Fall/winter 2023 Shoe Trends Give Edge To Classic Looks (These Are Our Favorites)

You don't have to be a fashion expert to know that these days, revamped versions of vintage styles are all the rage. Fashion is cyclical, but lately, it seems like the cycles are moving more quickly than ever. As old trends become new again, many of the styles from clothing to haircuts are having a renaissance and coming back in new, updated ways. As is true in other areas of fashion and beauty, many of the footwear trends we're seeing today are a modern twist on the shoes of yesteryear.

As we're visited by many ghosts of footwear past, so many different, unique shoe styles are becoming available to us. Yet, that doesn't mean that we're all digging our early aughts Ugg boots out of storage and slipping on our old platform flip-flops. The trends may be nostalgic, but they're also new, fresh, and a bit edgier. These little tweaks to vintage styles do away with the possibility of looking outdated and let you be utterly fashion-forward, instead. If you're looking to take a step in the right direction for your shoe collection this coming season, you've come to the right place. We've got our favorite shoe trends for the upcoming fall/winter 2023 season that you're going to want to set foot in ASAP.

Flats don't fall flat

For starters, if you're a fan of a flat shoe that won't leave you wobbling with aching feet, the era of flats is upon us. You may have heard that ballet flats are back, but once again, it's important to know how to ace the ballet flats revival without making yourself look dated. Pointy toes are a great way to make your ballet flats look modern. If you're opting for a more classic flat, juxtapose it with an edgier outfit for a fashion-forward flat moment. Loafers are another style you've surely seen out and about lately. While they used to be a business-ready shoe option, they're styled in totally different ways today that almost has a hint of irony. Balance loafers with a 'fit that's not at all work wear, and let the loafers add androgyny and playfulness to your look. 

Another big trend that we're thrilled to see making a comeback is the chunky combat boot. Doc Martens and similar clunky work boots have been around since the '80s, but these days they're way more than just a super comfy go-to footwear option for all kinds of weather. There are tons of styles of heavy boots from lace-up to Chelsea, flat to heavy platforms, neutral to wild, and printed. Pair them with anything from a sundress for an edgy, mismatched look, to black leggings for that elusive cocktail of ease, comfort, and fashion.

Platforms are out to play

While flats are here to stay, so are major platforms. Platforms and chunky heels are putting a new twist on plenty of old favorite footwear. The 2023 wedge sandal revival has arrived just in time for summer, and it's all about tall, architectural statement shoes. We've also been surprised at the mismatched sweet edginess of platform Mary Janes taking the fashion world by storm. You can get in on both the heavy boot and platform trends with sky-high combat boots that manage to achieve both maximum comfort and height.

Shoe trends are wide-ranging and accommodating these days, but the on-trend looks for our feet aren't just about our shoes; they're also about what's peeking out from the top of them. While visible socks were very recently a thing of the past, nowadays, frilly, statement-making socks are all the rage showing over the tops of combat boots, under heels, and even layered with open-toe shoes. Wild statement heels, metallics, and super tall boots are great options for folks looking to make a shoe statement.