Quiz: Can You Ace This Ultimate “The Simpsons” Test?


How well do you know "The Simpsons"?

Take the ultimate Simpsons fan quiz with questions about the TV show that only a real fan can answer!

 Jul 26, 2017
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Homer is the nuclear power plant's ____________.
Technical supervisor
Safety inspector
Supervising technician
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Lisa once gave a pity Valentine's to whom?
Nelson Muntz
Milhouse van Houten
Ralph Wiggum
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Who is Sideshow Bob's brother?
Sideshow Mel
Frank Grimes
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In The Itchy and Scratch Show, who is the cat?
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In the future, Lisa's daughter's name is:
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What is the name of Mr. Burn's teddy bear?
Ahoy Hoy
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What was the name of Homer's barbershop quartet?
The Be Sharps
Handsome Homer Simpson Plus Three
The Moe Syzlac Experience featuring Homer
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The Simpsons travel to New York City after Homer loses his:
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Grampa Simpson fought in which war?
World War II
Civil War
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Homer's favorite beer is:
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What is Milhouse's last name?
Van Houten
Van Hueson
Van Houston
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What is Seymour Skinner do for a living?
High school principal
High school janitor
Elementary school principal
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What is Krusty the Clown's monkey's name?
Mr. Tinky
Mr. Tiny
Mr. Teeny
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What is the name of the Simpson's dog?
Santa's Little Elf
Santa's Little Helper
Mother's Little Helper
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Who is Maggie's enemy?
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