How To Love Someone Based On Their Sign

What would be the best way to love an Aries...?

Everyone experiences love in one way or another throughout life. Whether it's romantic and loving or a fiery passion like no other! What kind of love works for each sign?

Aries - A Best Friend

What an Aries is looking for the most in a relationship is someone who can be a lover and most importantly, a best friend. They are looking for someone who they can laugh and be completely comfortable with.

Taurus - Instagram-Worthy

An Insta perfect relationship is all it takes. Everything should look worthy enough to be on Instagram for those likes and follows. A Taurus likes to be impressed, and if you are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, then you have just taken the first step. A Taurus wants to be able to show off their Instagram boyfriend or girlfriend so confidence in a lover is definitely key.

Gemini - Intimacy

Geminis want to feel a connection like no other with someone. Someone as passionate as a Gemini wants to be able to share this deep and intimate connection that can keep his or her attention focused.

Cancer - Built on Trust

Trust is the main factor a Cancer looks for in another person. Cancers have built walls around their sensitive hearts and come off very emotional so they are looking for someone they know they can trust to always be there for the no matter what.

Leo - Commitment

Leos are prideful and territorial which may come to no surprise when they want someone who they can be possessive of. They seek commitment in the other person--someone who is willing to be loyal. Show a Leo some attractive qualities like honesty, loyalty, and 110%.

Virgo - Going After Dreams Together

Considering that Virgos are the biggest dreamers of the signs, it comes to no surprise that they want someone who can chase after dreams and help him or her grow.

Libra - Affectionate

Someone as needy as a Libra seeks someone who can express adoration and affection. They need someone who can give them the praise they need to feel special and "worshipped."

Scorpio - Passion

Scorpios are intense when it comes to love and passion. So intense that sometimes they can get jealous. They want someone who can be just as intense and burning with hot desire. Show a Scorpio that he or she is the ONLY thing you want and that you need him or her badly. Show the Scorpio that you desire him/her.

Sagittarius - Adventure with You

Wanderlust is the word that comes to mind with a Sagittarius. They want life to be an adventure in any way so settling down is not really an option any time soon. Share a passion for travel and adventure with a Sagittarius to win his or her heart.

Capricorn - Settling Down

Capricorns are already planning for the future. When they are in a relationship, they are in it for the long-term. It's best to show them certainty because they don't have time for a relationship that will not go anywhere. They have very traditional ideas about love and romance so it's best that you consider a real future with them, not something casual.

Aquarius - Creativity

An Aquarius wants someone who can get him or her creative juices flowing. Definitely do not hold them back when they want to listen to their heart and find that creative nature within.

Pisces - Muse

Hopelessly in love, a Pisces wants someone who can dream big and someone they can share their dreams with. They want someone who can inspire them whether it is with music or writing letters.

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