Funky Fringe Is Coming For Your Summer Fashion

Well, boy, howdy! Fringe is making a triumphant return to our wardrobes for 2023 (just like so many of this summer's Y2K comeback trends) – and, we can't lie, we kinda love it. This Western-inspired look has been a festival favorite for years. Still, it's had more of a resurgence in our everyday wardrobes in recent months as we all try and have some fun with fashion again after being stuck in sweatpants during the pandemic.


"Fashion has undoubtedly been leaning in a fun, expressive direction with maximalism and color — fanciful fringe is just a natural extension of that," Taylor Tomasi Hill, creative and The Yes fashion director, explained to TZR. But don't think you have to go full-on cowboy with white fringe on a denim jacket or suede fringe on boots to be able to rock this trend. "Today's versions have evolved from vintage Western and '70s groove with many different lengths and moods," Hill shared of the modern take on the classic. 

But how are we supposed to wear fringe without looking like we're heading to a costume party? Luckily, there are options from big statements to subtle pops of texture. Here are a few on-trend ideas.


Fringe up that jacket

One of the most traditional ways to bring a little fringe into your wardrobe has to be sporting it via a jacket. We know this look may be a little much for some people, but you don't have to rock the fringe all over to make a bold statement. Although we do totally love this over-the-top fringe number, we can't lie. Opting for something in fun, bold colors with a little shimmer will also steer your look away from being too Western-esque if you prefer something a little more glam.


If you are going bold and totally funky like this though, we'd recommend pairing it with a simpler mini dress. This would be a great addition to an LBD and a pair of strappy barely there or black heels to let the fringe do the talking. Just don't forget to show your sparkly fringe off with a twirl!

Rock a hint of fringe with your accessories

Fringe fashion can be a little bold, we know. But if you don't want to go all out, there are simpler ways to do it. Instead of multiple fringe layers, you could instead incorporate a little bit of it into your look by sporting a fringe accessory. A bag is the easiest way to do this, as it'll make a statement without having to take over your whole look in the same way a daring jacket would.


To add just a hint of fringe to your summer, we'd recommend going for a mini fringe bag like this one. This mini bag brings a little movement and edge to your outfit without going totally over the top. You can still give a bag like this all the attention it deserves by opting for an all-black outfit with a colored bag. If you wanted to go a little bolder than that though, then maybe opt for a bigger, slouchier bag with longer fringe.

Sashay in a skirt

Who said fringe couldn't be fancy? Not us! The look isn't just for daytime and can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe for those summer nights on the town. A fringed midi skirt is the perfect way to transition fringe from day to night. We adore this green version. The fringe over the legs, with extra long pieces down to the calf, add some extra flow and movement — perfect for those hotter days!


A skirt like this needs its own moment though, so a black bodysuit is ideal to complete the look. Because fringe adds extra texture and bulk to the body, you'll want to juxtapose the silhouette by going for something a little more formfitting on your top half. Then, all you have to do is throw on a shoe (a heeled sandal or strappy heel would go great!), keep jewelry minimal, and it's time to head out.

Dress up your fringe

It seems like pink is literally everywhere for summer 2023. And we really do mean everywhere. Thanks to this summer's "Barbie" obsession, pink has made a major comeback to wardrobes all over the world. "Right now, we're definitely seeing pink as a strong trend," PatBO founder Patricia Bonaldi confirmed to TZR


So why not be extra on trend by combining pink and fringe to have some fun with friends in the heat? This gorgeous bold pink number still has a nod to the Western aesthetic, but also gives us total 1920s flapper vibes. Our favorite part, though, is that it does it all with a modern twist. Because this dress is pretty vivid and eye-catching, we'd recommend keeping your accessories a little more understated. Nude, barely there heels would be perfect for a fun night out with the girls, or opt for a stylish pointed heel for a little extra sophistication.

Put a twist on the traditional fringe style

Traditionally, fringe has been on a jacket and down both arms, usually going across the back. A fun way to bring that into this summer is to take that classic aesthetic and give it a fun twist. The best part is, if you're crafty, this is a look you can easily create at home yourself. Just grab a thin (it is summer, after all) but sturdy long-sleeve top, a line of fringe (which you can easily get from a craft or textile store), and sew it across the underside of the arms. It's just as easy as that!


For those warmer summer days, pair the top with shorts. Any shorts will work depending on your top's color but matching in black is never a bad idea. And, remember, denim always works with fringe. Add your accessories like a cute summer hat and sandals, and your stylish yet chic fringe look is complete.