Our Favorite Ways To Put A Twist On Classic Red Nails

There's no doubting that red nails are an absolute beauty staple, no matter what time of the year it is. The sometimes bright, sometimes dark, sometimes glossy, sometimes matte look is a manicure classic that's been around for decades now — and there's a reason for that. "The ultimate classic manicure color, red adds vibrancy to your manicure and looks great with any ensemble all year round,"  Ami Streets, a session manicurist, explained to Marie Claire UK. "It's an easy way to add a pop of color and it exudes confidence while also being subtly sexy, as this color has long been associated with seduction and love."

But, seeing as red nails have been around for just SO long, sometimes you want to rock the longstanding look in a, well, just different way. But how on Earth do you put a new twist on something that's been so popular for such a long time? Well, we've gone ahead and rounded up some of our very favorite ways to try classic red nails with a little extra oomph. Are you red-y for it?

Go ombre

As this look proves, going ombre on your nails is a super fun way to put a twist on the classic red we've seen so many times before. This manicure uses a slightly darker red on the outskirts of the nail and a lighter shade in the middle. Putting the two reds together creates a subtle yet oh so glamorous take on the timeless manicure to bring a little something a little different (while still being classic and vampy) to the table.

Or get glittery

Another way to rock classic red nails with a twist is to bring some glitter into your style. All over glitter nails will add some serious sparkle and glamour to your manicure, which is perfect for when you want to make a statement. One thing we really love? There are a few ways you can do this look yourself. The above snap shows a more textured take on red glitter nails, but you could also try a glittery polish for a smoother, glossier glitter finish. You could also try a holographic glitter over a red base for something extra shiny.

Try a love heart twist on a red manicure

Just when you thought red couldn't get any more romantic! Seeing as a vibrant red is long associated with being the color of love, a fun spin on the classic manicure could be to create fun love hearts on your nails. This look is actually easier to get than you might think, too. All you have to do is two swipes of your red polish that then meet at the end of your nail. And, voilà! A love heart design you'll absolutely adore, sweetheart.

Blob it out

For those who want something totally different to the traditional, red blobs may just be the way to go. This very unique twist on the red manicure uses several blobs of red gel to create an oh so unique look on the nail that's sure to stand out (literally). If you want to try this look yourself, it's best to do it with a gel polish over a traditional polish, as it'll be much easier to get the desired 3D effect without having to wait hours for a thin polish to dry.

A matte chrome is super effective, too

Want a different take on red nails that hasn't already been done countless times? Then why not try matte chrome nails? Yep, you read that right. A matte version of the traditionally super shiny nail look. A matte chrome manicure can be created by applying a matte chrome powder all over the nails. You'll be left with a dazzling yet still different effect everyone will be asking you about.

Or try a flat matte red manicure

Who said you had to do chrome to make matte nails look good? Opting for a matte take on the classic flat red shade is yet another way you can change up the classic without deviating too much away from the traditional look we're used to seeing. Don't have a matte red nail polish? Just like with matte chrome nails, you can achieve this look with a powder, or you can simply apply a matte top coat over your favorite glossy shade to get the same effect.

And velvet red nails will make you stand out (in the best way)

Velvet nails have made a huge comeback since we first saw the look breakthrough back in 2011. And they've come a long way since then. Velvet nails are given the name because of how much they look like, you guessed it, velvet. The look can be achieved by applying a magnetized red polish to your nails and moving a magnet over the end of your fingers to get the desired effect.

While 3D red nails can bring the fun and sophistication

If you're a fan of a 3D nail effect, then this could be the one for you. The take on the red manicure uses clear gel to create a stunning design over the top of the blood-red nails for a super effective addition to the classic. For the most effective finish, we'd recommend putting a glossy polish over a matte base (like in the snap above) or a matte polish over a glossy base to create a dramatic juxtaposition.

A textured nail effect is a more dramatic twist on the classic

Want to take things one step further? Then try this unique red manicure. Instead of a more understated 3D effect, go all out and create a ridged stand-out effect on each of your nails like this one. The style you go for is totally up to you and can be anything at all, though we love the way the ridges on each nail are totally different in this version, making it oh so unique.

And a translucent look will bring the fun

Though, traditionally, a red manicure is made up of opaque layers of red nail polish, this look turns that concept on his head. This manicure adopts a more translucent effect on super long nails to bring something totally different to the long-time favorite nail look so many of us have tried before. One thing to remember when trying out the look either at home or with your nail technician? A light hand so you don't accidentally apply too much.