May 2024 Book Releases We Can't Wait To Dive Into

With spring break season coming to an end, it's time to put away the swimsuits (for now) and give the bookshelf a refresh. May 2024 is gearing up to be a big month for new reads, with many beloved series getting their next chapter, as well as several highly-anticipated debuts from up-and-coming authors hitting the shelves. From romance and thrillers, to family drama and memoirs, there really is something for everyone this spring — which will be music to your ears if you were one of the money people who vowed to read more in 2024. It's also for great news for those in their Tortured Poets eras who have been inspired to pick up a book amid Taylor Swift's literary inspired "The Tortured Poets Department" album cycle.


But you don't just have to take our word for it, book fans. We've rounded up some of the most exciting and highly anticipated brand new books that will be hitting the shelves for your reading pleasure, as well as what the reviewers are saying about them.

Lies and Weddings by Kevin Kwan

Set for release on May 21, there's a whole lot of buzz around Kevin Kwan's "Lies and Weddings." Of course, Kwan being the author behind the hugely successful "Crazy Rich Asians" is one of the reasons this romantic fiction is so highly anticipated, as early reviewers are suggesting those who enjoyed "Crazy Rich Asians" will love the new book too. Sidetrack Book Shop on Instagram described the book as being "super fun" to read, and promised lots of twists and turns on the way to that (maybe) happy ever after.


As for what fans can expect from this read, the book tells the story of the future Duke of Greshambury, Rufus Leung Gresham, who finds out that his millions strong trust fund was spent long ago. In an effort to maintain the luxury lifestyle the family has become known for (while also avoiding having to work for his money,) Rufus's mom suggests he seduce a wealthy bachelorette at his sister's high-society wedding. Though he finds plenty of suitors, Rufus finds himself torn between whether he should marry for money and keep his family's rich legacy alive or follow his heart and marry the girl he truly loves, his neighbor Eden Tong. As if his decision wasn't bad enough, his world turns upside down when the truth about the family's financial situation is exposed at the wedding — leaving Rufus to fight for the lavish lifestyle he once knew.


The Guncle Abroad by Steven Rowley

Get ready, because "The Guncle" is back! A follow-up to 2021's "The Guncle" (that's an affectionate name for a gay uncle, by the way) "The Guncle Abroad" sees Patrick O'Hara reunite with his family members. Set five years after the original book, Patrick now lives in New York and has recaptured his love for acting, but his busy profession means he has put his love life on the back burner. So, when Patrick's brother Greg announces he's tying the knot in Italy, our protagonist sees himself reuniting with his niece and nephew for the special trip, where he throws himself into teaching the teens some important life lessons. However, the sweet getaway quickly turns sour amid all the family drama that comes with the big life milestones.


Ahead of its release on May 21, avid reader Shannon K. Loar described the book as being "like connecting with old friends, and meeting new, on a journey through Europe." Also in her early Insta5gram review of Rowley's sequel, Loar shared that the book made her laugh and cry, sometimes simultaneously. "Massie and Greg have truly grown into something special since their time in Palm Springs. Their tour showcases that love is a learning. The locales, the story, its characters make this book a gem," she shared. We could totally see this book making its way onto Reese Witherspoon's Reese's Book Club recs.

Rebel Girl: My Life as a Feminist Punk by Kathleen Hanna

You may know Kathleen Hanna best as a punk riot grrrl, as she was the frontwoman of bands Bikini Kill and Le Tigre. Now, in her memoir, "Rebel Girl: My Life as a Feminist Punk," Hanna is sharing her fascinating life story with the world, starting with her tough childhood to the criticism she faced as a woman in a man's world. The star also talks about rubbing shoulders with the best of the best, including Kurt Cobain and Joan Jett, plus her relationship with the Beastie Boys' Ad-Rock.


"It was a lot of work writing this book. I'm not going to say it was easy. I was a mess," Hanna told her followers in an Instagram video announcing the memoir back in July 2023. "But it was also really awesome and I got to revisit a bunch of, like, amazing, joyous moments where I lost my creativity and found it back and lost my confidence a million times and got it back." Truly, a must-read for any woman who's not looking to follow the rules. You can pick it up in stores on May 14.

The Ministry of Time by Kaliane Bradley

One of the most anticipated debut novels of the year has to be Kaliane Bradley's "The Ministry of Time." Her part sci-fi, part romance book tells the story of a civil servant who is chosen to work on a special project that investigates if time travel is actually viable, and whether those brought to the present from other times can actually survive and thrive. The protagonist finds herself both living and working with Commander Grahamis Gore (also known as 1874), who was previously alive in the 1840s. The odd couple duo grow very close as they live alongside one another as part of the big experiment; but if they fall too deep into a romantic relationship, it could not only have serious repercussions on their lives, but also time travel itself.


Available from May 16, Bradley's debut long form novel has certainly caught the attention of the literary world. "'The Ministry of Time' is an incredible debut that I'm glad I read, especially since it's out of my comfort zone. This novel is a mashup of so many genres — time travel sci-fi, romcom, office hijinks, and spy mystery," book fan Claudia shared in her early Instagram review. Adding that she found herself belly laughing at some points in the novel, the social media user also raved, "I don't say this often or lightly, I think this book has something to offer almost any reader and I strongly encourage you to give it a read."

Perfect Little Monsters by Cindy R X He

Ready for something a little less romantic and a whole lot darker? Then "Perfect Little Monsters," releasing on May 29, may be the book for you. Written by Cindy R X He as their debut novel, the book centers around the death of Ella Moore. Ella is the typical most popular girl in high school, but that doesn't mean she hasn't got her haters. That becomes no more apparent than when the student is murdered in cold blood at her own party. Dawn Foster, the new girl at school, becomes the prime suspect after she was spotted handing over a drink to Ella on the night of her murder — and things don't get any better when the other attendees firmly place the blame on her knowing they all have viable motives for ending Ella's life. But, unwilling to confess, Dawn uses her time to dive deeper into Ella's life and finds that the popular teen had some powerful enemies. And they may just be gearing up to kill again. With that, Dawn decides she needs to get to the bottom of what's really going on before someone else dies.


Early reviewers on Good Reads have praised the book for its suspense and twisty, turn-y narrative. "It's a well-structured and cleverly designed narrative that keeps you hooked from the first page to the last," wrote JK Joy. "The suspense, tension, and mystery are maintained and built up until the final reveal, keeping the readers engrossed and invested in the story."