How To Master The Golfcore Fashion Aesthetic

It's official. More women are playing golf than ever before. According to the National Golf Foundation, from 2011 to 2021, there was an impressive 6% rise when it came to women grabbing their clubs and hitting the course. And that means athleisure is having a moment like never before, too. "The pandemic created the highest female golfing rate in history, which means with more women at the helm, [golfcore is] able to give tenniscore a run for its money," Sidney Morgan-Petro, WGSN senior retail editor, explained to TZR.

But while we're totally loving this uptake in women and girls getting their golf on, let's be honest, you don't have to actually play the sport to rock the aesthetic. Golf has always been associated with a certain etiquette and preppy style, and it's becoming increasingly popular to look like you're heading to the course, even if you've never lifted a club. "Golf is definitely getting more trendy on the whole — I've seen tons of girls taking lessons on Instagram and becoming more interested in the game," actor and model Jena Sims told PopSugar. "It's preppy and sporty and feminine and girly — campy without being too over-the-top." But whether you're heading out for a game or just want to look super stylish sans breaking a sweat, this is how to nail the golfcore fashion aesthetic.

A pleated skirt screams golfcore fashion

One of the easiest ways to get the golfcore look is with a pleated skirt. As more women take up the game, we're seeing an increase in stylish sporty skirts hitting the market that work not only for golf, but for everything from tennis to basketball, too. And that means an increase in everything from lengths, to cuts, to patterns. For a classic look though, you can't beat a white pleated skirt paired with your best golf shoes or course appropriate sneakers. Many golf loving ladies actually opt for skirts with built-in shorts (hello skorts!) to allow for more movement. If you are planning to grab your clubs, be sure that you have plenty of unrestricted movement options to pull off your best swing. A skirt that's too tight will only hinder your game.

And so does a stylish visor

Stylish and practical? Count us in! A chic visor is another way to nail the golfcore look. As anyone who's ever been on a golf course will tell you, a cap or visor can go a long way in helping your game. Especially on those super sunny days when you're making big swings. Exactly what style you should opt for will be dependent on your outfit for the day, but, just like with a pleated skirt, you can't go wrong with a classic white visor. Not only will this give your golf look a more traditional edge, but a neutral shade like this is also easy to pair with a number of different outfits.

While a plaid dress can take you from the course to the streets

Looking for something that's a little less on the nose when it comes to golfcore fashion? Then you can't go wrong with a gingham dress. This ensemble won't look out of place on the golf course, but makes it easy to transition back into street style when you're done. So it's perfect for those who want to get the golf look but maybe aren't so interested in spending anytime on the grass (hey, we're not judging) or just don't have time to hang around after a game. Pairing a dress like this with sporty shoes and a cute hairband will instantly elevate your look to a new sporty yet preppy level, making you stand out in the very best way.

A collared shirt can be classic but still stylish

As many golf clubs have dress codes, collared shirts have long been a staple for golfers. But there's no reason you can't wear a collar and make it fashion at the same time. After all, Jason Adel, CEO of Golf magazine, explained to Nylon, "Style is important to the next generation of golfers, who grew up wearing Air Force 1s and flat-brim hats. They're great at blending traditional golf fashion with what's 'cool,' presenting a new approach to dressing — and it's important for golf to embrace that change." A sleeveless collared top will not only keep you adhering to any dress codes, but it will also keep you looking chic while allowing for plenty of maneuvering on the course.

And don't forget to stand out in pants!

A good pair of patterned pants will take you far when it comes to getting in on the golfcore trend. After all, golfing is supposed to be fun, right? And so many of our favorite golfers are opting to show the world who wears the pants, making them a staple for those who want to rock the golfcore look off the course. "There are a lot of times where I'll wear golf pants and not change out of them before going grocery shopping or out to lunch — it's a nice in-between that looks like a pant, but feels comfortable," professional golfer Michelle Wie West, told PopSugar. Just remember if you're going for standout bottoms, a simpler top will help avoid a look that's too busy or gimmicky.