18 Ways To Style The Mary Janes Trend For Fall 2023

It's official, everyone. The Mary Jane shoe is officially back! The classic strapped footwear has been having a major moment in 2023 — and the trend is only expected to surge even more as we head into fall and need a little more coverage from our shoes. "As much as I love sneakers, women are seeking a more feminine and sophisticated footwear option when getting dressed that can still be casual," shoe designer Marina Larroudé explained to InStyle. "Mary Janes are just that: easy but elevated."

Part of the reason this longstanding iconic shoe style is coming back in a major way is because they're just so versatile. Looking for a chunky, closed-toe shoe to anchor an outfit? There's a Mary Jane for that. Want a flat shoe for a busy day that will elevate your look to more formal heights over a sneaker? There's a Mary Jane for that, too! But because there are so many styles to choose from, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to know exactly how to wear them. But worry no more. From casual to dressy, from classic black to passionate red. This is how to style Mary Janes for fall 2023.

Make it monochrome chic

Looking to go super chic with your Mary Jane look? Then monochrome could be the way to go. A black and white outfit like this screams elegance and style, and opting for something matchy is an ideal transitional dressing choice as the weather turns that little bit colder. The white shoe with black toes also brings some timeless style. Not to mention they're super easy to match with fellow neutrals if you're not feeling the two-tone vibe.

Black Mary Janes with a dress is never a miss

An all-black pair of Mary Janes is super easy to rock because the shoes go with so many different outfit choices, from formal to not so much. This look just proves that, since pairing neutral shoes with a colored dress is a super easy way to stay stylish without having to think too much about what garments you're putting together. Mary Janes with a small heel can also be easily dressed up or down, which makes them ideal to pair with a dress that can be worn during the day or night when you're not sure about the dress code.

Bring out the socks

We know, we know. Socks with sandals — or Mary Janes — may not be for everyone, but trust us on this one. Socks and heels have become more popular that we'd maybe like to admit this year, and it seems like socks with any style shoe will keep on gaining popularity as we need that extra hit of warmth going into the fall. Dark Mary Janes look super cute with pulled up ankle socks, but there are so many different combinations you can rock, from colored shoes to longer socks. Why not give it a go and find out which combination you love most? For those colder fall days, swap out shorts for long pants with your socks.

Keep it neutral

A wardrobe of neutrals will always match, which is why it's always worth investing in a nude pair of Mary Janes. As we already know, this shoe style goes with almost anything and adds a stylish twist to any outfit, which is why you can't go wrong with a nude pair. Matching your top to the shoe shade is also a simple way to follow the sandwich dressing style hack, which makes dressing that much easier. Not familiar with the sandwich hack? It involves balancing your look with one color separated by a different shade in the middle (in this case, the separation shade would be the skirt).

Prep it up

One of the main styles that Mary Janes are absolutely perfect for is the super cute preppy look. For this one, you'll want to channel your inner Cher Horowitz from "Clueless." Think a patterned wool mini skirt with a plain top and structured blazer. If you want to add your own little twist to this outfit and you're feeling extra confident and stylish, you could even add knee-high socks under your Mary Janes for when those fall days turn a little colder.

Let your Mary Janes do all the talking

Another way to rock Mary Janes is to let them make a major statement. An attention grabbing studded pair like these are oh so on trend for fall 2023, as studded shoes have been all the rage for spring/summer. The trend seems set to continue into fall and we'll likely be seeing the embellished footwear trend stretch into the colder weather. Going for just one single shade when it comes to your outfit will keep the focus firmly on your bold footwear.

Did someone say color?

Want to bring a little more color to your shoes and say goodbye to the typical black Mary Janes? Then look no further than an outfit like this. A bold red pair of shoes is a classic staple, but the triple strap delivers just a little extra something extra (compared to the typical single strap). The bright shade will give you an Americana vibe if you rock them with a good pair of blue jeans like these. Then all you need is a simple T-shirt, and you're in for a day of classic, comfy style.

Keep it simple with black denim

Another denim style to rock with Mary Janes? Black jeans. For a simple yet still chic look in the fall, black pants and a striped top will give you a clear Mary Jane style for a fun day in the city. On those chillier days, this look could easily be paired with a blazer, but black denim and a black pair of Mary Janes are a classic and failsafe way to nail this trend for the season, no matter what's on your top half.

Magnificent metallics can really turn heads

Want to inject a little more fun into your look while following this 2023 footwear trend? Then bring in the metallics! Metallic shoes have been spotted all over the place this summer, and a playful way to bring that trend into the fall is to make your Mary Janes metallic. But you don't have to stop there. If you're feeling bold, then pair that metallic footwear with animal print pants and a bold colored sweater.

Show off in a blazer dress

We know Mary Janes look super chic with a blazer, so why not find another way to put the two together? An oversized blazer with a waist-cinching belt, long wool socks and the of-the-moment footwear is a staple fall look for so many, and we can see why. This fashionable and modern look is super versatile, as it can be worn for a day in the office or a night on the town.

Bring out the jeans

Jeans are a necessity for so many people when fall hits. And, luckily for us, Mary Janes go with them oh so well. Colorful denim has been having a bit of a moment, though we know blue jeans will never go out of style. A flat pair of Mary Janes with your favorite denim bottoms will keep your look casual but with a classic twist, while matching them to a waistcoat in the same color will instantly update your outfit to give it a modern and super fashion forward look.

It's time for tights

Another way to rock Mary Janes is by layering them under hosiery. Black tights or stockings in particular will easily carry you into fall via so many different outfits. Why not rock your summer shorts for a little longer with a pair of semi-sheer tights underneath? Or wear your tights with a miniskirt or playsuit? For colder fall days, add a coat or jacket (which you could wear over your shoulders for something a little more fashion-forward, like this), and then step your way to success!

Dress up those Mary Janes

Proving even the chunkiest Mary Janes can be dressed up, this look shows how a good pair can transform a look. Yep, you don't have to have a stiletto for a dressy heel anymore, as wearing a chunky black pair with a block heel and a satin dress proves just how versatile Mary Janes really can be. Sporting them with an elegant and colorful dress helps them transcend into a more formal setting.

Try a two-piece skirt and jacket

Classy and sophisticated for fall? Count us in! This super cute two-piece jacket and skirt combo in a neutral shade is giving us Parisian vibes, and we love the way the black Mary Janes are picking up on the pattern's stitching. Of course, you don't have to go for black or nude. The color combinations with an outfit like this are almost endless, as buying a matching set removes all the guesswork about what will work with what.

Don't be afraid to be bold

Though Mary Janes are more of a classic shoe, that doesn't mean they have to be boring. And this look makes that so clear. For a brave take on the trend, get your hands on a pair in a standout pattern, like a leopard print. You don't have to stop there, either. Loud shoes don't always have to mean a quiet outfit, as a shiny silver skirt can easily be put with footwear like this. We'd suggest going more neutral on the top though, as this black sweater anchors the outfit and works to tie the two together.

Keep thinking pink as the weather turns colder

We probably don't have to tell you that the color pink has been everywhere in 2023 thanks to the release of "Barbie." And the super fun Barbiecore trend is still looking hot as the leaves fall. That means a good pair of pink Mary Janes will see you stay trendy into the new season. Socks will give you that little bit of warmth. We love the super cute frill on this pair, which is so Barbie!

Dare to double denim

We know double denim may not be for you, but we'd still recommend giving it a chance. This super matchy look makes the most of nude Mary Janes with trendy flared jeans (which are still expected to be popular going into fall) and a simple black top. That elegant black and white scarf around the neck gives this outfit a little extra flare. Because the look is a little busy (we know, denim on denim can be a lot) we'd recommend sporting your Mary Janes in a nude or neutral shade.

Who said Mary Janes have to be uber-feminine?

Mary Jane shoes may have a reputation for being uber-feminine (you may know the name originates from the cartoon character Buster Brown's love interest Mary Jane) but there are a few ways to grunge up the classic a little. This look makes use of dark gray baggy pants and glittery gray socks (which we love, by the way) with a mustard coat. The combination moves away from being too young and girlie, but still looks effortlessly stylish. Just like the Mary Jane.