2023 Piercing Trends To Unleash Your Creative Edge

Ready to get creative? Not afraid of a piercing or two (or three)? Then you're in the right place. Just like fashion, body piercings can go through their own ebbs and flows when it comes to what is and isn't popular. In the words of "Project Runway's Heidi Klum, "One day you're in and the next day you're out." But just like clothes — where vintage looks resurge from time to time (seriously, just try to pry those skinny jeans off us!) — there are a number of piercings that are once again having a big moment.


So if you're ready to be oh so on-trend and show off your creativity at the same time, you may want to try out one of these super cool piercings. Just remember to always think long and hard before putting any kind of holes in your body, and make sure you do your research so you know exactly how to care for your selected piercing and avoid any painful infections.

Decorate your outer ear

One of the best ways to show off your creativity in 2023 is by piercing the outer part of the upper ear, known as the exterior ridge or the helix flap. Moving your piercing further up from the traditional lobe puts a fun twist on the classic go-to and is a good way to show off some unique ear jewelry, like the super cute lightning bolt stud above. It's also a great place to put a ring or a cuff!


To really be on trend, though, you may want to go bold with your ear jewelry and make a statement. "I think people have begun to wear earrings again. During the pandemic, we really saw that stop because of masks and people being less social. But recently, earrings sales have been coming back in a big way," designer Brent Neale explained to Harper's Bazaar, revealing that the trend for 2023 is big, bold earrings, to really let the world know that ear jewelry is back.

The industrial bar

Another great way to go bold? Getting an industrial bar piercing. The daring look is a more obvious way to decorate your ear and is a great way to add a little extra something to your ear piercings. It usually involves putting a bar diagonally through the top part of the ear, which can then go straight through the middle and finish on the outside of the ear. But that's not the only way you can rock one! You can also insert one through the top of your ear that then rests on the inside, or you can have it go vertically from the top of your ear to the bottom.


Want to be extra fashionable? Get a green one and go for a gemstone! Though any color industrial bar is sure to look amazing, Baylee Zwart, CEO and founder of Azlee Jewelry, explained to Harper's Bazaar that colors and jewels are totally in. "Colored stones are continuing to gain traction — especially emeralds, which I think are here to stay," she shared. There's also the opportunity to get a custom industrial bar to really express who you are, like this purple number posted to Instagram with a moon and jewel in the center.

Boost your brows

Yep, eyebrow piercings are back! But probably not as you remember them. The 2023 version of the 1990s trend is seeing people get a little creative with their eyebrow piercings, with many opting for their piercings in more unconventional places to put a more modern spin on things. "Many people are choosing to pierce the centre of their eyebrow on both sides of their face, putting a 'new twist' on the ol' curved barbell piercing," Nine Moons Piercing's Johnny Pearce explained to PopSugar. So, if you want to put a new spin on the old classic, why not have yours right in the center of your brow, or get spikes like in the snap above? Or, if you're really feeling bold, have both eyebrows pierced?


This is a fun way to really express yourself in a highly visible way. If you want to keep things a little more understated, try a curved barbell (which is likely what you'll be given as your initial jewelry while things heal). After that, though, it's time to have fun! Why not get creative with a ring or something with a little sparkle in it?

Show off your septum

We've all heard of the septum piercing, but now they're coming back in a big way. The nose piercing is all the rage right now, with stars like Florence Pugh leading the trend. In fact, the "Don't Worry Darling" star even documented her time in the piercing chair on Instagram, which you'll probably want to take a look at if you're considering getting one done (but only if you're not squeamish). Thanks to stars like Pugh, getting your septum done is becoming increasingly common. Ana Gomes, a piercing specialist, told Women's Health there's been a rise in celebs and influencers alike undergoing the procedure.


There are tons of different jewelry designs you can rock with this kind of piercing, which makes it one of the best to show off your creativity. From a full ring that connects all the way around your nose, to a circular barbell or horseshoe that leaves a gap under your nose, there are loads of different options depending on what you like. Just remember to really work hard and be vigorous when it comes to keeping your piercing clean. Gomes admitted that, although it's not dangerous, it is one you really need to keep an eye on to avoid any nasty infections.

The new type of snakebite

Snakebites are oh so cool right now! Obviously, we're talking about the piercing. Not literally getting bitten by a snake. The new twist on the snakebite involves getting two small stud piercings close together (usually on the ear), which, you guessed it, resembles the mark you'd get if a snake had sunk its fangs in. The 2023 version is a different take on the traditional snakebite piercing, which involves getting either side of the bottom of your mouth pierced. For this updated style, you can go glam with jewel studs, or you could go for something a little more simple with understated studs (which may be ideal if your workspace only allows for minimalistic ear piercings).


But the new snakebite isn't just for the ears! You can also do this simple yet effective design on other areas of your body, like getting a double piercing on the side of your nose, to give the traditional nose piercing a twist too.

Give it some lip

Another classic having a bit of a renaissance is the lip piercing! As Jim Kelly, manager of piercing training at Banter by Piercing Pagoda, explained to Bustle, "Lip piercings [are becoming popular again] as the mid-2000s underground music style is coming back." You may have noticed that lip piercings and lip cuffs have been all over the fashion runways, with models for the likes of Messika and Balmain showing off some lip jewelry during the spring/summer 2023 fashion shows. Lizzo has also been rocking the trend, sporting a gold ring in the center of her lip at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards.


There are so many different types of lip piercings you can rock — from the traditional lip ring, to the medusa (that's getting the part above your cupids bow pierced), to the monroe (putting a stud through the skin on the upper left of your lip). According to Vogue France though, the big trend right now is bold, avant-garde styles.

Change it up with a charm

Charms are all the range in 2023, with many people updating their piercings and going a little bolder by swapping out their older jewelry and replacing it with a charm or a chain design. "Jewelry and accessories are half the fun of body adornment, which is why chain attachments and charms are such a highly effective way of improving and 'chain-ging' up your jewelry outfit," Johnny Pearce revealed to PopSugar. This is a great way to put your creativity on show, since there are so many different charms out there that you'll really be able to find something fun and personal to you. You can also sport one wherever you like, from your ears to your belly button!


If you're getting your piercing done specifically for a charm, though, to be safe, you may want to wait a while until you go all out with a large charm. While your piercing is healing, stick with a smaller stud until you're told it's safe to swap your jewelry. If you're putting it in a hole you had made years ago though, you're safe to go right ahead!

Try tragus

A tragus piercing is another fun way of adding a little something extra to your ear. It involves piercing the perforation of the tragus, which is the middle part of the ear that's closest to your face. The thing we love most about this piercing is that there are just so many different jewelry designs you can show off there to make it as understated or as overstated as you'd like.


If you want to keep things a little more simple, you could go for a straightforward stud or you could choose one with a little more pizazz like a star design or something with a little sparkle. There's also the option to put a ring in there to show off your Tragus piercing, or you could get in on the new charm trend (hey, two trends in one, you trendsetter!) by putting a charm of your choice in there. The possibilities really are endless with this one.

Do it all!

They say less is more, but not when it comes to piercings in 2023. This year is all about rocking a little bit of everything. "There's a huge trend for multiple piercings. Stacked lobes ... will be big this season," Hannah Grimes, senior global services manager at Astrid & Miyu explained to Metro, revealing that having a little bit of everything is what people are going for right now — if you're brave enough! If you do decide to go all out, though, just be sure to be safe and take it slow. It's wise to get multiple piercings done on only one ear at a time. That will make sleeping much easier as it will give you one side to rest on, and it will also give you time to heal before you pierce the other side.


But if you're not brave enough to get multiple piercings, or you just flat out don't want to, you don't have to sit this trend out. You can still get the same look by getting your hands on things like stacked earrings, which are made for one or two holes, but are designed to make it look like you have multiple piercings even if you don't.