. "You can do a thin, chunky, straight, or wavy tendy to elevate your look," celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa told New Beauty. Graham's adorable, casual tendy is the perfect example of this.

Use a long tendril for extra glamour

Charithra Chandran's updo, with the one, long tendy, is a stunning example of the ultra-glam way of working this look. If you want major volume, start by blow drying your hair with a thickening spray, like BedHead by Tigi's Queen For A Day. She creates dimension in the front her hair by parting her hair down the middle up to the crown of her head. Then she piles her hair into a curly updo, keeping the one piece out at the front. Celebrity hair stylist Gregga Prothero gives advice for how to achieve this big hair. "Try the following: teasing the roots, using texturizing products, bobby pins, curling the hair to create a chic updo," Prothero begins telling Byrdie. "Whether you're going for a tousled bun, a chic twist, or an intricate knot, these styling tricks will have your fine hair looking put together and can work with any fine hair texture." For that remaining tendy, curl it with a curling wand and secure it with hairspray.