Quiz: Can You Actually Get 10/12 On This Parenting Test? A Good Mom Could!


Are you ready for the woes of parenthood? Take this quiz to find out what kind of parent you are!!

Being a parent is hard! See how well you can answer these questions about parenting and babies. Are YOU a good parent?

 Oct 21, 2017

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If your baby is less than 1 month, you should call the doc if her/his rectal temperature hits:

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Areas of skin that contain extra pigment, which causes them to appear brown, gray, or even blue (like a bruise) are known as:
Mongolian spots
Pustular Melanosis

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To test the temperature of your baby's bottle, you should:
Taste the milk yourself
Use your finger to feel for the temperature
Sprinkle a few drops on the inside of your wrist.

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You can _____ warm a baby's bottle with a microwave

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Babies are ready to start solid food between
4 - 6 months
2 - 4 months
1 - 2 months

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What is swaddling?
Keeping your baby’s arms and legs wrapped in a soft blanket.
Changing your baby's diapers on an hourly basis
Feeding routine for a newborn baby

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When you feed your baby always hold your baby at a ______-degree angle and tilt the bottle so that the neck of the bottle is always filled.

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The term "hatching" refer to babies' ________.
awareness and involvement in the world around them
first experience in handling toys
ability to stretch their arms and legs

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Until the age of 1, parents should not feed their babies __________.
Honey and peas
Cow's milk and formula
Cow's milk and honey

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It is time to start child proofing when your baby is:
6 months old
4 months old

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Separation anxiety usually occurs in babies around
7 months old
3 months old
4 months old

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How many soft spots does a newborn's head have?
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