How To Take The Bold '70s Flared Pant Trend Right Into 2023

From floral prints that could best be described as "groovy," to the flared pants that seem to be everywhere, there's no denying we're seeing signs of a '70s fashion revival. That said, if you have a faint memory of wearing flared pants in the past, but didn't grow up in the '70s, no, you're not imagining things. In the wake of the flare's return, you might remember that a few years back, these booty-hugging, ankle-rebuking bottoms were known by another name. That would be, yoga pants. Feeling a little less daunted by the trend, yet? 

Having said that, even if the years of the yoga pant aren't that far away, for those who've grown accustomed to leggings and skinny jeans, this resurgence can feel like a lot. Plus, even for those who have worn the style before, no one wants to look costumey and dated. After all, the trend is '70s inspired, not an all-out ABBA tribute. Now is the time to give these flared bottoms a very 2023 flair — and luckily, there are a ton of ways to do it.

Pair it with a puffer vest

Two words: puffer vest. If you were on social media last fall, odds are, you saw a fashionista sporting the following: flared leggings, a sweatshirt, chunky footwear, and the piece de resistance, a puffer vest. A cute look for fall and winter, no doubt — but you can try the trend on cooler summer days, too. Follow blogger Sandy Paixão's lead, and pop on some slides, instead. As for the sweater or hoodie, reach for something more lightweight, and you're good to go! The look is comfy, cozy, and versatile enough to wear on those in-between days.

Go for a preppy look

Tie dye and florals not your thing? With a neutral pair of flares, '70s-style pants can just as easily be used as a base for a preppier, more 90s-inspired look. Take a note out of Leta Viola's book (via AestheticVoodoo), and pair flared pants with tank top and cardigan. Alternatively, create a trend crossover by popping over a golf-inspired sweater vest for the perfect leisure sports style reference. Then, finish off the look with a more classic sneaker in a neutral color, and voila! You're ready to give off some serious collegiate vibes.

Give your gym attire a stylish flair

If you found your flares in the activewear section, this is your sign for you to let them do what they were made to do. An offshoot of the preppy take on flared pants is the polished athleisure option. As seen on Elinorfayx, adding a sporty crop and matching headband makes for the perfect gym-bound look. Whether you opt to go through with a workout or not, we'll leave that up to you.

Go the formal route

While flared pants make for an updated take on athleisure and more casual fare, they work just as well for formal looks — and it's not hard to see why. For a look equal parts polished and fun, opt for a flared pantsuit, a la Katy Hessell's mustard number. As a bonus, said flares can be worn with sleeveless turtlenecks, button-downs, casual t-shirts, and more. It's the perfect uniform-style look, with a '70s edge.

... or go full-on festival fashionista

With festival season officially underway, the most obvious way to rock those '70s flares this summer is by going all-in on boho staples. After all, flares aren't the only retro style to have come back into fashion favor in 2023. This summer, add trending crochet pieces into your wardrobe, a la Lauren Mayble's crop top, and flared pants combo. Alternatively, if you're willing to go all the way with patterns and colors (think Kimmy Grace, here), there's never been a better time to go for it.