Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Food Quiz, You've Got Mississippi Roots


How well do you know food from Mississippi?

Quiz on questions about different dishes in Mississippi that only a person from Mississippi could answer

 Aug 23, 2017
1 of 15Pick an answer!
Nabs refers to...
PB stuffed crakers
Caramelized bacon
Mini sandwiches
2 of 15Pick an answer!
What is a mater sandwich made of?
Tomatoes and mayo
Pickles and roast beef
3 of 15Pick an answer!
Fried pickles go with which condiment?
ranch dressing
tartar sauce
4 of 15Pick an answer!
You eat this combination on New Year's Day to give you good luck.
Red beans and rice
Biscuits and tomato gravy
Cabbage and black-eyed peas
5 of 15Pick an answer!
Deep-fried seafood, french bread, lettuce, and tomato makes a....
seafood salad
po' boy
6 of 15Pick an answer!
This versatile mayonnaise-based, dipping sauce for fried food is known as:
seafood chef's sauce
comeback sauce
spicy mayonaise
7 of 15Pick an answer!
What is good to pair nabs with?
8 of 15Pick an answer!
This is served in iceberg lettuce cups and marinated in Italian dressing.
Blue crab
Gulf shrimp
Gulf oysters
9 of 15Pick an answer
Two Sisters Kitchen is famous for its...
fried chicken
Mississippi mud pie
collard greens
10 of 15Pick an answer!
Little Dooey is known for its...
Seafood variety
Breakfast pancakes
11 of 15Pick an answer!
Deep-fried _______ on a mixed seafood platter with hush puppies and tartar sauce is traditional dish.
gulf shrimp
12 of 15Finish the combination!
Chitlins and ________ are a common combination.
black-eyed peas
hog maws
13 of 15Finish this combination!
Collard greens and _________ make a great pair.
corn bread
mac and cheese
14 of 15Finish this combination!
Chicken and _________ is a great lunch or dinner dish.
15 of 15Finish the combination!
Pickles and ___________ is an unusual combination that is common in Mississippi.
a burger
cole slaw
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