Denim-On-Denim Has Come A Long Way Since The Early Aughts - Here's How We're Wearing It Now

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Total denim is where it's at. While the denim-on-denim trend has roots in the early aughts, there are ways to style it so that it looks fresh and contemporary. The look leans on Y2K fashion in the best ways but plays with proportion and layering. The Canadian tuxedo is versatile, which is why this trend keeps coming back in new and unexpected outfits. We're seeing denim tube tops with denim maxi skirts, denim dresses with denim jackets, and of course, loose denim elevated with unexpected glamor.


Pair structured denim with wide denim. Think outside of traditional blue jeans — there are a multitude of colors in denim and we're playing with all of them. Denim has also reached a fever pitch with accessories. Work in a denim hat and denim bag for a look that's both playful and chic. Of course, this look wouldn't be anything without cowboy boots in the mix. For a casual twist, go with sneakers. But denim-on-denim also has room for dressing up, with strappy heeled sandals or heeled boots. There's so much room to play around in this denim world.

The classic jeans + jacket combo

The most classic way we see denim-on-denim is to style it with high-waisted jeans and a denim jacket, in the classic Canadian tuxedo style. The wash of the denim plays an important role in this look. "Some people throw on suits for instant everyday polish, I wear double denim. I think it looks super smart, but for me the denim has to match exactly," British Vogue's commerce director, Naomi Smart, told the publication.


But not everyone is styling their denim-on-denim with matching washes. TikTok presence Julie Garcia styled her classic all-denim look with varying tones of denim. She wore a basic white bodysuit as her base, and paired darker jeans with a lighter denim jacket. She wore a darker denim bag to incorporate the darker denim more cohesively. "If your top and bottoms don't match too well, having accessories that tie everything together is also key," she explained.

Denim skirt and jacket

Another denim-on-denim style that we're in love with is a denim maxi-skirt with a denim top. The denim maxi skirt has been given a second chance and is having its own moment, and we're loving the visual of ample fabric mixed with denim on top. Keep the look flowing as seen in the picture, or wear a belt around your waist to accentuate your figure. Keep in mind that the denim skirt doesn't have to be a full-on maxi for the look to win. Pair a fitted denim skirt with a high slit with a denim jacket to pull together the look if you're aiming for a sexier effect.


Another favorite we're seeing is the denim dress with a denim jacket. Whether the denim dress hugs the body or flows loose, the denim pairing creates a perfect combo. Wear it with boots for a dramatic effect, or sandals for an easy day look.

White denim is the summer twist

Denim doesn't just come in shades of blue. The trendy denim-on-denim pairing is also happening in white, black, red, and any other color that denim comes in. What we love about white-on-white denim, in particular, is how chic and fresh the look can be — perfect for when you want to keep your style feeling summery. 


Style a white denim skirt or jeans with a white denim jacket for an ultra-cool look, and pair it with easy, walkable footwear. White sneakers and socks are a fun way to keep the look casual but still monochromatic. Heck, throw in some white sunglasses and you've got yourself a whole vibe. For a dressier take on this chic denim look, pair your outfit with some white sandals or wedges. Also, feel free to play with the fabric underneath. Opt for a white, button-up blouse or a white bodysuit to keep the look simple and chic.

Long live the denim tube top

Yes, you can wear a tube top without looking like a teenager. In fact, we are living for the combination of a denim tube top with denim bottoms, be they a skirt or jeans. Thanks to this resurgence of denim, brands like Zara have a wide range of denim tube tops and corset-style denim tops. This unexpectedly sexy detailing keeps the look contemporary and fun. To get the fun and flirty look in the video, pair your denim look with some cute silver hoops, silver sandals with a heel, and a silver shoulder bag.


Another way to style denim-on-denim to keep the look summery and light is through a denim bra top. Brands like Good American have the denim bra top down, and you can wear it solo with high-waisted jeans or under an open jean jacket. You can never have too much denim. 

Working with oversized denim

Oversized denim is having such a moment, and we're obsessed with this twist of denim-on-denim. The best way to work with loose jeans and an oversized jean jacket or jean shirt is to make the outfit look intentional. Paper bag your oversized jeans by bringing them up with a belt so that they create pleats at the waist. Hem the jeans so that they fall right above your shoes. Keep hair and makeup sleek and trendy to add polish to this look.


How you style the sleeves of your denim top is up to you. Roll them up for a tucked-away look, or keep the length long in the arm. "I see a lot of women in particular try to roll up the sleeve when they're trying on a Trucker Jacket," Bettina Sapien, director of the Global Brand Environment for Levi's jeans, said of their staple jean jacket. "I say, 'No, no. Leave it.' Just own that sleeve halfway down your hand. It's about having confidence." Go big or go home.