10 Denim Trends You'll See Everywhere In 2024

Ah, denim. What would a new year in fashion be without you? Denim seems to be the material that just never goes out of style. And that totally works for us, because there are oh so many colors and styles to show your  blue jean love these days. That makes it a go-to fabric for literally almost any occasion.

Of course, every year brings with it its new ways to wear this magic fabric. In recent years, it's been all about tapping into nostalgia – 2023 was all about the return of the denim maxi skirt (we know, we were just as surprised as you) along with the unexpected resurgence of low-sling hipster jeans a la vintage Britney Spears.

But what can we expect in 2024? Well, 2024 will be no different to years past when it comes to denim trends, because the new year looks set to bring along some brand new, and some not so brand new, trends with it. And we're here to break them all down for you.

Skinny jeans really are long gone, as barrel jeans are in for 2024

We're sorry to say this, but skinny jean fans, it's time to let go — or at least put them into storage. The skintight jeans are currently out of style, as 2024 will be all about baggy styles — Namely, barrel jeans. "I am confident that the barrel leg style will continue to make waves in 2024 since this silhouette embraces a sense of ease and comfort without compromising on style," fashion designer Faiza Bouguessa told Refinery29. Unfamiliar with the barrel jean style? Essentially, the denim style is a baggier style with a more balloon silhouette on the legs. Meghan Brown, director of global trends and concepts at Lee, also thinks these wide leg jeans are here to stay, admitting to Women & Home, "I think the wide leg will continue to grow."

Utility will also be a hot look for jeans in 2024

As we continue to see the rise and rise of cargo pants (we were just as surprised as everyone to see their return), we'll also be witnessing that bleed over into our jeans styles. 2024 will be all about utility inspired jeans, so think practical, baggy pants with pockets, zippers, and exposed seams. "Utility influences will continue relevance throughout 2024 and are a natural fit within an inherently casual denim wardrobe. Exaggerated cargo pockets and carpenter styles add a stylistic reference to create statement-making impact," Kate Bellman, editorial and content director at Nordstrom, predicted while speaking to Refinery29. Gillian McHattie, stylist and styling team manager at Stitch Fix, agreed, telling Insider, "Their appeal is undeniable, as they radiate a contemporary and relaxed vibe, making them a must-have for any stylish wardrobe in 2024."

And so will dad jeans

For so long, pants described as dad jeans maybe haven't actually been all that desirable. But all that's changing in 2024. In fact, we'd almost recommend raiding your dad's wardrobe to be on trend for the year (with their permission, of course). Gillian McHattie told Insider that the looser fit jean with wide legs is super fashionable for the year, noting, "For those on the hunt for a more relaxed and wide-leg silhouette, I recommend opting for dad jeans." For those unfamiliar with what the dad jean look entails, think baggy without tapered edges at the bottom.

While Bermuda shorts will still be gaining popularity

We saw denim capris come back in 2023, but by summer 2024, we'll be shortening those hems into Bermuda shorts. This longer version of denim shorts will be a big one to look out for too, according to Meghan Brown. "The Bermuda is also growing in importance with varied leg openings and slim to relaxed fits," she said of the throwback garment while speaking to Women & Home. "There are some great outfitting looks happening with the Bermuda to make it appealing and cool," she added.

Dark denim will be making a resurgence

Though we've seen light blue and medium washes on everything from jumpsuits, pants, and skirts for the past few seasons, 2024 will be about embracing classic indigo. At least that's according to Marianne McDonald, creative director at Citizens of Humanity, who spoke to TZR. "By exploring true mid-tone and dark washes, these darker hues... really let the beauty of the fabrics shine," she explained.

But then so will super light denim

Though dark denim will be making a comeback, that doesn't mean all the denim we can expect to see trending in 2024 will be dark toned. In fact, stylist and creator Pierrah Hilarie told TZR that alongside the darker tones we'll also be seeing light shades pop again — and to be clear, we mean VERY light shades. "Acid washes still reign supreme," she predicted of the year in denim. Acid wash denim refers to pieces that appear like they've been washed with harsh chemicals to expose the white in them. So, think a little faded looking. To be on trend in 2024 then, it's a good idea to go for one end of the denim color spectrum or the other.

Cuffed jeans will also be a popular choice for 2024

According to fashion influencer Heather Anderson, cuffed jeans will also be a popular choice for 2024. How heavy on the cuff you go is totally up to you, but a deliberate and obvious turn-up appears to be the trendiest way to do it. As Anderson shared on Instagram, cuffed jeans are a great way to draw attention downward and highlight trendy shoes. She noted, "The cuffed length allows you to show off your favorite pair of heels!" If you can't seem to find an already cuffed pair you like, Instagram account @stylecourses recommended creating your own by turning up a longer pair.

Denim maxi skirts are here to stay

Don't say goodbye to that long denim maxi skirt you added to your wardrobe in 2023, because it's here to stay for 2024! "A long denim skirt is a great alternative to jeans for days when you're going for a more nostalgic look," Lesley Torson, co-founder and buying director at Trilogy Stores, told Women & Home. Though the return of this piece may be a little controversial, several major designers, including Ralph Lauren and Moschino both sent denim maxis down the runway during their 2024 runway shows, meaning it's likely to stick around. There's a slight update from the 2023 look though, with Libby Page, market director of Net-a-Porter, noting to Editorialist, "The denim maxi skirt feels more polished this season."

Double denim is here to stay, too

Another controversial throwback fashion choice that's here to stay for 2024 is the return of denim-on-denim. Coach is just one of several big names that put the Canadian tuxedo on display for its 2024 runway show, which means the look is set to be everywhere. If you're nervous of doubling up on your jean pieces though, Libby Page had a little advice. "Mix up the wash for a bold take or stick to the same shade for a clean suiting moment," she told Editorialist. Just remember though, with a little confidence, you can rock anything!

And you can even expect to see denim décor (really)

2024 won't only be about denim fashion, though. In fact, if Etsy's 2024 trend prediction report is anything to go by, we'll actually be seeing the fabric in our homeware. The company predicted that jeans will make the jump from our wardrobe to the likes of our quilts, rugs, and even place mats (yes, place mats) in 2024. So if you're looking for an interior design upgrade that's right on trend, denim could well be the way to go.