How To Ace The 2023 Wedge Sandal Revival Just In Time For Summer

As we step into the spring and summer seasons, we're all looking for ways to revamp our warm-weather wardrobes. While the first order of business may be swapping out jeans for maxi skirts and sweaters for sundresses, what we wear on our feet is just as important as the rest of our ensembles. This year, an old footwear favorite is coming back. Plenty of Spring/Summer 2023 designers' shows embraced the wedge sandal, and these shoes are made for walking right off the runways and into our closets for the season. 

The wedge renaissance is a departure from recent years when little white sneakers and other flat or closed-toe options reigned supreme. So, why the wedge resurgence? Tradesy's senior style editor, Michelle Li, shared some thoughts on this with The Zoe Report. "I think it's partially because people are getting more dressed up [these days] and wearing heels, but they don't want to sacrifice comfort," Li explained. "Wedges are the more manageable heel. They're the shoe for the person who is looking for the stability and chunkiness that a platform provides but with some more shape." 

The look of a heel with the comfort and ease of a flat is certainly something that we can get on board with. So, if you want to know how to make this classic shoe look brand new again, we've got all the on-trend ways to sport a wedge sandal this summer.

Add some (w)edge to your sundress

A sundress is one of the most classic spring and summertime staples there is. Sporting a pair of wedges with your sundress is a way to dress up a casual, daytime dress that has always been a go-to. To update this look and make it feel fresh and on-trend for 2023, try giving your sundress some extra edge with a chunky, heavier pair of wedge sandals. Sundresses are classically feminine and typically have a delicate vibe. Juxtaposing that with a shoe with a bit more weight and edginess creates an unexpected look that fits in flawlessly with current trends. While you may be inclined to style a sweet sundress with a cute, feminine pair of shoes, challenge yourself to go for something bolder, and see just how elevated your look will be.

Go tall with your shorts

As their height is a major plus for shoes, pairing a tall wedge sandal with a short outfit just screams confidence, boldness, and chic summertime style. This season, short shorts, minidresses, and miniskirts will all have their moment, and pairing them with a tall wedge is a match made in summer 2023 style heaven. If you're a little shy about showing all that leg but still want to embrace the trend, consider wearing a wedge in the same color as your skirt and shorts. Alternatively, pop on some tights to get a similar look without fully exposing your legs. 

Play with platforms

Every platform shoe is not a wedge, and every wedge is not an extreme platform. Yet, you may have noticed that both wedges and seriously high platform shoes are simultaneously on the rise –– no pun intended. Director of the BATA Shoe Museum, Elizabeth Semmelhack has a well-informed theory about this. "Years ago, I made a very off-the-cuff observation that women's footwear designs become more extreme during times of economic and political strife," she told The Zoe Report. "Here we are again with footwear that rises to towering heights and captures media attention."

Regardless of the reasoning behind the trend, fashionistas may want to take this summer as an opportunity to reach new heights –– or at least their footwear should. Embrace a wedge with a super-tall platform. We especially love the look of this in a pop of color while paired with a neutral, laid-back outfit. 

Pair with pants

We can all agree that it can be tough to dress for changing seasons, so transitional dressing can be of the utmost importance as the weather starts to warm up. Popping on some sandals with your go-to pair of jeans or accessorizing wide-leg pants with open-toed shoes may not be everyone's first instinct. Yet, we have a feeling that once you slip on a cute pair with the right style of pants, you'll be grabbing for this look over and over again. Wide-leg pants, mom jeans, and slouchier-fitting denim are big trends of the moment, so opt for these to wear with your wedges. White or light denim, jeans with holes, and pants in light, breezy fabrics also help to make this look even more spot-on for the warm weather. 

Make a bold statement

We may not be ready to throw our nude sandals away, altogether, but these days, there's plenty of room for a bold shoe statement. We love these eye-catching peep-toe wedges that have an unexpectedly vibrant pattern and color. Visible socks in fun prints, color palettes, and styles are all the rage at the moment, and this trend is sure to continue. It's especially 'in' when it comes to heels and open-toe shoes, no matter how contrary to yesteryear's style this look may be. From fishnet to bold colors, don't be afraid to make a statement with socks, as well as your shoes. With a statement-making, vibrant wedge sandal, you'll have a little style in your step all summer long.