Formerly Homeless Teen Makes His Date The Most Wonderful Gift

Growing up had not been easy for Jimelle Levon. When he was in the fifth grade, he and his mother lived in a homeless shelter. Whether it was struggling to find someplace to live or wishing for things they couldn't afford, Jimelle did not let his circumstances discourage him--it was the exact opposite. Struggling to make ends meet for most of his childhood, he knew that the only way to make it in the world was through hard work. He began doing anything he could to earn money since sixth grade--even working two jobs.

"Me and my mother lived in a shelter before when I was in fifth grade," Jimelle told WCMH. "From there on, once I hit sixth grade, I was always a hard worker, either shoveling the snow or anything to gain money because I didn't want to be in the predicament anymore."

At 14, he taught himself how to sew and soon after, he converted his bedroom into a "Sewing Lab." He started with a handmade prom dress for his date. Next thing he knew, he was 18 and selling three to four custom-made prom dresses each year for 300-450 a piece. He quickly became a fashion sensation and his dresses became so high in demand that he needed to quit his other two jobs to focus on his newfound business.

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Jimelle is an example of how anything is possible with a little hard work and motivation. Amazingly enough, this motivated and talented fashion designer and entrepreneur is attending Clask Atlanta University to pursue his love for fashion and business.

You can check out his Instagram to see more of his beautiful creations.

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