Sunscreen Layering Is The Internet Hack We Can Get Behind (Your Skin Will Thank You, Too)

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We can't resist a good beauty hack, and when it comes to sun protection, we're even more intrigued. This is why we're getting on board for the TikTok trend of sunscreen layering. No matter what season it is, it's SPF season, but with summer rolling in, adequate sun protection is even more of a priority.

There's a lot to consider with sunscreen. A higher SPF doesn't necessarily mean better protection against UVA and UVB rays. You want a broad spectrum sunscreen to combat both. This is one of the many reasons why Korean sunscreen is worth bringing with you everywhere; its technology is more up to date than that in the United States and it's incredibly affordable. But no matter where your sunscreen comes from, it's a non-negotiable step in your daily skincare routine. But another concern is about the adequate amount to make sure your face is covered. Thankfully, the world of TikTok has offered an easy hack to double up on sunscreen and get the best protection possible.

Let sunscreen soak in between applications

Sunscreen layering means exactly what it sounds like. You want to apply ¼ teaspoon of sunscreen to your face to make sure it's adequately covered. If that's a tough figure to imagine, there's also the two-finger trick, where you squeeze a line of sunscreen on both your pointer and middle fingers to get the required amount. However, this can sometimes feel like too much on your skin at once, or the product can pill off of your face.

TikToker  @abbeyyung shared how she applies her sunscreen in layers to avoid these problems. She covers her whole face in sunscreen and waits for a few minutes in order to let it absorb. Then she follows with a second layer of sunscreen over the first one.

You don't even have to limit your application to just two layers. If you want to be extra cautious, you can do three layers. "I apply my sunscreen in stages, consisting of around three layers because I like to use a lot of sunscreen," esthetician Alicia Lartey told Refinery29. "When applying each layer, I make sure it's evenly distributed on my face. Each time, I find that the sunscreen just sinks in and the white cast disappears." Whether you choose to layer two or three times is up to you. Clearly though, layering is a surefire way to get comprehensive sunscreen protection.

It's all about the right sunscreen

People had a lot of questions when they saw @abbeyyung's video on TikTok about layering sunscreen. For one, people with oily skin were worried about what their skin would feel like with multiple layers of sunscreen. "I have oily skin too — it's all about the sunscreen you use!" Yung replied. Others were concerned about how much their sunscreen use would cost when applying two or three layers daily. "In this economy!!!" one person commented. "Too broke to apply twice," another wrote. Yung replied, "So many of my sunscreens are so affordable! Asian sunscreens are great for this."

Sure enough, Yung directed her audience to a YouTube video that she made about her favorite Korean and Japanese sunscreens. We're interested in her picks largely because since she successfully used the double layering method, we want to know what kinds she uses. She recommended Skin Aqua Super Moisture Gel SPF 50, which retails for $11. It's lightweight and absorbs instantly, perfect for multiple layers. She also recommended the OMI Verdio UV Moisture Gel SPF 50, which also retails for around $11. So what we're loving about this is that the sunscreens are really affordable and work well on all skin types. Suddenly, layering sunscreen doesn't seem so impossible.

The benefits of sunscreen layering

Simply stated, we want as much protection from UVA and UVB rays as possible. UVB rays are responsible for sunburns and skin cancer, while UVA rays cause premature aging and wrinkling — although they can, in some cases, also cause skin cancer. We want to steer clear from both but particularly UVB rays.

While we do our best, the problem with sunscreen is that people are underestimating how much they need and how often they need it. "People generally don't use enough sunscreen when they're applying it, so I would say the most important thing is to apply more sunscreen than you think you need and reapply sunscreen every two hours," dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman told The Wellnest. Double (or triple) layering certainly solves this initial problem. As far as touch-ups go, if you're not wearing makeup, reapplying your usual sunscreen is best. If you have makeup on, you can actually blot your sunscreen on over your makeup with a sponge. You can also use powder or spray sunscreens to touch up throughout the day. The JM Solution Marine Luminous Pearl Sun Protection Sun Spray SPF 50 is a great option for touch-ups after your base of layered sunscreen.