Embrace The Power Of Your Star Sign With A Zodiac-Themed Piercing

Whether or not you have an interest in astrology, it's hard to ignore the impact of zodiac signs on self-expression. Many people resonate with their sign and may incorporate it into their personal style. In addition to getting tattoos inspired by astrology, you can also wear piercings that reflect the characteristics associated with your own zodiac sign. When looking at the myriad piercing trends out there, this one stands out as a creative and unique way to express your individuality.

The many zodiac signs are often linked with certain personality types, and some astrologers suggest that certain signs may take on a more bold and risk-taking approach to fashion and style. "For instance, signs ruled by Uranus, such as Aquarius, and those associated with fire elements, such as Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo, often have a bolder and more daring approach to fashion, as they enjoy being unique and standing out from the crowd," explained astrologer Solaris the Hii Priestess in an interview with Bustle. In contrast, earth and water signs tend to lean towards a more neutral and practical style. If you need some piercing inspiration, you may want to look towards your own zodiac sign for guidance.

Constellation-inspired ear stack

Every zodiac sign is associated with a specific constellation in the sky. If you have multiple piercings on your ear, you can arrange them in the shape of your star sign's constellation. This can look like having several smaller piercings lined up in the shape of a constellation, or it can mean finding jewelry pieces that are already made to resemble the stars. For some inspiration, the Impuria Jewelry Blog provides a visual guide for each sign's constellation shape and how you can arrange your ear jewelry.

Amy Robinson, president of the brand Banter from Piercing Pagoda told Refinery29 that constellation shapes have become a popular way for people to wear their own zodiac signs. The Banter brand introduced a line of jewelry specifically for the various zodiac signs. "...[I]f you're a Pisces, you can look at this guide and get the ear stack that denotes you as a Pisces — that's been super popular," Robinson said. 

Zodiac symbol studs as a simpler option

Not everyone prefers to sport multiple piercings in each ear. If you're looking for a more subtle or understated approach to this trend, you can opt for smaller, individual zodiac-inspired studs. For instance, if you're a Gemini, you could wear the "twin" symbol or the curly "M" symbol associated with Virgo. 

Many astrological signs are represented by animal symbols, such as the lion for Leo, a crab for Cancer, a ram for Aries, and a fish for Pisces, among others. Finding animal jewelry that aligns with your sign is another easy way to embrace your astrological side.

It's worth noting that zodiac jewelry isn't just exclusive to earrings; you can embrace the trend with your nose, eyebrow, belly button, or other body piercings, depending on the jewelry options you can find. There are plenty of ways to celebrate your sign in a way that resonates with you.