Doctors Are Urging Parents Everywhere To Keep Their Kids' Baby Teeth

Doctors are urging all parents to hold on to their kid's baby teeth--and not for sentimental reasons

Losing a baby tooth has always been very exciting for a growing child as it meant that you would receive a visit from the "tooth fairy" later on that night and wake up with a little cash under your pillow in the morning.

So if you're a parent who just swapped out your child's baby tooth for money, what do you do with the tooth itself? Most people either keep them for sentimental reasons while others simply just toss them out. But what if we told you...that the baby tooth is worth more than just a dollar?

According to a recent study, baby teeth are rich in stem cells, a very special type of cell that has the potential to be grown into multiple types of cells if needed. What this means is that these building blocks can grow into replacement tissue should a child ever need it.

This means that the practice of storying baby teeth has the potential to save lives. So pay attention to these next few words on how to store baby teeth!

Baby teeth need to be kept fresh or the stem cells will degrade and lose potency over time. They need to have an adequate blood supply before being frozen. So simply putting these in a box will not do!

Parents everywhere are uses services such as Store-A-Tooth to properly preserve their children's baby teeth. The teeth are placed in a liquid nitrogen cryopreservation vault where the stem cells will remain intact and usable for years. If that child needs their stem cells when they are older, the teeth are taken out of storage and shipped to their doctor!

So what does this mean for us? It means that one day we could possibly have the technology to turn these stem cells into a cure for a disease such as Leukemia.

Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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