29 Iconically Fashionable Female Characters For Your Halloween Costume

The air is crisp and cool, the scent of pumpkin spice lattes is filling the air, and the leaves are starting to change color. It all adds up to one thing: Halloween is almost upon us! Spooky season is nearly here, and with it comes the mad dash for costume inspiration. And while elaborate costumes are almost always a hit, it can be just as satisfying to embody a character with a little bit of help from your closet and a do-it-yourself attitude. 

This year, consider channeling an iconically fashionable female character for Halloween. Not only will choosing a famous character be instantly recognizable — it will also save you some valuable time and money. After all, when it comes to iconic fashionistas, it takes one to know one, so it shouldn't be difficult to dig into your own wardrobe for key pieces to put your costume together. 

Barbie, duh!

What you'll need: ideally, as many fun, pink pieces of clothing as you can get your hands on, plus that sparkling Barbie smile. 

This year, it seems like we're all living in Barbie's world, and we're okay with that! With the Barbie movie being a global success — in theatres and on social media — it's a no-brainer to dress up as this iconic fashion character for Halloween. The great thing about choosing to dress up as Barbie is that she has a multitude of iconic looks that you can choose from, so you can go bold with your costume or find subtle ways to embody the Barbie obsession. Having so many looks to choose from also means you're more likely to find something in your own closet to wear and style for Halloween. 

Spinelli (Recess)

Spinelli, from the animated cartoon "Recess," is another potentially easy Halloween costume to pull off using pieces from your own closet. Spinelli's look — complete with a red dress, orange hat, and leather jacket and boots — consists of some key fall pieces you probably already own. The key to channeling Spinelli, beyond her signature ensemble, is to make sure that you have got the right spunky attitude to go along with the outfit.

Juliet (Claire Danes' version)

Not only is "Romeo and Juliet" a classic story (and movie), but it also makes a great couple's costume idea. Dressing as the Baz Luhrman version of these iconic characters is fairly easy, as the pieces you will need to look the part aren't hard to find new or second-hand at a thrift store. The costumes from the movie, like Juliet's white dress and angel wings, are also perfect for the current 90's trends.

Nancy Downs (The Craft)

Nancy Downs may have been a villain in the movie "The Craft," but her style remains iconic. Channeling the 90's grunge aesthetic, revived in 2023, this Halloween costume should be fairly easy to put together based on what has been trending in women's fashion lately. However, even if you aren't able to recreate Nancy's signature outfit exactly (with a leather jacket, white button-down, and plaid skirt), remember that the essence of her character really lies in the attitude and slightly scary vibe she brought to the movie. Just go heavy on the dark eyeliner and dig up your old choker. 

Suki (2 Fast 2 Furious)

If you've participated in fashion trends as of late, particularly the resurgence of early 2000s or Y2K fashion, then you might want to channel this iconic and fashionable female character. Of course, while Suki had an iconic car to match her signature look, that may not be the most realistic or affordable accessory for your Halloween costume. If you don't have half a million dollars for a sports car lying around, consider some quick photoshopping to add a fun background to your Halloween social media posts. After that, all you need is a cropped tank top or bustier and low-rise colored jeans.

Jenna Lyons

She may be a real-life personality, but Jenna Lyons' appearance in "The Real Housewives of New York City" has made her a newly minted pop culture character in her own right. Lyons has quite a history in the fashion world — most notably as the president of clothing brand J. Crew. Though she has so many iconic looks to choose from, jeans may be the most appropriate for this year's Halloween festivities, as she recently made headlines for a controversial denim look. Complete the transformation with a slicked-back bun and thick-framed glasses. 

Andy Sachs (Devil Wears Prada)

What you'll need: Chanel-inspired jewelry, a black sweater, black pants, and a button-up shirt. Bonus points for blunt bangs and a Harry Potter book.

While most people remember Meryl Streep's character, Miranda Priestly, from "The Devil Wears Prada," you can't forget Anne Hathaway as Andy Sachs. The iconic character showed us the power of the glow-up and elevating your look. For all the corporate girlies who wear business attire during day-to-day life, this might be a fun opportunity to style your work clothes and transform them into a creative Halloween costume. 

Mia Thermopolis (Princess Diaries)

Another iconic Anne Hathaway character, Mia Thermopolis, had many notable fashion moments in "The Princess Diaries." While the makeover scene would be fun to recreate as a Halloween costume, we think that Mia Thermopolis as the Princess of Genovia might be even better, and a great excuse to wear a fancy dress as a Halloween costume. You'll need a faux tiara, white elbow-length gloves, and poofy strapless dress (think prom). Complete the look with a pair of casual sneakers, perfect for the down-to-earth princess. 

Carrie Bradshaw (Sex And The City)

When speaking about iconic fashionable female characters, you can't leave out the one and only Carrie Bradshaw, from "Sex and the City." If you need inspiration for one of her iconic looks to mimic, look no further than Dan Clay's Instagram for amazing recreations of many of the outfits Carrie Bradshaw wore on-screen. You may even benefit by taking notes on how he recreates these looks with humor and accuracy. Some are quite elaborate, but others can be achieved with a curly blonde wig, a laptop, a great outfit, and an even better pair of shoes. 

Trinity (The Matrix)

While "The Matrix" can make great inspiration for a couple's Halloween costume (with one person as Trinity and their partner as Neo), Trinity's look is so iconic that it can also stand alone. You'll need a lot of black — ideally latex — and a pair of sporty sunglasses. Then all you need to do is slick your hair back and embrace Trinity's BAMF attitude. 

Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)

"Gossip Girl" produced a number of iconically fashionable characters, so if you're looking for a group Halloween costume, you may want to consider recreating looks from the entire cast. However, for a Blair Waldorf costume in particular, you'll have to channel a preppy, put-together aesthetic. Try a skirt paired with a blouse with a bow around the collar, with a matching cardigan and headband. 

Emily Cooper (Emily in Paris)

Using the style and aesthetic from "Emily in Paris" may make for an easily recognizable Halloween costume, as the character Emily Cooper's wardrobe has become famous over time. If you are looking to stir up some discussion amongst fashion-forward friends, this is a good costume, as the character's wardrobe has been a hot topic since the show began. Search your closet for short a-line skirts and tweed blazers in bold colors. Mixed patterns are also your friend. 

The Olsen twins

Here we have two more real-life fashion icons who just so happen to make great Halloween costume inspo for you and your BFF. It's hard to imagine you won't be instantly recognized for your costume if you execute this well. Find matching black outfits, use dark eye makeup, and grab some oversized sunglasses. Consider matching long blonde wigs with wavy hair to further emphasize the signature look of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)

What you'll need: a pink power suit, a blonde wig, and a diploma from Harvard. 

The character Elle Woods from the movie "Legally Blonde" is a fashion icon in her own right, namely because of the way she was unapologetic about being feminine in an industry that trivialized her interests and the way that she presented herself to the world. We love the idea of Elle Woods as a Halloween costume, because not only will you look great in a pink power suit, but you'll get to use legal jargon at the party you're attending to "object" to a bad song playing on the aux, or declare "hearsay" when someone claims to know how many Halloween treats you've had.

Holly Golightly (Breakfast At Tiffany's)

Holly Golightly, portrayed by Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" is a character you may recognize even if you have never seen the movie. Hepburn's black dress, long black gloves, big sunglasses, pearl necklace, and tiara is a world-famous look. If you have seen the movie, however, you may want to opt for the second most iconic look from the movie — complete with a bedazzled eye mask and dangly earrings — which was popularized in "Big Little Lies" when it was worn as a costume by Reese Witherspoon's character.

Regina George (Mean Girls)

A trendsetter who basically invented wearing pink on Wednesdays, the character Regina George can be considered a fashion icon for the looks she wore in the teen film "Mean Girls." Though the look featured above is a great reference to her character post-bus crash, the DIY element of the neck brace may not be quite your speed. If this is the case, you may want to opt for a second option that's certainly easier to DIY: the cutout tank top and black skirt from this notable scene in the movie.

Vivian Ward (Pretty Woman)

Julia Roberts' portrayal of Vivian Ward in the movie "Pretty Woman" certainly has a place in pop culture. However, her character's various outfits and looks in the movie are arguably just as iconic. Dressing as Vivian Ward for Halloween should be fairly recognizable, especially if you are able to find an off-the-shoulder red dress similar to what she wore in the movie. If that's not an option, try DIY-ing a mini dress like the one above, completing the look with thigh-high boots and a short, blonde wig. 

Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction)

Mia Wallace from the movie "Pulp Fiction" is one of those characters so embedded in pop culture that she is recognizable even to people who have not seen the movie. Her two most notable looks are from the movie poster for the film (featured above), and the dance scene with John Travolta's character, Vincent Vega. You'll need a short black, bob wig for both, along with red lipstick and a fake cigarette, which Mia is almost never seen without. 

Maddy Perez (Euphoria)

Many cast members of the HBO show "Euphoria" have shown off fashionable looks that are icon-worthy, but none quite like the fierce and fiery character Maddy Perez. Her looks reference the 90s and Y2K fashion, but her makeup style is just as key to pulling off this Halloween costume as the outfits themselves. So, once you grab a cutout spandex set, make sure to have fun with your makeup if you really want to channel this character. 

Rachel Green (Friends)

What you'll need: a black turtle neck, a mini skirt, and a leopard print vest. Bonus points for a bouncy blowout and coffee pot.

Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston, is an iconic character from the television show "Friends." She's known for her on-again, off-again romance with Ross, but also her many notable fashion moments. Rachel's character loves fashion, so it's no wonder her outfits were always on point for the era. But even if you don't quite have the perfect outfit picked out for this Halloween costume, you'll surely be recognized if you can achieve the "Rachel" haircut.

Jenna Rink (13 Going On 30)

The costumes in the movie "13 Going On 30" were iconic because they represented the clothes young teens would want to wear if they were grown up in that moment. Jenna Rink goes from a teenager to a full-grown woman overnight, and while her clothing is high-end designer, she wears it in a way that still alludes to her inner teen. 

The Versace dress she famously wore in a party scene in the movie may not be easy to get your hands on for a Halloween costume, but if you can get something similar (and perhaps learn some of the choreography from Michael Jackson's "Thriller") you'll surely be recognized. So grab a colorful mini dress, some butterfly clips, and a youthful vibe. 

Fran Fine (The Nanny)

Fran Fine, the boisterous and lovable character from the television show "The Nanny," is a fun Halloween costume option as her style was as loud, if not louder than the character itself. If you want to have fun with patterns like leopard print, polka dots, and much more, this might be the costume for you. Search your closet for a patterned mini skirt and long-sleeved turtle neck. Add a bold lipstick and bouffant and you're well on your way to Nanny-dom. If you're looking for a couple's costume idea, this one is fairly easy to create, as Fran's love interest, Maxwell Sheffield, is often featured on the show wearing a suit. 

Elvira Hancock (Scarface)

If you are looking for a costume with a lot of glamour and attitude, look no further than Elvira Hancock from the movie "Scarface." The character, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, is a bombshell in her own right and is a fairly simple Halloween costume to recreate. If you can find a long green dress at a thrift store, all you need is a blond bob and a blassé attitude.

Edna Mode (The Incredibles)

Edna Mode from the animated movie "The Incredibles" is an iconic fashion designer and fashionista, responsible for creating the suits superheroes wear. A pioneer of fashion with function, Edna Mode is another Halloween costume that is fairly simple to recreate. Grab some round glasses, and a dress, and recreate her signature blunt bob with bangs. If you want to really make an impact, you may have to practice her signature accent and attitude.

Cher Horowitz (Clueless)

Cher Horowitz from the movie "Clueless" is a fun Halloween costume to create, but is even better when done with a friend. Cher and her best friend Dionne master the art of outfit coordination with their color-coordinated looks. It might take some doing to find a completely plaid outfit, complete with matching platform heels, but after that, all you need is an armful of shopping bags. 

Penny Lane (Almost Famous)

Penny Lane, the character played by Kate Hudson in the movie "Almost Famous," embodies the rock and roll era of the 1970s. Her look is laid-back and glamorous all at the same time, with bell-bottom jeans, a white tank top, and a fur-trimmed coat. Round sunglasses complete the overall vibe of a rock muse or groupie which, depending on who you ask, is undeniably cool. 

Margot Tenenbaum (The Royal Tenenbaums)

Margot Tenenbaum, played by Gweneth Paltrow in the 2001 movie "The Royal Tenenbaums" wears pieces that most women would want in their wardrobe, including an iconic Hermes Birkin bag. Since acquiring a genuine Birkin may be difficult, a Birkin dupe might be a better option. You'll also need a vintage fur coat and a side-parted hairstyle. 

May Queen (Midsommar)

What you'll need: fake flowers, a hot glue gun, and a lot of patience. 

Though Dani's character in the 2019 horror movie "Midsommar" isn't necessarily a fashion icon, this pivotal moment in the movie where she is almost encased in a floral arrangement gives off an avant-garde fashion vibe. Recreating this look for a Halloween costume may be a bit laborious, but the result is instantly recognizable and also really striking.

Marla Singer (Fight Club)

Marla Singer, played by Helena Bonham Carter in "Fight Club," may not be glamorous, but her clothes represent her character: chaotic, mysterious, and a little damaged. With a messy bun, fake cigarette, and smudged eye makeup, you're well on your way to imitating her iconic character. An all-black outfit, preferably with a faux fur coat of some kind, completes the look. this costume is fairly effortless, because if you look a little messy or unkempt, it only serves to enhance the costume and really channel your inner Marla.