Eyebrow Trends You'll Be Seeing Everywhere For The Rest Of 2023

Like all things on us that are visible to the outside, eyebrows have become very much a part of fashion trends. If you take a look back over the last century, you'll see that brows have been thin, fluffy, round, skinny, arched, and everything in between. In the same vein as eye makeup and lipstick, eyebrows too have become a way for people to express themselves.


What's great about experimenting with eyebrow trends is that it doesn't require too much commitment. If you go for the bleached look and loathe it, you can tint them back to a darker shade. If you shave them off and decide that's not the look for you either, they'll be back in a few months (that's far faster than if you decided to shave your head). Because of this, eyebrows are kind of a safe space on your face to get creative.

Over the past few years, we've seen some interesting eyebrow trends come and go. As we roll into the last quarter of 2023, some of those trends continue, while others have dropped off. If you're sick of embracing your natural eyebrows and thinking you'd like to try one of the brow shapes and tints you've seen on the runway or on celebrities, you still have time to try a couple of these eyebrow trends before 2023 comes to a close.


Bleached brows

Bleached eyebrows first popped up in 2022 when Julia Fox, who's become somewhat of a trendsetter, bleached her eyebrows and we all collectively scratched our heads. Although there's no denying that she did it to look different, Fox admitted on Instagram that the bleached brows help her stay anonymous when she's out and about. Which makes sense because it completely changes her whole look. Since then other celebrities have followed and it's been seen quite a bit on the runway too.


"Bleached eyebrows are an homage to the Y2K aesthetic or late-'90s looks," brow artist Joey Healy tells Allure. "Bleached brows were super popular then, so all signs point to them being super popular again." While there's no denying that this trend looks really cool, when you bleach anything, it can feel daunting. So, if you're feeling iffy about it, you can always fake the bleached brows look as a trial run. If you end up loving it, then you can go all in with the bleach and end 2023 on a very fashionable note.

Laminated brows

You've probably heard a lot about laminated eyebrows and that's because it's everywhere. Every time you hop onto social media or open a fashion magazine, eyebrow laminating is there in your face like a neon sign that won't quit — which isn't too bad, considering how this chemical treatment makes your eyebrows look after a quick session.


"This is such a low maintenance treatment because once you've had it done, most people don't even end up using any products in between bookings," makeup artist and brow specialist Lucy Hart tells Who What Wear. "People often get scared by a brow lamination but I assure them they won't be stuck to their head, and it's possible to adapt the result to suit each individual." One lamination treatment can last from six to eight weeks, per Elle, and makes the eyebrows easier to position. If you're someone who likes to explore different eyebrow hair positions, laminating those puppies is going to make you a very happy camper.

Thin brows

If you're of a certain age, as in you were of eyebrow-plucking age at any point in the 1990s, you probably let out a blood-curdling scream when you read "thin brows." That generation plucked their eyebrows to death and then ended up spending the last several years experimenting with eyebrow serums trying to grow it all back. But based on the fact that thin eyebrows are in again, those serums can go in the trash — at least for now.


"Though this may horrify those of us who lived through this trend the first time, we can at least offer the wisdom of experience," celebrity brow artist Kristie Streicher tells InStyle. "Whatever you do, don't over-tweeze; you risk doing permanent damage to your brows."

Considering the way Generation Z has embraced '90s fashion, it was only a matter of time before the eyebrows followed suit and thin became all the rage. Also, let's be honest, a Nirvana t-shirt and Doc Martens really look best when you're rocking a thin brow.

Texturized brows

Reach up and touch your eyebrows. How do they feel? A little too silky smooth for your liking? Do they need some oomph via more texture? If the answer is yes, then now is your chance to embrace the textured brow trend. 


"More texturized and 3D brows will be the biggest brow trend next year," brow artist Samantha Tonkin told Beauty Crew about 2023. "I'm talking that perfect blend between the lamination style of upright, set down and in place all day brows, and those wild and beautifully textured Cara Delevingne brows we used to all love. All this matched perfectly with a clean and tailored shape with a not-so straight/no-so lifted arch." Because eyebrows are so essential to framing the face, having them a bit more 3D can really enhance your look. Add some eye makeup that makes them pop even more and you really have something, you trendy human, you.

Fluffy brows

On the opposite end of the spectrum, lightyears away from thin eyebrows, are fluffy eyebrows. These are the eyebrows that just on their own make a major statement because they haven't been messed with and certainly haven't been laminated. They are rebels that do their own thing, won't be tamed, and are what the French call "au natural."


"Accepting natural, bushy, fluffy, and sometimes overgrown brows bring forward a certain innocence and youthfulness to this effortless 'no makeup, makeup look' era that we're all about nowadays," makeup artist and skincare expert Shanzey Al-Amin tells Byrdie. "Zoom call ready or out and about, these fluffy brows are low maintenance and high impact in making a statement!" And because fashion is all about making a statement, you might want to get in on this one and try them out. Granted, not every brow can achieve such levels of fluffiness, but it doesn't mean you can't try. An eyebrow expert can steer you in the right direction.

Straight brows

Audrey Hepburn was known for a lot of things. Not only is she considered one of the most beautiful women who ever lived, an awarding-winning actress, and a humanitarian, but she was also a fashion iconic. So much so that even today, three decades after her death, people are still embracing her look and style — including her eyebrows.


"When people refer to the classic Hepburn brow, it's typically the look from her 1954 movie, 'Sabrina,'" brow expert Jamie Long tells Professional Beauty. "If you have big eyes and dark hair, you can pull off this look. The tail of the brow is lifted slightly to open up the eyes and lift the face, keeping the eyes looking youthful and fresh."

Sadly, as Long points out, you do need dark brows to get this look right. You also need your eyebrows to be decent size in thickness. Thin, blonde eyebrows just won't make the same statement — but that doesn't mean you can't try!


If you haven't heard of Sophia Hadjipanteli, then you're missing out. Hadjipanteli is a model who not only refuses to pluck her eyebrows, but has started the #UnibrowMovement so others don't feel the pressure to pluck, groom, or maintain their brows in any way. Frankly, it's an easy minimal- to no-maintenance way to go through life. 


"People are focusing more on using brow treatments that they can maintain their brows with, rather than layering loads of products on," makeup artist and brow specialist Lucy Hart tells Who What Wear. "I myself have super full brows so applying thick product is just not needed."

With this list of seven eyebrow trends, you can decide which ones you're going to try this fall. Of course not everyone can pull off every trend, but that's just because hair growth, color, and natural shape vary. It's a fun thing to experiment with as you switch your summer mindset into fall.