5 Pinky Rings That Actually Look Cool

Unlike most other jewelry out there, pinky rings are staunchly masculine-coded. As Silvari Jewels points out, the ultimate mob bosses have worn pinky rings to symbolize their deep brotherhood bonds. But even if we aren't mobsters or mafia, or part of any other kind of organized crime, we do like the idea of harnessing this untouchable big-boss energy and making it our own. Wearing a pinky ring signifies having power, whether that's actualized or internalized. No matter why one might be drawn to a pinky ring, one thing is undeniable: Pinky rings actually look cool to wear, when done right. Just take a look at the feminine spin Angela Bassett put on the pinky ring during the 2021 Oscars. "What I love most is glamour that exudes strength, power, and of course, fun!" she told Vogue. Paired with a bejeweled Judith Leiber clutch, her jaw-dropping pinky ring certainly hits the mark. 


When it comes to wearing a pinky ring, there are two things to consider. The first is the fit. It is a good idea to measure the size of your pinky before committing to buying any rings online, as getting a ring to feel snug on your smallest finger could be a bit of a challenge. Head to your local jeweler for a proper fit, or use an online measuring tool. The second is the style. Because pinky rings are traditionally such a statement, we love the idea of being bold in a modern way.

The engraved pinky ring

An engraved pinky ring is a perfect way to blend tradition with a contemporary look. This engraved pinky ring from Little Rooms is the perfect example. Should you have never dabbled in pinky rings before, going for one with simple flair might be a great place to start. We think the pretty flower stem motif also adds vintage charm to the simple shape and complements the nostalgic gold tone of the ring well. Paired with other rings, this one holds its own: It is the finishing touch to an already well-adorned hand. While florals are chic year-round, you can also have a ring custom-engraved to suit your style, whether it's with your initials, a date that is important to you, or another significant symbol. 


When it comes to wearing your pinky ring, remember that balance is key. Play with the proportions of the rings on your hand to ensure that each one stands out on its own. Note that the pinky ring shown above is smaller than the others, so as not to overpower the overall effect. 

The monochromatic pinky ring

Now should you really want to break the mold, this bold lime green heart ring from Hey Harper is a super cool way to do so. Made of stainless steel and coated in ceramic, this pinky ring makes a colorful statement that can add an element of punchiness to your look. We also love the versatility of a coated ring; it can be worn with silver or gold jewelry depending on what you like. Should you love to wear color, why not reflect that in your jewelry? Perhaps instead, you are looking for a way to introduce more color to your wardrobe, but are not quite ready to commit to something like a full lime-green pantsuit. Accessorizing with color is also a fantastic way to get used to wearing more of it. 


Bright accessories also signal the start of the spring and summer months. As we burst forth from the monotone looks of winter, wearing colorful accessories both complement the season and make us feel uplifted as we enjoy the sunshine. 

The hammered pinky ring

Another style we love is this hammered pinky ring from Etsy shop An Angels Hug. Hammered jewelry often reads bohemian, and we like the rustic yet modern feel of this accessory. Handmade rings are also often well-made and one of a kind, which gives them both an instant cool factor and extra points for durability. Buying a durable ring is all the more reason to choose a timeless style that you can wear for years to come. 


This ring in particular is also adjustable, which means you can wear it on other fingers as well. Or, it could double as a knuckle ring. When shopping for pinky rings, often knuckle rings are made in smaller sizes, which could help you find the perfect one for your finger. We love the versatility that this ring brings: It can be worn with many different aesthetics and is able to shape-shift with your style.

The chunky silver pinky ring

Bigger seems to be better for jewelry in 2023, and this chunky silver pinky ring is no exception. We love the idea of juxtaposing a big ring on the little finger; it just feels cool and strong. This chunky pinky ring from Etsy shop Gozemre Atelier is big enough to make a statement, but small enough to be comfortable — your accessories should not place extra strain on your hands throughout the day! 


What we appreciate about chunky jewelry is that a couple of pieces have a high impact: Even though this pinky ring is simple in design, it completely shines on its own. Pair it with another chunky piece for a smart, modern, and sophisticated combination. Silver pieces tend to pair well with cool-toned clothing, for example, a pale blue sweater or a sage green jacket. When wearing statement silver pieces, be mindful of clashing tones that could become more pronounced with bigger jewelry.

The hearts and polka dots pinky ring

This classically kitschy pinky ring from Rachel Quinn Jewelry is truly an aspirational piece. With a current retail price of $1,760, it's safe to say that this ring is not necessarily in everybody's price range. But there are elements of this piece that we simply cannot ignore. We love that it has a soft cushion-like heart shape, but is made of 14-karat yellow gold. We also appreciate the subtle enamel polka dots of the piece that give it a special flare and depth. And we love that it's handmade by the designer, who boasts feminine and fascinating styles. 


The mixed metal trend is definitely in full steam, and wearing a pinky ring is also the perfect way to try it out. We also love that this ring works perfectly for a seamless day-to-night transition. While it has enough levity to be worn in the office, it also has enough depth to add some sexiness to a night out. Who knew a pinky ring could do so much?