Business-Casual Attire That'll Keep You Looking Trendy On And Off The Clock

Having a clear idea of what you wear to work and on days you don't have to clock in can feel confusing. Somewhere along the line, you may have realized that while your workday looks are a serve, your day-off outfits are pretty much limited to pajamas. Before you panic and feel that you have to spend a large amount of money to revamp your style, consider the fact you can go shopping in your own closet.

There's a high chance that you have more pieces in your wardrobe to create off-duty looks that are also appropriate to wear at your job than you think. Sometimes all you need is a change of perspective about what you already own. For example, ties aren't just for the office anymore, and that applies to other items like your blazers or pumps. The idea that office wear is only reserved for weekdays is over, and we're going to show you how much fun you can have with your business-casual looks.

Wear your oversized blazer as a dress or tunic

It might be a little controversial, but you don't always have to wear tailored blazers. You can wear them one, two, and even three sizes oversized and even get away with wearing them as a dress. It's best to wear it as a tunic because the hem of oversized blazers tends to stop above your knees. And if you want this to be office-friendly, it should be at the knee or lower. Wearing a pair of black cotton leggings and avoiding anything sheer takes this style and makes it appropriate to complete your work tasks. Once the work day ends, you can take your leggings off and slip into a pair of stiletto heels for a night out on the town.

Enhance your look with smart joggers

If the thought of wearing sweatpants or joggers to your 9-5 job makes you cringe, we understand. But we also have a solution for you in the form of "smart joggers." This style of lounge pant gets its name from the fabrics and tailoring used to make it appear more lofty than something you would wear to the grocery store. Similar to the above look, you can choose a pinstripe pair to wear with your button-up blouse or graphic t-shirt to give the low-key look some panache.

Don't leave suits out of the picture

Suits aren't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a business-casual outfit, but they're by far one of the easiest pieces to base your look around because you can wear them with sneakers or mules to add a casual flair. And, instead of wearing your blazer closed, you can leave it open and wear anything from a t-shirt to a camisole underneath while in the office. When you're not at work, you can choose not to wear a shirt and allow a black bra to peek through for date night or happy hour.

Mix and match your suit pieces

Speaking of suits, try mixing and matching them with other pieces in your wardrobe. Wearing a matching suit is great, but the real fun is taking a blazer and wearing it with different pants. You can pair a simple black blazer with taupe or tan bottoms to create a contrast that makes a statement without being overwhelming. To give this outfit an off-duty look, you can wear a pair of sneakers and place your blazer over your shoulders.

Let stripes guide you in the right direction

There are times when an outfit needs a subtle statement piece that also serves as its focal point — that's where a striped top comes in handy. At the beginning of spring, you can use a lightweight rib-knit sweater as transitional wear and throw a vest over it at work. If you want to wear it on a day you're not working, you can leave the vest at home and wear your striped top with a pair of cargo shorts.

When casual Fridays are everyday

Business casual outfits are appealing because of their versatility. It seems like a plain t-shirt and skinny jeans aren't much to look at, but they create a blank canvas for you to build an office-ready or everyday outfit. Instead of wearing a blazer with this classic outfit, opt to wear it with a longline cardigan and loafers for a modern spin. If you want to go for a more distinguished look, tie a waist-length cardi around your neck.

These pumps are made for walking

Pumps are a classic form of heels that have been long regarded as a staple piece for office attire since the Mad Men days. However, over the years, people have worn them with casual outfits, like oversized sweatsuits. There isn't a wrong way to wear them because they're such versatile footwear. You can style them with bootcut trousers or distressed jeans for a more casual take. Also, if white pumps aren't up your alley, try a classic black or tweed pair.

Monochromatic outfits are always in style

One might think a monochromatic outfit comes across as boring, but it doesn't. Instead, it gives you a polished, effortless look because sometimes you just don't want to work that hard to put together an outfit. For an outfit similar to the one in the above picture, the footwear you choose to wear will determine if you're headed to work or around town. You can wear a pair of cream stiletto boots for added chicness or try some dad sneakers for a more streetwear look.

Give an updated peplum jacket a chance

Before you question how stylish peplum jackets can really be, consider that they've been given an update in recent years. A faux leather peplum jacket featuring a split hem or cutouts will give you a new spin on this style. What makes this work well for long hours in the office or a daytime event is the texture and cut of the jacket. It allows both your top and bottoms to peek through to show off all of your outfit choices.

The universal pants you need every season

It goes without saying, but the color black is considered an essential part of anyone's wardrobe — which is true even if you love wearing brighter colors and patterns. Notably, black trousers can be worn with various other items in your closet. Depending on your taste, you can keep things simple by wearing a neutral-colored sleeveless top or pair them with something more exuberant, like animal print or polka dots.