Eyelash Bangs Are The Flirtiest Hair Trend For 2024

Ready for a bangin' 2024? Then eyelash bangs are the way to go. For those unfamiliar with the term, this hot hairstyle involves cutting wispy bangs (or a fringe, if you will) into your locks. But we're not talking short here. Eyelash bangs are a little longer than the norm and usually sit in line with (or even go beyond if you're feeling bold!) your lashes. You'll probably have seen this look around in years past, perhaps described as something like long wispy bangs, as this look is on the softer and more delicate side of the bang spectrum. That means you'll want to stay away from anything too blunt or heavy to be on trend.

Many hair experts are predicting eyelash bangs will be THE hair look this year, too. One of those? Celebrity hairstylist and founder of The Beachwaver Co., Sarah Potempa. She put the resurgence of the eyelash bang down to the '90s nostalgia trend we've been seeing a lot of recently. "We're seeing a nod to the '90s as skinny, wispy bangs at the front of the face are making a comeback," Potempa told Real Simple

One of the best things about this trend? It's pretty much for everyone. As hairstylist Maximilian Meyer lamented to British Vogue, "This look is suitable for almost any texture of hair." So, with that in mind, we're taking a look at what eyelash bangs actually look like on a range of hairstyles and textures.

Eyelash bangs can perfectly blend with longer locks

If you have hair that's shoulder-length or longer, you'll probably find that eyelash bangs perfectly blend with the look, because they're that bit longer. Pairing long bangs with long hair is a stunning way to help frame the face and bring a little youth to your style at the same time.

But these bangs can totally work on shorter hair, too

You don't have to have long tresses to make eyelash bangs work, though. This trendy hair look can also be a great addition to a bob or a lob look to make it your own. In fact, wispy bangs can be a fun way to make a more classic look a little more up-to-date for a dose of nostalgia and newness all rolled into one.

And eyelash bangs look amazing on curly hair

Though we've been seeing a lot of straighter takes on the eyelash bang trend, it's safe to say this style looks totally amazing on naturally curly hair. In fact, the natural texture in curly locks gives eyelash bangs a natural volume and lets your bangs fall into place with little to no effort, which looks ever so glamorous.

But you don't need curls to rock this look

As we already mentioned, eyelash bangs really do work on pretty much any cut and style. So it's no problem if your hair is naturally super straight, as straight bangs with straight locks can also be a winning combination. In fact, the poker straight version of the trend gives a strong '90s nostalgia feel that will have you bang in line with the throwback trend.

Wispy bangs can be worked into almost any style, too!

Another thing we love about the wispy bang resurgence is how the cut can be worked into so many different hairstyles depending on your mood. From updos to letting your hair down, and even those in between styles, the wispy bang trend comes with a whole lot of versatility you may not be used to seeing from a fringe.