How To Highlight The Beauty Of Your Eye Color With Your Wardrobe

When it comes to style, using your wardrobe to highlight your eyes can be more effective than you might think. "If you want to get people to really listen to what you're saying and pay attention, the most believable color you can use is your eye color," image consultant Jill Swanson told the Chicago Tribune


The first step to finding out what what clothes will really bring out the color of your eyes is to determine your undertone. Just like when it comes to makeup, particularly foundation, knowing your undertone before picking anything out will give you a head start in finding something flattering. There are a few ways to work out your undertone, but the most common is to look at your veins. If see more blue veins through your skin, chances are you have a cool undertone. If you're seeing green, you're more likely to have warm undertones. Some are lucky enough to see a mixture of both, giving them a neutral undertone. 

We know what you're thinking. What does my skin's undertone have to do with highlighting my eyes? Well, knowing your undertone will help you narrow down what colors will not only bring out your peepers, but will also flatter your skin tone. We've gathered some of our top choices to really bring out those breathtaking iris shades, so all you have to do is pick the color that goes with your cool, warm, or neutral undertone. Easy, right?


If you've got blue eyes, think neutral

Got those beautiful blue eyes? Then there are a few different color options you can opt for to make sure they pop. Matching your eyes to stunning deep blue clothing will draw out the color in your peepers. That's because, just like blue eyeshadow, the two shades will work together to bring attention to your eyes. As image consultant Jill Swanson put it while speaking to Chicago Tribune, "You're talking to somebody else, and they have blue eyes and a blue shirt on — you'll just keep looking at their eyes." Lighter shades of green will have a similar effect. 


Neutrals are also a solid choice when it comes to your wardrobe, blue-eyes babes. From browns to nude to taupes, neutrals can be your best friends when it comes to dressing for your eye color. Blue eyes are also known to pop when put alongside pretty much any shade of pink, but we'd recommended an elegant blush pink. Don't forget about white, either! White will allow your blue eyes do all the talking without detracting from their beauty.

They're not your only choices, though. Orange is opposite to blue on the color wheel, so if you have cool undertones, you'll want to pick a cooler shade of orange. If you don't, a reddish orange will really suit you and your ocean eyes.

Brown-eyed girls should look to khaki greens

Brown and gold will always be a solid combination for those with stunning brown eyes looking to really show them off. Dark colors will work for you bewitching brown-eyed stunners too. Think khaki greens, as they're the opposite of red and purple on the all-important color wheel.  Hey, there's a reason the color wheel comes up so much in wedding planning


Remember that brown isn't technically on the wheel, though, so that means brown-eyed girls' options are blown wide open when it comes to colors that suit you. Still, no matter what your undertone, a cool color will more than likely be for you. With that in mind, lighter, softer pinks (which usually suit people with cold undertones) will highlight brown irises nicely. Richer blue shades, like royal blues, will do the same. To really bring out the intensity, dark shades are the way to go so we'd suggest rocking something like a burgundy.

Green eyes can look stunning with green clothes

For all those gorgeous green-eyed beauties out there, there are a range of color choices to make that rare eye color stand out. Opting for a deep green top, dress, scarf, or anything in between, will help to bring out the green in your eyes. Matching your natural green with green clothing will really show how vivid this color iris can really be, as they'll work to compliment one another in a stunning way. Any green will do, too. From seafoam to khaki, all these will really bring out that intensity. 


Other shades known to highlight green eyes? Corals and yellows, two shades that really suit neutral and warm skin tones. That's because yellow in particular is right next to green on the color wheel, making the two complimentary shades. 

If you're looking to make those green eyes appear much brighter, then it's purple you want to gravitate towards. Even though red is next to green on the color wheel (which is why redheads tend to look so gorgeous in green), shades of purple tend to work better to vivify green irises.

Remember not to overwhelm your gray eyes

Gorgeous gray-eyed girls, you're the lucky ones with eyes that really suit the color black. Though the dark shade may not be everyone's first choice if you like more vibrancy in your wardrobe, there's no doubt it's flattering and super easy to wear. So if it's bringing out your eyes too, win-win! 


Because gray is similar to brown in that it doesn't appear on the color wheel, there aren't too many specific shades that work with it or against it in the traditional sense. However, because gray eyes are devoid of a lot of vibrant and vivid color, sometimes, wearing super bright shades can actually overwhelm your irises and drown them out. Because of that, muted shades and neutrals are more likely to bring out those peepers.

What you can also consider is looking super closely at what other colors appear in your gray eyes. Though they may be gray overall, often times, this shade of iris will be made up of flickers of light blues or greens. If you notice a lot of either color in your eyes, then you can match your clothes to the color choices for blue or green eyes instead.


Dark clothes may compliment hazel eyes more

Hey hazel-eyed stunner! For your eye-highlighting wardrobe choices, we'd recommend going a little darker in your color pallet. When it comes to neutrals, try things like dark browns, dark grays, navys and, yep, even blacks. Burgundy shades will also be your best friend around autumn and winter time. 


Still, you don't have to go too dark if you don't want to, especially if you're dressing for the hotter months of the year. For those sunnier days, think reddish oranges if you have warm undertones and blue-toned lavenders if you have cool undertones. Reds and purples will also lighten up your eyes and make them appear brighter.

As you probably already know, though, oftentimes hazel eyes can lean more towards having green or brown tones, as most will have aspects of these colors. If you have eyes with more green elements, try some of the clothing color options suggested for that shade. If they lean more towards the brown side of things, then try out some of those options to see what works for you.


Highlight your amber eyes

If you've got more of an amber tint in your eyes, then the color wheel can come in handy for you, too. As one of the rarest of all eye colors (only around 5% of people in the world are thought to have amber irises, according to The Tech Interactive) there's every reason to be super proud of your stunning mix of yellow and brown.


Orange and green are close to yellow (which is the closest color to amber) on the color wheel spectrum, so they'll be complimentary towards your eye shade. You can also go for opposites, though. On the other side of the wheel is blue, so any shade of blue (you can even think about denim products in this case) will really bring out that contrast.

Many people with amber eyes will have a hint of brown in there too. If that sounds like you, then you can try out some color choices for brown eyes as well to find out which work for your skin's undertone and which will really bring out those stunning amber flecks.

You can try out other color choices, though

If your eyes can appear to be different colors in different lights, or you have heterochromia and don't want to choose clothes for just one eye color, never fear. There are a few tips and tricks to remember that will make your eyes pop no matter what color they are.


One of the best ways to pick out clothes to compliment your eyes is to wear shades that are in the same color family as them. So, if your eyes are on the browner side, wearing anything in the brown family of colors should help draw them out. That could include everything from a muddy brown to burnt orange. If your eyes have bluer flecks, then royal blues, aquas, and cobalt could all work for you. This trick will also work if you just plain don't like the color suggestions made for your eyes or don't own anything in that color. You could also get your hands on items with two colors known to compliment your eyes.

To really make the most of any color when it comes to bringing out your eyes, though, you'll want to choose clothing items that will be placed as close to your eyes as possible. That could mean wearing a hat that comes low over your forehead, draping a scarf around your neck, or even wearing a coat with a high neck.


Consider your jewelry, too

It's not all about clothing when it comes to highlighting your eye color. As jewelry is usually closer to the eyes than your clothing, consider how to make everything from your earrings, to necklaces, to facial piercings, work with your peepers. If your eyes lean towards the cooler undertone side of things, you may not want to make gold jewelry your go-to. Instead, platinum, silver, or white gold will compliment your eyes more, because they too have cold undertones. Cool irises tend to include colors like light blues and steel grays.


If your eyes have a warmer tint, then you'll probably want to stay away from the silvers of the world. Instead, you have a few more options to match your eyes. Think about investing in gold or rose gold jewelry, or even something bronze. These metals are more likely to bring out most browns, ambers, and yellowy green eyes.

Another great way to really draw out your eye color is to match it to a stone in your jewelry. For example, if you have green eyes, an emerald will probably compliment them. If you have blue irises, then try topaz or turquoise. Just remember that if you're looking to bring out the beauty of yours eyes with jewels, you should opt for smaller stones that won't steal the spotlight and detract from them.