Quiz: If You Can Get 100% On This, You're Actually From New Jersey

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Quick! What's NJ's state motto?

Questions that only people from New Jersey can answer like what "down the shore" means and the state motto

 Jul 16, 2018
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What do most New Jerseyans call sprinkles?
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What is Jersey's nickname?
The Palmetto State
The Garden State
The Star State
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Constructed in 1870, America's first (and world's longest) ______ was built here.
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If you hear someone say "fugeddabawit" you know they mean:
I'm not fudging with it
Fudging dangit!
Forget about it!
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What might you call a tourist that travels to the Jersey shore when the weather heats up?
A Pauly D
A Jimmy
A Benny
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You don't call it "tomato sauce" you call it ________.
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What doesn't come on an Italian hot dog?
Bell Peppers
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The streets from the boardgames, Monopoly, come from ______________.
Atlantic City
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If someone says "I'm going to AC this weekend" what do they mean?
They're going to buy an air conditioner this weekend
They're going to Atlantic City this weekend
They're going to Alabama this weekend
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What is New Jersey's state motto?
Live Free or Die
Liberty and Propsperity
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New Jersey has the most ______ in the world.
Pancake Houses
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Which NHL team are you likely rooting for if you're from New Jersey?
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What is "Scrapple"?
A word game
A dish of pork scraps combined with cornmeal
A fried egg dish
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Fries with cheese and gravy on top are called ________.
Party Fries
Animal Fries
Disco Fries
15 of 19Pick your answer!
"Brick City" refers to:
New York City
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Which iconic artist hails from Jersey?
Bruce Springsteen
John Lennon
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If someone says "WaWa" , they're most likely talking about:
A favorite convenience store
A baby crying
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When a  New Jerseyan refers to "the city" what are they referring to?
New York City
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A "Pork Roll" is also known as ________.
Timmy Ham
Taylor Ham
Tom Pork
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