30 Examples Of Why Chrome Nails Are The Hottest 2023 Mani (There Are Options For Every Style)

If there's one nail trend pretty much dominating all others right now, it has to be chrome nails. It feels like the shiny and glamorous look is everywhere, so much so that Cosmopolitan even branded it the "trendiest manicure for 2023." That's hardly all that surprising, seeing as it's the jumping-off point for so many nail trends we've all been rocking, including the wet look.

What do we love the most about the chrome nail trend, though? That has to be this look's amazing versatility. When we say there's an option for every style and to cater to every taste, we really mean it. Chrome nails can be everything from super delicate and feminine to much darker and more grungy; plus, they can be dressed up or dressed down depending on what your busy life throws at you. As nail technician Katie Barnes explained to Scratch, part of why there are so many different options is because of the variety of ways you can achieve the chrome effect, from trying out different base colors to applying a top coat of colored glass gel.

So if you're looking for a little inspiration when it comes to how to rock this look, you're in the right place. We've rounded up 30 of our favorite manicure ideas for your viewing pleasure, ready for you to try at home or pull up at the nail salon for your nail tech to recreate.

Feelin' blue

We're totally obsessed with these striking, yet simple, electric blue nails. Proving you don't necessarily have to go crazy with any extras when it comes to chrome nails, this stunning manicure proves that the chrome itself is more than capable of doing all the talking. And don't think you have to have super long nails like these to pull this off either, as this manicure would look just as stunning on short nails.

Keep your nails simple

If you're looking for a design that's more muted, or you're simply more a fan of a French manicure but don't want to be left out of the chrome movement, then why not combine the chrome trend? Proving it really can go with everything and the chrome effect can be as light or heavy as you want, the design is based on the traditional manicure, but combines it with an understated shimmery sheen to keep you on trend. This idea is perfect if you have a big event coming up, but don't know yet what you plan to wear. A French manicure is neutral that works with any outfit on any occasion.

Bring it with Barbiecore

Seriously, what could scream summer's on its way more than this jaw-dropping hot pink chrome with a purple sheen nail design? For those who love their nails to look uber-feminine and still can't get enough of the Barbiecore trend (Yeah, we'll admit it. It's us), then this dazzling metallic idea is more than likely going to be the one for you. Even better? Because it's all about the hot pink on its own without any other embellishments, it'll be a fairly quick and easy one to recreate without a lot of busy work — which means more time out in the summer sun.

Hardcore metallic

Nails like a mirror? Why not? This one's for those who love the idea of going totally metallic because this all-silver nail look has us feeling silver with envy. Because there's no fiddly nail art to contend with on a look like this, it's probably easier than you think to get on your own nails. But just because it's simple, that certainly doesn't mean it's boring. Not by a long shot.

Mix chrome and gold

Now this is the way to go if you're a fan of a little (or a lot of) embellishment. This stunning mani makes use of so many different nail art techniques we don't even know where to start. Two nails feature a gorgeous clear 3D effect over the chrome base, while several of the other nails are dressed up in metallic gold stars, moons, and even tiny gold dots. These kinds of extras add another level of glam to the chrome trend, and, as this look proves, you can combine as many different styles as you want with chrome.

Nails all dressed in white

Another option for when you're not sure what you're going to wear, but still want something with a little more excitement than the French manicure? White chrome. White nails have been hot in the manicure world for a while, and they're a great way to go when you need your mani to go with a wide range of outfit choices. That's because it's almost neutral, only it's a little bit more exciting for those who prefer some color on their talons. This eye-catching version of the chrome trend has a glamorous gold and pink sheen as well, and it would be ideal for a bride on her wedding day.

Put some chrome into your nail art

Not a fan of the idea of having chrome all over your nails? That's fine. Because this trend is so versatile, if you don't want to go for full-blown chrome everywhere, you could instead just isolate the shimmer to your nail art. This glam manicure shows how you can isolate the chrome effect to something like a star or dots that sit over the top of whatever base coat you like. You could go for something more neutral like the base coat used here, or you could bring an extra dose of color with something a little more vibrant. The world is your oyster when it comes to chrome.

A little chrome will do

For those who just want a little chrome accent rather than going all out, it may be time to try an adorable nail art accent like this one. Here, the client opted for a small chrome silver heart in the middle of their nail, but one of the things we like the most about this concept is how customizable it is. You could tip this idea on its head by going for a chrome base with a standard polish or gel design over the top. Another possibility is changing up the colors if you want your chrome element a little smaller. How cute would a red chrome heart on top of a hot pink base be for Valentine's Day?

Jellybean chrome

Love jellybeans? Then why not get them on your nails? Well, not literally of course, but this innovative design certainly resembles the deliciously sweet rainbow candy. Putting blobs of different shimmery chrome polishes on your nails is a great way of incorporating a number of different colors into one super fun look without having to worry about clashing. If you're looking to recreate this design yourself, we'd recommend keeping your base coat more neutral to let the nail art really shine and avoid an overdose of color.

Matte matters

We really weren't kidding when we told you chrome is incredibly versatile because this is proof that there really is something for everyone to like. And that even includes those who prefer to keep their fingernails matte. There's actually such a thing as matte chrome, which still delivers on the multi-tone effect, but without all the traditional look's shine. Using matte chrome products creates a more toned-down effect like the one above, which is an absolutely gorgeous red for when you're in a vampy 1950s pinup kind of mood.

Don't be afraid to drip

It turns out that getting a drip effect on your nails with a chrome twist is easier than you might think. We can't get over how quick and easy (yet still seriously effective) this drip design is. Once you've got the technique down (or you have a nail technician who knows what they're doing), there are almost endless ways you could go with this idea. You could create bigger or smaller drips from nail to nail, and each time you try this design you could change up both the base and top color. Though we think this chrome pink over the white base looks amazing.

Who said manicures have to match?

Getting a manicure doesn't necessarily mean you have to limit yourself to just one color for both hands. This look proves that. This idea combines purple and green chrome but still keeps the two separate at the same time. Something like this would be great if you're getting into the swing of things for a holiday like Halloween — or even Mardi Gras with this color palette. This can be adapted in a number of different ways. For example, if you celebrate Christmas, why not opt for something like a chrome red on one hand and a chrome silver or gold on the other?

Neutral nails with a twist

This is a great option for those who like to keep their nails a little simpler and more understated. If you're looking to avoid all the drama of a bold color or some eye-grabbing nail art, then recreate this look by going for a neutral chrome that matches your skin tone. That way, from afar, your nails will still look modest and discreet, but you'll be able to show off that enviable secret color shine when your mani hits the right light. This is another manicure that you can match to pretty much anything in your wardrobe, taking all the guesswork out of how to match your manicure to your outfits for important events.

Go to the dark side

Chrome nails don't have to be done in light shades. Proving you can go to the dark side just as easily as trying the chrome trend with a lighter color, this super long manicure shows how gorgeous dark chrome can really be. This mani makes use of a dark green that almost looks black in some lights, and, while this look is sans nail art, it would make a great base to add something like some gold embellishments so you could effortlessly see every detail.

Nail the neon chrome effect

Neon is one of those nail trends that seems to come back into fashion time and time again, so why not combine it with a little chrome, which we know is here to stay? Just like this neon chrome look, we'd recommend going for a more neutral base to make sure your neon nail art can properly be seen and stand out. White works perfectly, while something like a skin color match shade would also work well. Then, it's up to you how you dress it up. This client opted for a bright yellow chrome, which we love, but there are almost endless possibilities, including green, orange, and pink.

Mix chrome with floral

One thing you should know about the chrome trend is that it makes a great base for various nail art designs — which you've probably already seen. It gives a little extra shimmer that you maybe wouldn't get with a traditional polish, so if you want to treat yourself to a very feminine manicure, chrome is a super option. In this example, the nail tech actually used a small nail brush to paint, by hand, ornate little flowers over the top of a lavender chrome base. We can't get enough.

The same but different nails

If you like to keep your nails all one color, but still want to change it up a little, a chrome manicure with art on only a few nails is a great way to go. Of course, the chrome effect will add more oomph to your hands because of its shine (in this case, it combines a dark and light green); using the same product to create swirls across your other nails or putting it only on the tips keeps your fingertips cohesive — but with a twist.

Upgrade your matte

Combining chrome with matte is a great way to make your nail art really stand out and look extra shimmery. This manicure shows just that, as the client opted for stunning shimmer chrome hearts over a matte black nail. The juxtaposition between the two really lets the chrome accents shine through, and this is another prime example of how you can have a base idea that you change up to make it your own. To customize this, why not swap out the hearts for another symbol you like, such as stars or polka dots?

Green with envy

How stunning are these pointed, super sharp nails with bright green chrome tips? The base coat has been kept neutral to match the client's skin color without being too garish, with the shiny green tips stretching all the way down either side of the nail. They also added a little extra something without doing too much, as it also incorporates metallic gold star stickers in the center of each nail next to the nail bed to add a little extra glamour.

Taste the rainbow ... with your nails

Another look to get you in the summer sunshine mood? Rainbow chrome, of course. We adore this bold and bright manicure, which seriously brings fun in the sun. Okay, it may not be scientifically correct (we know a rainbow doesn't really contain pink), but who cares when it's this gorgeous and striking? For an extra twist, you could even continue the look on your other hand, going in a gradient from green to blue to purple.

Crushed metal

For those who like a little more texture in their nail looks, metallic blob nails may be the way to go. By adding a dark silver to the top of this manicure idea, it actually looks like your nails are made out of crushed metal — and how often do you get to say that? Of course, you can try this idea with any chrome shade over the top, while changing the base coat from black to white will give the finished product a brighter edge.

Just like water

A manicure like this made up of an alluring blue chrome will have you literally calling for the ocean. This look has a strong water vibe to it, and it's so glamorous at the same time. Though you could easily keep your nails block colors using the metallic shade, this design took things one step further with an accent nail. They opted for a single rhinestone with very thin silver swirls around it, which only adds to the glamour and mystique.

The 3D neutral nail effect

Another manicure for those who prefer neutral shades, how innovative is this 3D nail art look? This really is ideal for those who want to keep their manicure muted, as the base makes use of the milk nail trend with a skin tone color, and the raised nail art is only really visible when it catches the light. That creates a stunning shimmer effect that's very elegant, classy, and ready for any outfit you want to pair it with.

Go for the gradient

Full-on chrome nails may not be for you, and that's okay. But there's a stunning way of incorporating a block of chrome onto your nails without having to put it all over your fingernails. As for how? Create a gradient effect. This client opted for a gorgeous and shimmery gold, which gradually fades in from the end of the nail. They opted for a light pink or even clear shade as the base coat, but there are limitless options to make this your own. You could even use another chrome shade as your base and have the two fade into one another.

Bring the fire

For those who are a fan of the rainbow concept but just want to take it that one step further, turn the rainbow nail idea into fire designs. We absolutely adore this flame nail art, which uses multiple color chromes to create the illusion of some hot, hot fire burning up from the nail's edge. Don't say we didn't warn you that chrome nails really are the hottest thing right now.

Get inspired by Ancient Egypt

There's no doubt this design more than likely took a while to complete, but, boy, was it clearly worth it. The ornate nail art is an obvious throwback to the priceless treasures the Egyptians were known to have and was created using gold chrome with intricate lines added over the top. It even incorporates one of the most famous symbols from the time period, the ankh, on the middle nail, and a striking geometric print on the little finger, which proves there really are no limits when it comes to what you can do with chrome.

Sultry swirl nail art

The swirl is one of the simplest nail art designs going — and it's also one of the most effective. This look shows that, as the client kept the bottom layer of their art neutral so the dark blue doodle could really shine. Of course, there are plenty of ways you can personalize a design like this. You could have the same swirl design on each nail, change it up every time, or even just have a different accent nail.

Into the dark

Another manicure proving chrome can appear just as good on a dark base as it does on something lighter, this stunning nail look is mysterious and a great way to do something a little different if you prefer to keep your talons long and dark. This purple and green chrome swirl design has been placed over a shiny black base, and it's giving us total magical powers and potions vibes.

Combine chrome and aura nails

If you're up-to-date with what's going on in the nail world, you'll probably have heard of aura nails already. If not though, don't fret, we've got you covered. The term refers to a nail look whereby there's a central circle of color, which then fades out into another color or shade. In this case, the middle color is white, and it fades out into a shiny silver. Not only will this put you on trend with two of the most popular nail designs going right now, but we're also loving the added rhinestones for even more shimmer and shine.

Bring out your wild side

Love a print on your nails? Well, you can still achieve that with chrome. This client opted for a super shimmery gold chrome and revealed on TikTok exactly how they achieved the look, first by putting the gold all over the nail, then by adding a top coat in the shapes they wanted to keep. Next, they wiped off the excess gold, and, viola. Animal print chrome nails that are unique and fun.