Tights Are Trending On The Fall 2023 Runways - The Latest Ways To Style Them

It's always a cause for celebration whenever a trend proves itself to be ultra-practical, especially for transitional dressing. Take tights, for instance: They're not just all over the runways; they're a foundational garment worn for the support and warmth they offer. Plus they give your legs a lengthening and smoothening effect, as proven by professional dancers and stage performers. Although tights never really go out of style because of their utilitarian purposes, fall 2023 runways have had them catching everyone's eye by being anything other than the usual black and nude. From Gucci's red fishnet tights to Miu Miu's solid-colored ones with the waistband pulled way up above skirts and shorts, this season's tights aren't meant to be discreet or to blend in.

If you're worried that wearing tights might unnecessarily sexualize your outfit, rest assured that you'll find pieces that let you lean more into either a preppy, graphic, or retro aesthetic. Of course, you can always go the sultry route if you want but with a chic twist. Runway looks can be tricky to translate into everyday outfits, so take the chance that fall 2023's tights offer to bring some high-fashion fantasy to your daily wardrobe.

White tights add a prim, feminine touch to sporty outfits

White tights are a styling hallmark of the youthful '60s fashion, although the FashionTok crowd has also sported them more recently as part of the schoolgirl, balletcore, and coquette aesthetics. But did you know you can also wear them with your favorite sportswear pieces? Before heading out for your daily walk in your favorite hoodie-and-gym-shorts combo, slip on a pair of white tights, layer them with leg warmers or high athletic socks, and wear them with white sneakers. Better yet, integrate them into your golfcore aesthetic. Tights may not function as compression leggings, but they can keep your muscles a bit warmer while you're being active outdoors.

Stomp around town in brightly colored tights

If you ever had to wear white tights with your best Sunday dress to church as a child, then you may be desperately trying to get away from them as an adult. You can give this staple look an adult vibe by ditching classic white tights for ones in vibrant colors like bright pink or purple. Make your little black dress look extra special with a pop of color. "It's a great way to get you out of your comfort level without going all colorful with your outfit," stylist Soneca Guadara told InStyle. It's also a quick and inexpensive styling trick to pull when your daily uniform consists of dark neutrals. Go for candy-colored tights to channel the Mod '60s. Red is a great choice, with Who What Wear recommending it for a more editorial look.

Make patterned tights integral to your look

Tights are traditionally treated as accessories that help achieve the effect the wearer is going for. Buck tradition this season and use them as a foundation for your look. Wear boldly patterned tights that provide contrast to your outfit. Harken back to the days when you wore a uniform to school by pairing your work blazer and skirt with tartan tights. If you're worried that they might clash too much with your outfit, especially if you're also wearing another pattern up top, follow stylist Christina Stein's advice (per InStyle) and find a common color or motif between your tights and the rest of your clothes. The result will be chic and on the right side of eclectic.

Add a moody, romantic touch with floral tights

Florals are no longer just for spring. As delicate prints on dark tights, this pattern brings some romantic whimsy to even the simplest outfits. Pair them with a ruffled frock and lace-up sandals or boots for a moodier version of the coquette look. You can also wear them with a chunky, off-shoulder sweater dress and a pair of ballet flats or comfy Mary Jane shoes then go around town doing your errands looking effortlessly cool.

Defy stereotypes about fishnet tights

If you're reticent to wear fishnet tights when it's not part of a costume because of the sexual connotations people have about them, we're here to tell you that there are plenty more ways to style them. Add some edge to your two- or three-piece skirt suits by wearing black fishnet or lace tights and point-toe pumps. Cop Miu Miu's runway looks too by having their waistband peek above your skirt. You can also switch out the heels with chunky loafers to channel a more preppy look.

Play around with color-blocking

While you'll never go wrong with a monochromatic look when choosing the perfect pair of tights to go with your outfit, wearing blocks of color is a fun fashion choice that will have people taking a second look. Take your favorite shade and choose either a complementary or contrasting color to wear it with, then select which one to wear up top and down on the bottom. You can start with a simple dress-and-tights combo, with the footwear either matching or standing out against your tights. As you get more comfortable with wearing different pops of color, layer coats and scarves in other hues but with the same warm or cool tone as your primary pieces.