Our Best Tips For Styling A Chic Blazer Dress

Need a new staple for your going-out wardrobe? Try the blazer dress. For those unfamiliar, the chic piece is an easy, throw-it-on-and-go outfit that consists of a long suit jacket tailored to fit like a dress.

The elegant look has been a favorite of numerous celebrities on the red carpet — and there's good for a reason for that. A blazer dress is incredibly versatile no matter what event you're stepping out for. Not to mention, it's a super easy outfit to throw on without having to do a lot of planning to work out what goes with what. "[The blazer dress] deftly blends sharpness with sensuality in a way that always feels modern and unfussy," Andrea Lieberman, founder of A.L.C., explained of why this structured item is just so hot to Harper's Bazaar.

But how exactly do you style a blazer dress, and what other items should you wear with it? We've rounded up some of our favorite ways to sport this wardrobe staple.

A blazer dress goes great with sky-high heels

One of the most popular ways to wear a blazer dress is with sky-high stilettos. A shorter version of the ensemble paired with pumps screams glamour and elegance, but there's another big reason we love this combination. It'll make your legs look super long because of the clean line it creates from the thigh all the way down to the foot. Just grab a clutch, a small shoulder or a stylish top handle bag (which are totally having a moment right now, by the way), and you're good to go.

And it also goes well with black tights

There's little chicer to pair with a classic black blazer dress than black tights. Whether sheer, opaque, or something in between, this pairing will easily take you from day to night. We love the way there are so many shoe options with a blazer and tights look too, which means almost everyone already has something in their wardrobe to rock. Everything from sock boots to heels to more casual flats are on the table with this outfit.

Or grab your long boots

Yep, the blazer dress is so versatile you can even pull on your knee-high boots with it. Because blazer dresses tend to be on the shorter side from a standard wrap dress, combining it with a thigh-high leaves a little skin on show at the thigh for flirty edge without showing off too much. 

But it doesn't have to be all about the heels

For a daytime and brunch-friendly look, skip the heels and pair your blazer dress with practical low-heel boots with a thick sole. Wearing flat boots are not only the comfortable choice when you have a lot of walking to do, but they also give the outfit a grungier edge and can add a little contrast. Look for styles with fun embellishments like gems or studs to add to this effect. To match this, accessorize with a belt to cinch the blazer dress in at the waist. That will allow you to show off your gorgeous silhouette, as some blazer dresses can read a little boxy. 

And you can go more casual, too!

See, we told you the blazer dress isn't just for evening wear. This outfit shows how it can easily be adapted for a casual daytime lok, too. By adding comfortable, neutral sneakers and a striped top underneath, the blazer dress instantly transforms to one with a more everyday vibe perfect for a day sightseeing or running errands. We also adore the way this ensemble has been further accessorized with a pair of sunglasses, a fedora, and a small shoulder bag, giving us total French girl style vibes.